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By: Barbara B.
The Bahm Fitness
To Barbara, Nov 14, 2014I have trained with Barbara for the last 4 weeks and she has drastically changed the way I view exercising and diet. She has demonstrated first-hand the benefits and results of weight training and cardio. Barbara is very professional, motivated and leads by example. Barbara was very understanding in tailoring the training sessions to achieve my personal goals of toning up and losing weight. Currently, I have managed to lose almost 10 pounds and over 10 inches within 4 weeks of training with Barbara. Barbara is very knowledgeable and gave me lots of advice on how to change my lifestyle to a healthier one. She even took me grocery shopping and gave me specific food advice for my daily busy schedule. I would definitely recommend Barbara to anyone at any level to start training with her. Sincerely,Dawn R Judman
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By: Colleen W.
I can't recommend this place enough!!! I've already seen cray changes in my body from going to classes several times a week!!!! I loved this place the moment I meet the instructors and saw the class in all its glory!! Super upbeat and positive place. I find myself missing it on my rest day. Before I found this amazing place, I'd been having a lot of trouble starting up my fitness routine after 2 years of a "workout drought" and I just couldn't get myself to start up again on my own. This place has made it so easy. I just do what the instructors do. I didn't have to think about my next move and it's so much fun in a group setting with like minded people (my new fitness fam).They have given me excellent advice about diet and beyond. They are very knowledgable and willing to take time out to help me with my form whenever I need it in class. I've never had so much fun working out!!!!! EVER!!!! I love it so much!! I don't think I'll ever want to stop kickboxing here!!!! <3
By: Kate S.
iLoveKickboxing is addicting! From Day 1, the staff takes an interest in you, your abilities, and your progress. They work with you to ensure that you are getting the most from your workouts, no matter your ability. The instructors, the workouts, and even the music are on point.I work 11 hour days, Monday through Friday, in a very high stress job. Because of my rigorous schedule, it is difficult for me to spend quality time with my teenage daughter. We work out together every week and always come out laughing, joking, and of course dripping with sweat! I have never enjoyed group exercise classes, but iLoveKickboxing has motivated me and has helped me process that stress into caring for both body and spirit.As with anything, you get out of it what you put in, and it’s clear that everyone there is giving their all – members AND staff.
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By: Michelle R.
I having been going to Ilovekickboxing Henderson since 12/2015. Since then I have lost 23 lbs, 47 in, and 5 pant sizes! The owners and the staff are wonderful and very motivating but also make it so much fun. I have signed up 2 of my friends and have several more that will be joining soon because of how excited I am about it. I have tried everything to lose weight and I am now a size 12 which I haven’t been since before I had my youngest son who is 10! I feel amazing and anyone can do this! I promise you this will change your life…it has mine! But I couldn’t have done it without the amazing staff and fellow kickboxers! They are like family!
By: Letty L.
I first signed up with one of their promo deal which was a great deal. I got 3 classes and free gloves for 20 bucks and after my first class I signed up for a membership because I fell in love. The classes are upbeat and the music is great and the instructors are amazing. Everyone here is really supportive, the classes are NEVER boring because the music is great and every class is unique...I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get back in shape or lose weight because this work out will make you keep wanting to come back and work out!
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By: Nessa C.
Many ways I tried to loose weight insanity workout, gyms so much money down the drain but here at I love kick boxing I see how with just a little push from the instructors you won't more and more keep coming back for more very addicting and great intense classes that make you feel the burn . It's changed my life little by little with 1 or 2 pounds can't wait for the dramatic weight loss I seek
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By: Rebekka B.
The instructors, the workouts, and even the music are on point.iLoveKickboxing has motivated me and has helped me process that stress into caring for both body and spirit. It's addicting!As with anything, you get out of it what you put in, and it’s clear that everyone there is giving their all – members AND staff.
By: Khloe C.
I will never go anywhere else for my workout! Every workout is different everyday so you never get bored. I'm sweating after every workout! The instructors as well as the people who attend classes are super nice and friendly. No one is judgmental at all! I'm so glad i signed up here!
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By: Cindy A.
ILoveKickboxing - Henderson has helped with my energy level and motivation to get to the gym. It's challenging but keeps my interest to keep going. If I miss more than 2 days I start feeling guilty, so it actually pushes me to get there and better myself. I can't get enough!!
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By: Juliet V.
Gold's Gym
I would like to say thank u to Jason Simpson for wonderful customer service.....he was very very helpful and made me very satisfied when I purchased a membership with him.....I recommend seeing him when signing up..Thank you.J.V.

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