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By: dancing_w_ghosts
Cindy's Pawn
I am a woman in my fifties and have never set foot in a pawn shop before I visited Cindy’s Pawn Shop in Hemet last week. I was more than a little apprehensive about entering a pawn shop but I really needed to sale some coins and other items quickly because of an emergency.I must say I was very pleasantly surprised as I entered Cindy’s Pawn. The first impression was a good one. The shop was bright, clean, and well organized. The man behind the counter ( Ken Smith the owner it turns out) was friendly, knowledgeable, and above all helpful. He spent a considerable amount of time explaining to me what I had, how it’s worth was estimated, and how the pawn process worked. Cindy’s did not deal in some of the items I had brought in. However Ken told me where to go to get the best deal and who to ask for and what I could reasonably expect to sale the items for. I feel I was paid very well for what I was able to sale there. I felt Ken Smith went out of his way to demystify the process and help me. I would highly recommend Cindy’s Pawn to anyone.
By: dex.willard
Cindy's Pawn
Ive both bought and sold from Cindys Pawn shop in Hemet I must say before they switched management they sucked but now that there is new management they are excellent and Ive bought a laptop there and its worked great and they things ive sold I got a great price....to bad their not open on weekends!!
By: John M.
Cindy's Pawn
My experience with Cindy's Pawn was great, the customer service in my opinion was also great. Don't let a few bad reviews determine if Cindy's is a good place to go...go in and see for yourself. :)
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By: Dave M.
Cindy's Pawn
Great place to get guitars! They'll work with you, and they know a lot. Best pawn shop in the area if you ask me.
By: kendsmith
Cindy's Pawn
Good business serving Hemet more then 20 years.

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