• 1.San Antonio Grill

    425 Helena Market Pl


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  • 2.San Antonio Grill

    4760 Eastern Valley Rd Ste 140

    Mc Calla,AL

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    Great place to eat and drink

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By: jim.bell.5015983
Rio's Bar and Grill
.Rio's is about the friendliest bar you will ever go to have a drink or grab a bite to eat. I'm in my early sixties and trust me, I've been in a lot of bars in my lifetime and Rios has the others beat in so many ways. Service being the first ! In so many other bars the staff are too busy playing on their phones or directing their attention to just one or two patrons. That is not the case here, they make sure to keep whatever you're drinking refreshed all the time. The food is good and prepared promptly. Even at night when they are packed out, the wait is not that long. After all this is a bar and grill, not a four star restaurant. One of the biggest advantages for me personally is the fact that Crystal (the owner) handles most all problem patrons "in house". If someone has too much to drink and thinks they been overcharged, they are provided with a print out of everything they ordered. If someone's behavior is becoming unacceptable, the staff and if necessary regular patrons escort the person or persons out of the building. Why is this important you ask? Rio's does not call the police everytime someone gets out of line and that keeps this wonderful place "off the radar" so to speak. After all this is a bar and I don't need to worry about the Police having Rios on some trouble list. Their entertainment is always top notch and they have a great ventilation system ( a lot better than most bars) so smoke is not an issue. A wonderful meeting place for friends to gather ! I highly recommend Rios Bar & Grill to anyone looking for great fun place to go.
By: reid7sr
Rio's Bar and Grill
Rios is a small hometown bar, packed with your favorite drinks and great food! They always have great entertainment and the owners are 2 of the nicest and giving people I have ever met. They are the first to jump all over fund raisers for people and causes they aren't even familiar with. Also, they are a great host for these kind of events! They will do everything it takes to help you raise as much money as possible and they make it all about the cause and none about themselves. I have never had a bad time at Rios Bar and Grill. Great atmosphere, there is smoke in the bar (normal for the bar scene across Birmingham) If you have not be To Rios yet, you're missing out! Get down there today!
By: michelle.lucas.549
Rio's Bar and Grill
Rios is a great place... My husband and I and a few of our biker friends had a great time...Actually a Blast... Those of u that have talked about the food, it is very good,and those of u that have talked about The Smoke---"If u do not smoke find a smoke-free bar n grill or stay at home"....????When u choose to go to a bar or bar n grill u know that smoke is one of the things that u have to deal with and also people drinking and every now and again there may be a disagreement between two or three people but there again u make the choice to go there no one forces u to go in...RIOS is a great place, and if u have not been there u have got to try it, u will love it....
By: graceandsamsmom
Rio's Bar and Grill
Rio's is awesome! Every time I go to Rio's...I never want to leave because I am having sooo much fun! The owner is simply amazing: she will remember what you ordered the last time you were in, what you had to eat, what you drank ....the service is second to none. I felt so taken care of without even asking.Rio's is located in Helena, AL and is such a cool place: great food and drink, live music and excellent service...why would anybody go anywhere else when you get all of that?Do yourself a favor, go to Rio's. You wont want to leave!
By: michelle.t.ellis
Rio's Bar and Grill
This place is a gem!! The owner, Crystal Hamrick is probably one of the most personable owners I have ever met.. She will welcome you with a hug and a smile and help you with anything you need.. The food is amazing and the drinks are the best! The entertainment she books is also excellent! If you want to go out and have a great time with friends, Rio's Bar and Grill in Helena is where you need to go!
By: sarah.simmons.18488
Rio's Bar and Grill
Loved it! It's a cute place. The service was great and the staff was friendly! The place looked new and clean and the dj that night was a blast! Will be going again!

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