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By: hyattl
Cohen Edward
As I read the reviews, I was a bit skeptical. However, I proceeded to call to get a bit of info & possibly make appointments for my 2 children. I accidentally called their office in Gulf Port instead of Hattiesburg.... Let me just say, if the visit to Dr Cohen is anything like the service I just received on the phone I will be well pleased!! I was doing my usual rushing to make sure I got in all of my questions because most Dr offices seem to wanna rush you off the phone, but NOT the nice lady who answered my call, Ms. Judy!! Not only did she answer all of my questions thoroughly, but even answered questions I had not thought of!! Including those concerning my insurance, how many visits it would take, cost, recovery time, recovery procedures, medication, & how to care for their ingrown toe nails until their appointments!! I haven't even made it to the office yet and I am impressed!!! I hung up the phone with a smile on my face feeling very confident in my choice to take them to Dr. Cohen!! I don't usually post reveiws, but I was so impressed by that phone call I had to post this one. Kudos Ms. Judy, job well done. That was a perfect example of great customer service!! Something not seen often in our time... In a note to Dr. Cohen, this lady is a valuable asset to your business, I Hope she is well compensated for her work!! Now, due to the fact this post is only due to a phone call and not an actual visit.... I will post concerning the actual visit, even if I find it average.
By: Kaneese B.
Cohen Edward
I thought I would never be able to bend my ankles or regain mobility after prior surgeries on both ankles until I visited Dr. Cohen. He not only helped me regain motion in both ankles but also removed scar tissue and raised a bone in my foot that had been killing me with pain! Now, I am pain free and moving my ankles in ways I never thought possible again! I was BLESSED to see him and he is truly a Heaven send for this now moving without pain southern girl! Thanks is not enough to express my gratitude to such a fine doctor! I highly recommend Dr. Cohen to everyone I see.
By: lyndsey.jones.902
Cohen Edward
I had a bunion removed and did not have any insurance, Dr. Cohen made the arrangements so I could pay and gave me a discounted price. I am very pleased with the results. My sister and I go to Dr. Cohen and are very satisfied. Yes, there is a wait time but you meet many nice people from far and near who makes the time fly by in conversations. The staff is friendly and when you get to know Dr. Cohen you will see that he truly cares about you. Yes, he is very busy because there are a lot of people who have problems with their feet.
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By: Lovely R.
Cohen Edward
OUCH! He failed to numb my toe all the way before ripping the entire nail off without my permission. I came in for an ingrown toenail removal and he just ripped the whole nail off. I almost jumped out of the chair from the excruciating pain! Will not be going back even if he is the only podiatrist in my area. He has too many patients that he simply can't provide great service to. He was not friendly at all and looked very tired. His staff was very friendly though. One staff member was mildly upset about my situation as well.
By: redd
Total Foot Care Clinic
Dr. Zaleski is an excellent podiatrist. They treat their patients like close friends. On my first visit, they gave me a t-shirt. My next visit, Dr. Zaleski and I shared a doughnut. He has a bubbly personality and is always smiling. He sparks a conversation so you won't really feel the pain of the needle when being injected with anesthetics. I definitely recommend him.
Tips & Advices
Examples of podiatric specialties include orthopedics, primary care, sports medicine, surgery, podopediatrics​, and wound care and management.
Podiatrists can perform surgery on the foot, ankle, and related lower extremity structures. These procedures can range from noninvasive to reconstructive.
Podiatrists can provide stem cell therapy, custom orthotics, foot and ankle surgery, and treatment for toenail fungus, common foot issues, and ingrown nails, among many other services.
Every visit with a podiatrist varies depending on the condition and the amount of discussion and treatment necessary. Initial appointments can last up to 45 minutes, while subsequent routine meetings take at least 30 minutes.
In most cases, foot and ankle services that podiatrists provide are covered by health insurance. Not all podiatrists participate in all health insurance plans, however. Consult your specific coverage to better understand its podiatry offerings.

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