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By: Paul B.
Giant Food
there is a supervisor Jim , who is biased or discriminatory . trying to keep me from shopping on the grave shift . but once past that hurdle . shopping seems to go smoothly . the hot food bar appears not to be working properly .the sea food selection is quite minimal with pre cooked seafood .the men's restrooms always smell terrible . I have to cover my face just to use the facility . I do not believe that waterless urinals are the best choice . some food choices I was not able to use my access card to purchase them . and they were uncooked unprepared foods . one particular item was me so Chinese soup all you do is add water to it .another item was a panini that I did not have them cook I wanted to cook it at my house .sometimes the front and help seems to be a little rude towards customers and employees alike . I am referring to only one employee in particular .the rest of my shopping experiences go rather well
By: mary.deville.10
Giant Food
LOVE this store.Everyone who works there are so friendly,and awesome cause they go out of their way everytime I'm in there.They are right there to stop what their doing and help me with items I can't reach or if I'm looking for something that I can't find .Like this morning,I was trying to reach Nabisco sour cream toasted chips and this young guy walked all the way back to the aisle to help me.The bakery staff are willing to stop what their doing to get me muffin containers when ever I need them.The cashiers are so familiar on how I like my items bagged,.Customer service staff are so friendly and help out with out given customers any attitude ,like the most stores do in the area. The store is clean and doesn't smell like rotted dead fish like shop rite does on a daily basis.
By: Sara Z.
I never have any issues, great experience, selections, and short lines.

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