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By: Brad C.
Pizza Hut
Terrible service.I am usually pleased with my service from Pizza Hut, however on my most recent visit I waited an extra 15 minutes for my pizza. The pizza may be good, but with the kind of service I received, this was my last visit.
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By: Robin E.
Papa John's Pizza
They oviously can not get their stuff straight! I ordered pizza and cheese sticks and I received a supreme pizza. My boyfriend not knowing what I ordered accepted pizza from the person. Then I called them telling them they sent the wrong order They send someone with the right order and to pick up the wrong one. The other delivery lady arrived and my boyfriend went out and swapped the pizza. She told him there should be more he simply said no this is all we got. She Gave him attitude and he simply walked inside. She remained in our yard for 15 minutes blaring her horn!!! And then next thing we knew the law was beating on our window (not the door)! After going out there and spending 30 minutes outside with all of them he finally got to come inside because like I say the whole thing was their screw up! Then they tried to say we didn't even pay for our pizza when we paid with a credit card online! They wanted him arrested!! Horrible experience! We order pizza weekly! And never will again!
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By: Debbie P.
New York by The Slice
I'll start by saying that I've been here many times and love the pizza.We went to New York by the Slice tonight. It's usually pretty quick to get a pizza. Tonight they had three other tables and a couple walk-ins for pickups, nothing unusual. We think our server forgot to turn in our order for a while (at least one other person who ordered after us received their pizza). At exactly 30 minutes (I know because I checked in on my Swarm app after we ordered), my husband went up to ask about our pizza. The lady in the back didn't know but said they make them in order (the other clue that the waitress forgot to turn our order in). She didn't know about our pizza or didn't seem to be concerned, so my husband decided to leave. By the time I gathered my bag and got to the door, he was already waiting at the car. The owner, an older Italian guy, comes running out behind me, pointing his finger at me, screaming, "Don't you ever come back here again! I don't ever want to see you again!" I found this very disturbing that he would be screaming at me like I had done something wrong when I wasn't the one involved in the transaction. Even if I had been, his behavior was extremely rude and confrontational. It's a couple hours later, and I'm still disturbed about it. He didn't know the whole story and wasn't concerned enough to ask why we were leaving...just at screaming at me.Just an FYI of the type of guy you're giving your money to if you choose to eat at New York by the Slice. I've never had a business owner scream at me like that before. It was extremely unprofessional. I was just there with my husband and didn't have anything to do with any of it. What kind of man does that?
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By: Lynn J.
Little Caesars Pizza
Pizza was burnt when husband picked it up today!!!
By: Luke C.
New York by The Slice
I will never go back. The owner constantly yells at the staff and customers alike. While payying my bill, I caught a glimose of the kitchen. It is pure filthy. The surfaces and equipment are coated in grease.
By: Iris S.
New York by The Slice
Owner yells at staff and gets mad when customers want food their own way. Says this isn't freakin McDonalds. Even fires them over it.
By: Better T.
New York by The Slice
After reading these reviews, I decided to go. Pizza was better than I expected and there were no double g's in the place! I will definitely be back!
By: hville1
New York by The Slice
We have visited New York by the Slice twice, and have had two very different experiences. We ordered a pizza the first trip, which turned out to be above average. The waitress said the stromboli and pasta were also very good, so we decided to come back to give it a try.This is where the one star comes into play. The vino pasta with shrimp came out in a sauce with a consistency similar to water, with absolutely no flavor. Multiple people at our table tried it and agreed that it was terrible. The shrimp were also not deveined, which was rather disgusting. The individual that ordered it was polite and asked for some alfredo sauce so she could continue to eat it and hoped it would add some flavor. The waitress said it was not a problem.She asked the chef in the kitchen, and you could hear him YELLING at her. It is extremely disrespectful that he treats the wait staff like this. He made her come out and tell us that if she wanted Alfredo sauce, we would have to order a new meal. For a $15 meal, you REALLY expect more. We decided to cut our losses and go home.Any owner/chef that puts his pride over customer satisfaction is doomed in the restaurant industry. The wait staff was excellent; unfortunately, the owner/chef is not.
By: notwithmymoney
New York by The Slice
place is extremely racist took a friend for an interview he looked at him and said black people can not make pizzas and hollered get out. never has to worry about my business ever
By: slig5440
New York by The Slice
Pizza would be good if normal amount of tomato sauce was applied.I paid for extra tomato sauce on mine and pizza was still too BLAND.I am a pizza lover,so it should not be a problem unless they just dont get it with the sauce.I ordered twice from here tried to correct my mistake by paying for extra sauce and stiil was not right.That was my last visit.Back to dominos and pizza hut,what a shame.Wish we had a PAPA JOHNS in hartsville.

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