Red Lobster Locations & Hours Near Hartford, CT -
By: jpaquin01
Dish Bar & Grill
Our waitress greeted us assuring us she would get us to our show on time....she even knew the start time. So we relaxed and lost track of time. Our entrees arrived at 7:40 and we had an 8:00 show.......scarfing down entrees that cost $32 is not my idea of a dining experience. Never got the dessert that we paid for "prix fixe!" Guy told us to come back after the show for the dessert!!!! The swordfish ($32) while good, was infintessimally small....lucky, since I had so little time to eat it!My first stop at Dish some weeks prior was enchanting...go figure....I'm with the other bloke......I'll try Max on Main!The little waitress never showed her pretty little face again! Not even an apology......
By: Margo G.
Angry Bull
My friend Donna and I went there for a meal and staff was very friendly and the burgers delicious. We were very surprised when we returned there a few weeks later, before another UCONN game, and the waitress had remembered what we ordered the first time we were there. Will probably be there again this coming Tuesday. Staff indicated the menu was in the process of being revised. Give this place a try. Very convenient to XL Center.
By: Irving S.
something so subtle yet so elegant its really a little perk to have this restaurant in town its service and always fresh food is what keeps me coming back time and time again so if you have that craving for something delicious stop on by.....!!!!!!!!
By: pbhoem
Piolin Restaurant 2
The food and service is excellent. The price is acceptable and the ambient is almost perfect for a romantic or business dinner
By: lily.davila.96
Troche's Night Train Restaurant
It is a great place to go to listen to live band on friday,saturday and enjoy there delicious food or even play a game of pool.
By: Henry S.
Piolin Restaurant 2
Please pick up the phone guys. The food is great but it's hard to order food in this place. again the food is great!
By: S L.
Benjies Two Seafood & Vegetarian Restaurant
Great service great food and i like that males serve me my food not always females. I recommend this restaurant.
By: Mallory C.
Max Downtown
Amazing restaurant in CT. I would recommend Max Downtown to anyone looking for the finest dining experience!!
By: gognamagog3k
Spigot Cafe Inc
Cozy neighborhood tavern.Great beer selection.
By: April P.
Sisters Restaurant
sister's got the BOMB FOOD! :-)

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