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By: Amanda nicole T.
My family's always loved to eat at your location in harrogate,even before they built the New subway beside the old one. We used to eat at subway sometimes twice a week. In the past week, we have gone expecting great service and great food and have gotten disappointed. Both times we have gone they're out of Italian herbs and cheese bread,which is the only kind of bread we all usuall eat on our subs,and my kids really enjoy eating the cookies as a sweet treat afterwards,and they've been out or only have 1 maybe 2 of each kind. Never have they even apologized for not having what we asked for or tried to make our experience better. Today I had to choose a bread I had never even tried bc they were out of two kinds of bread we usually do eat. If I don't change my mind we will be eating from a different location bc we have ate at the one in tazewell many times as well and they always have all the breads and mounds of different cookies to satisfy our wants. I feel like if your gonna pay for food, it shouldn't be advertised if you as a restaurant can't provide it on a regular basis. I understand running out,but this is almost every time we eat here. If you want to keep your local business coming in, Please fix these issues. You really have a great restaurant here. Its always clean and food is always fresh but not having breads or cookies is getting ridiculous and if it doesn't change I won't be dining here anymore.

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