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By: tomlingeisser
PA Basement Waterproofing
Each day, the workers broom swept and kept things clean. They explained everything they had planned… to my liking. The sump pump and drain tile system are keeping my basement dry! The laborers were there at 9AM and worked past 6PM to finish.
By: wordmrjz
AllState American Waterproofing
A few days after the installation, a big storm passed through and the pumps did their job. Thanks again for doing such a good job for us! Truly thrilled with the repairs you performed to keep our basement dry.
By: jimkline
AllState American Waterproofing
Allstate repaired a broken sump pump and water leak in my basement. Workmanship was high quality. The workers were fantastic, thorough, and cleaned up well. Very pleased.
By: bodyoldtimer
AllState American Waterproofing
The basement was cleaned up afterwards and my belongings were back where I had them. Overall, I'd say it was a worthwhile investment. Emails were replied to promptly.
By: trufflesjames3
PA Basement Waterproofing
They braced the wall to stop further cracking. Before they fixed it, we were frightened that our wall might collapse! Now, the wall is repaired and has a guarantee.
By: patricktenney
PA Basement Waterproofing
Very respectable with my property. Haven't had any water in my basement since they did the job! Worth recommending to anyone I know with a wet basement.
By: pityproverbs
AllState American Waterproofing
Will recommend them to anybody that has a wet basement. Their price was comparable to others and they did exactly what was proposed.
By: aslovein
PA Basement Waterproofing
The estimator was great… and we felt comfortable with them. We (unfortunately) had leaks downstairs many times before we fixed it.
By: flutecandle757
PA Basement Waterproofing
Actually, things came out even better than I expected. They eliminated all of the water problems in my basement.

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