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By: Diana C.
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
To whom it may concern I Diana Cruz-pillow purchased a vehicle from Maguires Nissan of Lebanon of Pa. With my son Scott Michael long I was the cosigner they're charging us $29,000 for this vehicle it's a Volkswagen Jetta 2014 interest rate is 18% which we didn't even know about the car was taken to HDBoyd Volkswagen dealer In 2015 because there was something wrong with the Volkswagen Jetta my son purchased it May 25, 2016 the vehicle had to go in January 2017 My son told them that the car was running rough and One of the lights on the dash was on they looked at it charged him to look at it and give it right back to him turn the light off and that was it June 9 The car did not turn on we sent it back to the Volkswagen dealer where we where told to take it from the dealer that we purchased it from .the car was warranty five years 60,000 miles through Volkswagen when the car was in January it was not over 60,000 miles so they could've fixed it through the warranty through Volkswagen no one wants to help pay to fix the vehicle and we owe 388 a month on it my son needed to purchase another vehicle to get back-and-forth to work he is the supervisor he works seven days a week he has two kids to raise and a fiancé therefore I'm stuck paint a vehicle I'm disabled a little bit of money I get is not enough to take care of this issue thank you for your time please help me get my vehicle taken care thank you so much Diana Cruz-pillow
Tips & Advices
In most states, contractors are required to have a license before taking a job. Some states also require registration. To be licensed, contractors must pass an exam and meet certain qualifications that prove he or she is a competent flooring contractor. Registration is simply a list of who will be performing a job.
The time it takes to install flooring depends on the type of flooring and the size of the room or rooms involved in the project. In one day, a typical contractor can usually install up to 2,000 square feet of carpet, 600 square feet of hardwood or laminate, or 400 square feet of tile or stone.
  • Do you have a professional license, insurance, and a business liability policy?
  • Who will work on the project?
  • Do you subcontract, and do you screen workers and have insurance policies to cover them?
  • Do you have references or examples of your work I can see?
  • Do you charge for an in-home estimate?
  • What type of flooring is best for my home in terms of architectural consistency, environmental influences (such as whether a certain type of flooring will be affected by humidity in my area), and durability?
Legally, insurance is not necessary, but it's a good idea for flooring contractors to have it. When hiring a flooring contractor, ask whether the business is insured. If it's not, consider that a red flag.
A flooring contractor should know the pros and cons of each flooring option. These might include pricing, time of installation, durability, and average lifespan of the material.

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