By: Diana C.
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
To whom it may concern I Diana Cruz-pillow purchased a vehicle from Maguires Nissan of Lebanon of Pa. With my son Scott Michael long I was the cosigner they're charging us $29,000 for this vehicle it's a Volkswagen Jetta 2014 interest rate is 18% which we didn't even know about the car was taken to HDBoyd Volkswagen dealer In 2015 because there was something wrong with the Volkswagen Jetta my son purchased it May 25, 2016 the vehicle had to go in January 2017 My son told them that the car was running rough and One of the lights on the dash was on they looked at it charged him to look at it and give it right back to him turn the light off and that was it June 9 The car did not turn on we sent it back to the Volkswagen dealer where we where told to take it from the dealer that we purchased it from .the car was warranty five years 60,000 miles through Volkswagen when the car was in January it was not over 60,000 miles so they could've fixed it through the warranty through Volkswagen no one wants to help pay to fix the vehicle and we owe 388 a month on it my son needed to purchase another vehicle to get back-and-forth to work he is the supervisor he works seven days a week he has two kids to raise and a fiancé therefore I'm stuck paint a vehicle I'm disabled a little bit of money I get is not enough to take care of this issue thank you for your time please help me get my vehicle taken care thank you so much Diana Cruz-pillow
By: jwb5299
The Manor at Oakridge
Coming from someone who worked for this company, I can tell you that you may want to look somewhere else when trying to find a safe place for your loved ones to be looked upon.The Manor @ Oakridge is expensive, which is fine when you think you're getting your money's worth. However, the Management hired to work here does NOT care about your loved ones, they are rude and often neglect the residents. They're even worse towards their employees. This is a corrupt company that will do anything to make a dollar and keep their name sounding good. The food was good until they mysteriously fired the executive chef stating to the residents that they, "decided to go a different direction" even though the residents were very happy with the food. the personal care assistants carry on with their personal conversations while clocked in, the place is dirty and virtually no time is spend one-on-one with the residents. PCAs try to get the residents to refuse care so that they don't have work to do. All I'm asking is that you look at what care you are really getting before you trust anyone to care for your loved ones. they deserve so much better than this place.
By: matt.baublitz.35
River Plaza
River plaza is best suited for ppl who love weed and hate their car.heres the good news.cheap utilities.its all downhill from here.start your tour by parking on second street.on your walk here think abt the 3 shootings in three weeks that occured around you and enjoy cuz if you have a job,this is where u will be parking.mgmt doesnt enforce resident only parking rule so cars of non residents take up half the spaces.the building is loud and constantly smells.people throw garbage wherever and smoke in the stairwells.dont ever ever ever have important mail sent here espescially packages.if u get them at all they will be weeks or even months late.have a look at the mailroom and see all the mail spilling out all over the floor.enjoy creepy people by the doors smoking weed at nite.the key fob entry system is a joke as noone keeps the doors closed.a girl was severely beaten he tre by a guy who was let in the building.there are good,kind ppl here but u will mostly encounter ignorant ghetto trash and or creeps.
By: williamimhoff
Arepa City
I love flan and haven’t had a good one in years. I stopped in and found out that Arepa City had flan. It was out of this world. It far surpasses the flan at the Columbia in Tampa Florida. Not only was it great they had different flavors. The Coffee and Mocha Flan was a little bit of heaven here on earth. Their prices are great and would recommend Arepa City to anyone looking for excellent Latin food in Harrisburg. It’s a cozy little restaurant that would make a lasting impression on your taste buds. I can only see this place growing as they seam to have found the right combination for excellent food and affordable pricing.
By: Jackie R.
River Plaza
I have lived here for less than a year but I feel like this is a nice apartment to get started. I love that all my utilities are included. Its less hassle to just pay rent then worry about electric and gas bills. If you are looking for a cheap apartment in a decent location I think that riverplaza will work for you! Parking is a bit of an annoyance but it is not too bad except during street cleaning. I do not pay for the parking pass. That is a personal preference though.
By: Laura U.
Klein Family Dentistry
Always happy with Klein family dentristry. The hygentists take their time when cleaning and Dr. Klein is always pleasant and professional. I take my children there also and they are great with them too. And, it must be a great place to work because everyone always seems happy.
By: Deependra D.
Aangan Restaurant
Tips & Advices
An osteopathic physician practices a comprehensive form of medicine that takes a holistic approach to a person's health. Instead of specializing in one system or set of organs, an osteopathic specialist focuses on the health of the total body. This includes evaluating environmental factors that affect a person's well-being.
Many family doctors deliver babies, especially in rural areas without a nearby OB/GYN. However, most family doctors only deliver for low-risk pregnancies and do not perform cesarean sections.
Family nurse practitioners are highly educated nurses able to provide medical care individually or with the assistance of another professional. Family nurse practitioners obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then take the National Council Licensure Examination to begin working as a registered nurse. Then, they continue their education and obtain a Master of Science in Nursing. Following that, they become certified in family practice via the American Nurses Credentialing Center of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, allowing them to become certified family nurse practitioners.
Some family doctors provide immunizations while others do not. Typically, doctors who work as part of a large practice are more likely to offer vaccines in-house. Doctors in offices of one to two physicians are more likely to refer patients to a public health department or other immunization provider.
A physician's assistant is a person qualified to perform routine medical services. This individual is professionally licensed and certified, but they may not have the extensive med school education of a doctor.That said, PAs do complete almost three years of postgraduate study and more than 2,000 hours of rotations.

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