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By: jenn.scobie.14
Baltimore St Tattoo
All of my friends come here for their tattoos and piercings. I haven't heard anything bad about them, so I figured I'd check it out and maybe have them do my nose piercing. It's normally 50$ which is definitely a fair price if you don't want an infection, AIDS, and would like it done right. When I went in, however, there was a two piercings for one price, deal. --Sometimes they do those throughout the year. (Which is really nice of them because I'm sure the piercers lose a lot of money... So it's always nice to tip them! They really appreciate it)So it cost my friend and I 25 dollars each since we split it.Mike is who pierced us. (Remember that they stop piercing 30 minutes before they close. We didn't know that) we went in around 9:15 and they close at 10 - because of the deal, they were busy and he said that he probably wouldn't have time to pierce us because he didn't want to rush it. Understandable.. but it just kinda sucked because I walked in before the people behind me and was nice enough to let them go first and then he said that she'd be his last piercing. He ended up changing his mind, though. Mike totally bent over backwards for us. He's really good at what he does.When he did the piercing he Answered the question I'm sure he got like 104 times that day-- "will it hurt?", walked me through exactly what he was doing while he did it, "you're going to feel something entering your nose, take a deep breath" *pierced me* and then made sure to promptly insert the nose ring right after. My friend and I each gave him a 10$ tip because he was super great and sacrificed time with his family to do our piercings. Such a great, down to earth guy. At the end he was so grateful for the tip. He thanked us for it and thanked us again. He said to not hesitate coming in if we have any issue at all. Before saying goodbye said "I'm here for you guys, really let me know if you have any trouble or any questions" Did it hurt?Well yeah. A needle went through my nose... But it didn't hurt as bad as when I got my belly button done awhile back. Wish I would've gone to mike for that too. So far everything's great!

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