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By: Joe B.
MEM Automotive & Specialty
Updated: 3/30/16MEM contacted me to let me know that the problem employee was taken care of. I decided to give them a second chance and everything went well this time. I will continue to use MEM as they are convenient and prices are comparable. I feel as if the problem people have been taken care of but I will continue to double check their work and fees, as I would any other auto repair shop.----------------------------I took my car in to be inspected and they charged me for labor and bulbs in my third break light (before even asking me). I asked the front desk lady to clarify and she brought out the mechanic, Keith. He tried to convince me that they replaced 4 light bulbs in my third break light assembly by taking it out of the car, taking it apart and replacing lights. The assembly is LED (no bulbs) and after calling Toyota they verified there are NO BULBS in the third break light. They lied, charged me for work and parts they didn't put into the car and stole money from me.
By: jenniferstraus
MEM Automotive & Specialty
In response to the bad review, I've been taking my car to MEM for over 6 yrs. The service there has always been great and the prices have been reasonable. I have had problems on my car with the coil going out. Mine went out about 4months after it was replaced. It's an electrical part, they do go bad. Anyway, I gave them a call and they replaced it under warranty. Too bad for the Rachel girl that complained in the review on here. She had to pay for it twice because she didn't contact MEM because they would have taken care of her UNDER WARRANTY & FREE OF CHARGE. I'm sure that she also didn't realize that they use factory coils, which would be more expensive then anything she would find on the internet. Because I've gone through this with my car, I know they stand behind their work, and they don't usually have problems with parts.
By: memowner
MEM Automotive & Specialty
In response the review listed below:We are sorry to hear of your discontent regarding your service here. If you would have bought the vehicle back to us, your part and labor would have been covered under warranty (which means "at no cost to you"). You would not have had to pay for anything twice. The parts we use are always under warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. With certain vehicles, we do replace electronic parts with OEM parts that do tend to cost more. We hope this helps in the future.
By: Kelly H.
MEM Automotive & Specialty
I have been having my vehicle serviced @ MEM for over 10 years. I drive A LOT and they have always given me reasonable advice to keep my car safely getting to where it's got to go. I recommend this place to everyone I know :)
By: Craig K.
MEM Automotive & Specialty
these guys fixed me up great! my flex pipe rotted on my toyota and they were able to weld in a new flex pipe instead of trying to sell me a whole new exhaust! glad I gave these guys a shot! will definitely be going back.

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