Mother Waddles Car Sales in Hamtramck, Michigan with Reviews -
By: Kim S.
Top Gearz Auto Center
WOW!!! I had a WONDERFUL shopping experience with these guys!!! I have purchased several Honda Accords in my life, I drive a great deal of miles and I never buy brand new. I came to Top Gearz after seeing a beautiful Honda online that I was interested in. I live in Grand Rapids, Mi so we are talking a 2 1/2 hr drive. After talking with Hamza Omasan he told me the Honda I was interested in was already sold, but he could offer me another one with lower miles. Kind of disappointed I responded "I see the other one but it's more' he told me he would sell it to me for the same price. At this point I'm very Reluctant because I work in sales and I thought he was giving me a sales pitch LOL. Needless to say I drove to Detroit to find a CLEAN, Professional small but Nice car lot. After driving the car I spoke to Hamza about a couple concerns and he said he would fix my concerns ( scraps on bumper and carpet not smelling fresh) YES I can be a pain! At this point I had been to three car lots and NONE of the other shops seemed to even listen let alone address any of my concerns! I told Hamza I bring him the check the next day. He said fine he would have the car detailed looking new! The next day a had a problem with getting someone to ride with me and drive my car back from Detroit. Hamza was very patient and told me no problem the car was ready when I ever I could get there. I ended up catching the Greyhound bus the following day to eliminate someone having to drive my car. Not only did Hamza call and check on me during my trip but he actually sent 2 workers to pick me up from the bus station!!! They actually got out of vehicle open the door for me the whole nine yards!!! I felt like a queen LOL!!! ( didn't charge me a penny) This was the BEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE I ever had. The Honda Dealership has nothing on these guys! I will refer all my family and friends.Last thing, like I mentioned, I'm in sales have been for over 10 years. If I can have my customers leave my presence feeling like I felt after leaving Top Gearz I will have accomplished something major. These guys have set a very high standard and it was a GREAT honor to do business with them. Thank you Top Gearz! Hamza you and your staff are AWESOME!!!
By: cmaxwell
Mother Waddles Car Sales
This is without a doubt the most adequate local charity serving Michiganders. What happens in Michigan stays in Michigan.....You can donate any vehicle, running or non running, to assist those that are less fortunate and also be able to claim your donation as a federal tax deduction .I remember Mother Waddles from many years ago, starting out helping the citizens within our local communities via what we then called a soup kitchen. In reality she opened her home her heart and her kitchen to all that needed her - then moving on from there to a more organized mission. Her family still carries on the good works started by their mom and they depend solely on monetary and car donations to keep the mission alive. This Mission has been around for over 50 years and there are a great number of now suburbanites that many many years ago started out in the City Of Detroit and had need of Mothers services and a great number of them continually reach back each year to donate cars,money,clothing,furniture ect. It feels good to remember...... Hey, Everyone, Remember Mother Waddles by giving back.
By: cmaxwell
Mother Waddles Car Sales
Without a doubt The Mother Waddles Car Donation Program is the most adequate charity in Michigan. Reach back into your memory banks and you'll be taken back to 1957 when Mother Waddles started her first of what we then called - soup kitchens. She eagerly fed thousands of Michiganders even many of you that started out in Detroit and now live in our Metropolitan Suburbs were indeed the recipient of her services as well. Well,don't just reach back in thought, reach back and give a donation to keep The Mission alive. This locally based Charity is still assisting our Communities throughout Michigan and depend on your monetary and car donations to keep the good works going. Lets all remember Mother Waddles, Make a donation, today. I give M.W. six (6) stars:)
By: Suzanne J.
Vk Auto Sales
I have had very good experiences with VK Auto Sales. I had bought a rebuilt Prius from someone else 3 years ago that was badly rebuilt. It needed a new pump. Another mechanic would not repair the pump for less than $2000. It took a lot of work for Tom to repair as the pump was welded to the car but he was able take the welding off and put in another pump for $500, even though it took hours to do. I bought another Prius only to learn the water pump needed replacing. The dealer wanted to charge me $500. For $298, Tom put in a new water pump and gasket, serpentine belt, toyota coolant, cabin filter, air filter and fasteners. I would highly recommend this company. The owner is as honest as you can get.
By: Bruce L.
Top Gearz Auto Center
I don't know what you're taking about, I have purchased three cars from this lot and they are as good as new. I think you are vengeful and full of spite. This is a family-owned honest run business who go to lengths for their customers.Thank you!!
By: sh2013
A K A Auto
the mechanic is a very good mechanic. I had no problems with my car or the repairs He had done. Great job. Great people here and FANTASTIC prices.

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