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By: Alex B.
Blizzard Auto Repair
mrs Taylor why don't you tell the whole story.first of all the transmission you brought us to put back in was no good cause it was damaged during shipping.i told you i could rebuild yours for $850 parts and labor.that is why it was taking longer than promised.i also told you you would owe the balance of the trans removal and instalation.you stated two days later that you understood it to be $850 for everything.no shop would pull rebuild and reinstall a trans in a taurus.even with the install agreement we were still cheaper than all the transmission shops around.you told us to stop work so we did.the problem was on your end not ours.and i was the mechanic that you dealt with not the owner.i talked to you by phone and text.lets tell the story correctly if your going to tell it.
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By: Lindsay H.
Ace Automotive Services
I almost always took my Dodge Ram and Mercedes to the dealer for everything until I discovered ACE Automotive. They were more than willing to troubleshoot an issue until they were able to fix the problem. I expected a 'dealership' cost for all the effort it took to find the problem but was given an extremely fair price along with the quality work. That was over 5 years ago and since then I won't take my vehicles anywhere else for service, maintenance or repair. Honest and quality work. Thank you!
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By: Kathy F.
Pro Alignment & Auto Repair
This shop is top notch. They keep you informed of everything going on and they are fair with pricing very reasonable. The owner is one of the most honest men I have worked with. They have been working on our vehicles for years and my Son and his family, also works on my Daughters vehicles. They have gone out of their way for people. Seen it with my own eyes. I would recommend them to anyone They are the best at alignment. Thanks HW, JPI
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By: Brian B.
Big Al's Mufflers & Brakes
After some confusion on the type of oil used in my oil change, I felt uncomfortable with even a small risk of running with the wrong oil. Despite being very confident that the correct oil was used, the manager offered to re-change my oil and was able to fit me in quickly on a busy weekend. I greatly appreciated the staff's dedication to making sure I was satisfied. They have definitely earned my future business!
By: Doug D.
Big Al's Mufflers & Brakes
On 7/2/14, I returned to this Big Als Muffler for the 2nd time. On both occasions I've been impressed w/ A to Z - Cust Service, Knowledge & Ability of Techs, the folks going out of their way to show you what the problem is & how to fix it, & their fairness of price. I recommend this shop to anyone needing this type service. Doug D. Hampton
By: alwmcw300
Big Al's Mufflers & Brakes
From brakes, oil changes, and state inspections to water pumps, radiators and engine light codes, these guys do it right at fair prices.Waiting room, free coffee, build a relationship, your car will appreciate it. Simply ask for Kevin, the manager. In Hampton at Pembroke & La Salle Avenue. (757)-722-0700
By: John F.
Blizzards Auto Repair
These guys are excellent. They repaired my Mercedes Benz in the driveway in a matter o f minutes. Their mobile service is so much better than having the vehicle towed into a shop or dealership and waiting for hours/days. I highly recommend their service.
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By: James F.
Tune Up Plus
The mechanic were extremely helpful. They gave excellent customer service. Will come back if I need work done!!
By: James T.
Tune Up Plus
Tune Up Plus in the Hampton location is great. They helped me out and made it cheap as possible. Thank you!!!
By: Daisy J.
Tune Up Plus
Tune Up Hampton has been great. I will definitely be back for any car issues. Thank you so much!!!!
Tips & Advices
With the proper maintenance and adherence to driving within in the guidelines of engine performance designations, remanufactured engines can last 100,000 miles or more. With modern technology, engine lifespans have dramatically increased over the years. It is not uncommon for engines to last 200,000- 300,000 miles, or more--before a rebuild or remanufacture is even necessary.
While remanufactured and crate engines are very similar, there are several key differences. The biggest difference is that crate engines are as close to new as possible, without actually being new. Everything internal is replaced, which is not always the case with a remanufactured engine. Second, crate engines do not have to meet factory original specs. Some are upgraded to high performance engines through specialty shops. Crate engines are ready for immediate installation. These factors tend to make their price point higher than for a remanufactured engine. Adherence to factory specs is the biggest difference; remanufactured engines are required to (with some exceptions), crate motors are not.
Remanufactured engines nearly always come with a warranty. There may be exceptions, so it is important to learn the specifics of the auto shop. There is no reason for a shop to not offer a warranty on what is basically a new engine. While not getting a warranty would be rare, confirm the engine comes with a warranty prior to making any commitment.
All gasoline and diesel engines, with some exceptions, are eligible to be remanufactured. Old, rare and out-of-stock engines, engines with cracked or damaged blocks, and specialty engines are examples of engines that might not be eligible to be remanufactured. Also to be considered are parts availability and a mechanic’s knowledge of a particular engine.  Most modern and popular engines are eligible. Lower- end production and rare engines might require specialty shops that work in these areas.
The most commonly remanufactured engine is the inline four-cylinder gasoline engine. It is the most mass-produced engine in the world and is the primary power plant in the most popular cars in the world, like the Honda Civic, Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Corolla, and the Ford Focus. The next most common remanufactured engine is the straight, or “‘inline” six, a six cylinder that is a larger and more powerful engine popular in many smaller, light duty trucks, SUVs, and an engine option in the Toyota Camry. The popularity of these cars and these engines makes them the highest in demand for remanufacture.

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