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By: difficultcrowd
Today I chose to have my infant's ears pierced at Claire's. I called the store prior to going in and spoke to Kristin, who gave me all the information about their process. I was able to walk in and did not need an appointment. I was greeted by Kristin and she was the person who pierced my child's ear lobes. She was kind, courteous, personable and professional throughout our exchange. My child is rather fussy and Kristin maintained a gentle, patient and kind demeanor during our time in the store. The whole experience went off without a hitch. My little one didn't cry at all after the first ear was pierced & only for a few moments after the 2nd ear was finished. I cuddled her, handed her a pink lollipop & the tears turned into a dance and giggle. By the time we drove home, all of 5 minutes away, she was soundly asleep. Yup, I read all of the no guns, call a pediatrician, kids at the mall, sterile needles, etc. posts concerning ear piercing... Yes, I'm a concerned parent. I also happen to have had a great deal of piercings performed with both guns and variously sized sterile needles. I've had complicated and successful healing processes with both methods, therefore I don't favor one over the other. Ultimately, I'm happy that I chose to go to Claire's, it was quick, minimal pain for my baby and easy. I posted the previous post on 7/30/13. Today is 10/15/2013 and I just want to let any uneasy potentially soon to be pierced hopeful know that today my girl's ears are adorable. I didn't have any problems with them healing, zero complication.
By: Tanesha F.
First off.. This store can be very aggravating. Seem like once a year the name changes. They have taken it to a whole other level now. They have completely changed their location.the store have very reasonable prices.but the employees are not always the nicest.and they all follow different policies..and I don't care where you are located..customers should never hear the employees cussing or talking about other employees in the store or their problem with their schedule.. I think one of the girls is a manager.so that's more of a reason she should know you shouldn't bring your child to work����also,it wouldn't hurt to run a broom through the store once and a while.
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By: stef32
Smitty's Better Burger
we have eaten smittys on a number of occasions and have never been disappointed! the prices are not ridiculously cheap but its not as expensive as five guys! I live right around the corner and I love that the car hops come out immediately and take your order. then they bring your food out within 5-10 minutes! they have so many things to choose from and you can just roll your window down and they take care of the rest! the women are always friendly and I always tip at least $5 because of how nice and fast they are and the SUPER BURGER never disappoints me! the only thing is that I have to remember to pull out cash because they dont take credit/debit.

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