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By: Gewandra S.
Classy Hair & Nails
Often times when you go for your appointment they are prompt to assist you; however, over the three years that I went there, I often watched as they spoke their foreign language to talk about customers amongst themselves, to include myself. In June of 2015, I went there and was treated poorly for wanting to have the SNS Nail Treatment; they don't appear to enjoy doing the service although they offer it. I believe it may be due to them being incompetent in knowing how to do the service because it takes them so long to do it. However, in June 2015, I ended up with Cellulitis (which is a life threatening diagnosis) of my face due to chemicals being blown in my left eye with a fan that was directed at my face while drying my nails in between applications of the SNS powder, adhesive, and dremel. I could feel the chemicals burning my eye, but I took it to be not as serious as it turned out to be, thinking that it was like harmless nail polish fumes. The next day, I woke up with a purple and blue eye that was closed shut as if someone had punched me in the eye, and my entire face was swollen. I went back to the nail shop to show them what happened; some of the nail techs were empathetic, while the man that did my nails shift blame on me for wanting to receive the SNS service. I took me a full month and a half to recover; I was on five antibiotics, which one was a shot in the behind due to the chemicals going into my bloodstream, and I also missed days from work. I had to seek legal assistance.
By: sabiskittles
Foundation Chiropractic
These guys are fantastic! I felt horrible before I found them. I had a throbbing headache that would never stop. Some days I felt so bad I couldn't even take care of my baby because giving him a bath, or anything that was getting out of bed, would make me puke. I came to Dr Adams to see if he could help and he was very friendly. He explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. I was able to go to work that day (my job is very physical and involves me being on my feet all day) and most of my symptoms faded. Everything was gone within a week and I was back to normal and healthy. I just can't say enough for these guys! They're a wealth of knowledge and extremely friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
By: js_1234
Panache Salon & Spa
Very nice !!! I enjoyed my day at the spa. I had the Microdermabrasion, Brow threading & eyelashes done hear. All the staff is very friendly & professional hear. I have had microderms done at several places but at Panache they are so elaborate and customized ,the results were so immediate and amazing, the esthetitian there was very knowledgeable and thorough. And about eyebrows you get to get them and experience it yourself to believe all that unbelievable good reviews. All i can say is super awsom. And i am very pleased with my eyelashes too. I have found my place, i hope you take a chance and experience it for yourself too.
By: Jessica J.
Panache Salon & Spa
I realy liked the place. Very professional & friendly staff. Most of all very clean & puctual . I was trying to find a place closer to home to get body wax services. I looked up online and read the reviews and thought of giving it a try. I had the brazillian wax done & realy liked lt a lot since the lady there did it with such care that it didn't hurt at all. Also tried out the threading brows and absolutely loved it. It was so precise, clean and did not leave the sticky redness that the waxing usually does to my skin. I strongly recommend this place to everyone.
By: sabiskittles
Foundation Chiropractic
Dr. Adams and his staff are very friendly and helpful. I truly enjoy my services there and I always feel much better afterwards. When I first came to Dr. Adams I was in terrible shape; I wasn't even able to work. I have continued as a regular patient now for 9 months and have never felt better in my life!
By: Monty P.
Studio Blu
Stephen is absolutely awesome!! No one can do color as well, and his cuts always fit the person!! Staff is very classy and professional. I would not trust anyone else with my hair!

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