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By: customers
Dollar General
Pros: This place is close. Prices are resonable for small store.Cons: Store is very dirty. Floors are nasty and get cleaned once a month if that. Clearance isle is always messy and never priced.Dangerous. Its gotten robbed once while I was going in.No service. They have many people working there, but either stocking or hiding in the back. They almost will never open the second register no matter how long the lines are. They are long lines often. The other day they switched cashiers (put one in the 2nd registar along with the one leaving in the 1st registar) with out even telling us or trying working on getting the long line down before letting the other party go home.Dangerous to walk. They always have stock and carts of stock all over the place. Forget when it rains the wet and dirty floor.Carts are always in the parking lot since no one wants to get them.Bad food: I once seen all the milk was chunky. I asked the cashier she claimed oh someone just returned one like that earlier. So they didnt look at the rest. She said they would stop selling them. She never did put a note on the door ect.Food: Very few low calorie quaility food. Most is all high and fat junk food.Always out of certain things. Try ever getting Orange Juice. Dont even ask they to stock more as they say its out of thier control. Figure you sell out, so you stock more, so you thus sell more

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