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Canine Capers has something for everyone! Safe and supervised Cage-free indoor/outdoor play Fun, exercise, companionship Positive socialization Separate areas for puppies & small breeds We offer grooming services for all breeds of dogs, all sizes, and all walks of life!! Basic Grooming Package: Hydra-surge massage bath Premium shampoo and conditioner Blow- dry, full brushing & comb out Ears cleaned Nails cut Pads of feet cleared of hair Sanitary clip (when applicable) Full haircut or a tidy-up trim Bows or a bandana

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  • We LOVE Canine Capers !!!
    spats simpson

    The absolute highlight of 2011 was an introduction to Canine Capers Dog Daycare !!!! It is a resort for dogs... offering a stimulating, cage-free environment featuring separate indoor areas for small and larger dogs, plus several large outdoor play areas. The incredible staff provides a safe and fun atmosphere. They continually reinforce good dog habits. Laura and Kalyn maintain organized, controlled and monitored areas where a group of friendly dogs may interact and play. The result is stimulation, exercise, and socialization . Dogs return home satisfied, fulfilled, tired and happy. We can't get enough of the place and when we aren't there we miss our friends with names like Atticus ..... Hazel .... Tavia .... Lucille .... etc.... Canine Capers most certainly enhances the quality of my pet's life !!!!!

  • Socilaization, Exercise, Fun!

    Our 8 year old mixed breed has been going to Canine Capers since he was a 5 month old puppy and he has always loved it there! He gets so excited when we're about a mile from the place and runs right in, ready to go. He's got some special friends that he loves to pal around with. Best of all at the end of the day he's good and tired and the affect lasts! We've never been able to duplicate that kind of tired on our own.
    He doesn't always come when he's called but he ALWAYS comes when we call ""Canine Capers!""

  • The Best Time Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Andrea Brader

    My Aussie Sasha and my GSD Bruno went to Canine Capers for 2 years before we moved to Virginia. It was their favorite place to be for sure. They were unbearable to control the minute I turned onto Route 20. They knew where they were going and they were so excited. It brought me much joy to see how caring the staff always was with them. They treated them wonderfully and the dogs loved them all. They took time with them to teach them things and show them affection and they STILL get excited if I say ""want to go to daycare?"" They will never forget them, nor will I. I am still looking for a comparable place here in Virginia Beach but I fear Canine Capers is a ' one of a kind ' and I am grateful that I had the chance to bring my dogs there and allow them to have such a good time!!

  • Bella's Second Home
    Kathy and Bella

    Canine Capers was a gift when we found it and has been Bella's second home ever since! Bella has been going here 3 to 4 days a week for over 4 years. On daycare days she barks at me to let me know she wants to go and pulls me out the door every time! This place has helped Bella to expend her incessant energy somewhere other than at home where she use to drive me a little crazy. I don't know what I would do without Canine Capers, Laura, and all the employees. They make it a second home for Bella and I know and trust that she is happy and safe at her second home.

  • FUN FUN FUN..... and Great Staff

    Just like humans, dogs need to be socialized, exercised, loved and accepted. Canine Capers offers all of these things. With a play area with a great staff, socialization which leads to fun times, and love, hugs and being petted though out the day who could ask for more.
    Not only are they great at their own facility, but the owner and staff take part in events around western new york to get the word out who they are, what they do and why it is so important. They are knowledgeable and easy to talk to talk to so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

  • Love, love, love Canine Capers!

    We've been customers of Canine Capers for 2 years now, and Laura and everyone there are like family to us.....and I don't know what we'd do without them!

    We started with a 12 week old crazy puppy who had more energy than he knew what to do with. He got days filled with fun, play, socialization, and did I say fun? Charlie instantly loved going to Canine Capers, and 2 years later, still drags us in the front door because we aren't moving fast enough! I especially love that I can drop him off in the morning and not have to worry about him until I pick him up in the evening...he's having fun, he's being cared for as if he were their own, and he's getting all that crazy energy out. Two years later, we have a well socialized, happy, goofy Weimaraner.....and would be lost without Canine Capers!

  • Friendly, Fun and Full Service!

    Great folks and a wonderful pet experience. Canine Capers offers everything from grooming to daycare at their clean and welcoming facility.

    Their staff is professional, kind and considerate and truly seem to enjoy the animals. Not only have they treated my dog with care, I have seen countless other satisfied families coming and going who were likewise thrilled with their experience.

    Just today a couple came in who were concerned that their dog might not do well with a nail trim. They explained that their dog usually displayed signs of anxiety and they were not sure how he would fare. From the lobby I could hear the groomer talking to their dog and the whole process was completed in a manner of minutes! The dog was wiggling and excited - and his family was elated. There are countless other experiences just like this that happen each and every day.

    I would recommend Canine Capers to anyone who wants to leave their family members in good hands!

    Heather Eusanio

  • Best place in town!!!

    Canine Capers Dog Daycare & Grooming facility is like none other of its kind!

    I am a doggie foster mom & my foster dogs have enjoyed many fun filled hours at Canine Capers. My fosters drag & pull me to get to the door as fast as they can! It warms my heart to see them so happy & to know that they will be loved & cared for by a fantastic & caring staff! It has helped many of my fosters come out of their shell & realize that life is good! Most times they come to me scared & unsure of everything. Interacting with Canine Caper's great staff & other dogs helps to make them more well rounded to prepare them for adoption. The staff at Canine Capers is great with them! Some of them have even enjoyed a ""Spa Day"" while at daycare! :-) They love them & treat them like their own.

    I can proudly recommend Canine Capers to anyone who is looking for a dog daycare or grooming facility & wants their dog treated like family!

  • Dog's Best Friend

    I've been a customer of Canine Capers since shortly after their opening many moons ago (~2001/2002?)All my dogs have been happy users of Laura's service.

    My dog, Atticus, doesn't know many human words. The words he does recognize are: sit, treat, dinner, car ride, park, and Canine Capers. If you want to see him go nuts and run around the house.. just say ""Canine Capers"".

    I drop him off.. he gets an amazing amount of exercise all day long... when I get him back, he's ready to sleep for the next several days.

    I've gotten to know many members of Laura's staff over time, and I would have to tell you, they are always friendly and trustworthy. I wouldn't leave me best friends with them if I didn't trust them. They do a great job with grooming too.( My dog is more shiny than my shoes most days)

    Thanks again for the great experience.. I am more than happy to answer any questions personally and share my positive experiences with you.

    Thomas Taylor

  • Doggie Heaven
    12 Muddy Paws

    There are so many positives to write about that I would be writing for days! Canine Capers, after doing much research of dog daycares in the area, is by far the one that I found to be the best for my dogs to attend. It is a large facility and never over crowed. It is clean and safe, there is always staff members interacting with the dogs, not just standing there watching, there are time out rooms for dogs that need a rest, there are more toys than there than a children facility, there is a small dog area as well as a large dog area and the staff is all friendly and helpful! They offer grooming and grooming supplies, they have collars and toys to purchase at a very reasonable price. They offer wonderful hours to accommodate everyone and you can drop off and pick up at anytime. They also offer a taxi service that will pick up and drop your dog(s) off at your home.
    My dogs love to go daycare and I would highly recommend stopping in and talking to the staff if you are considering taking your dog to daycare.
    They offer a Saturday play day for only $12 from 8am-4pm. Thank you to all of the staff for making my four legged kids happy during the day!

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