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By: Tom W.
Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute
I can not say enough about the quality of care I received during the entire time of my rehab. After a successful operation, I decided to do Parkways in house therapy. From my first day till the last session, I was treated both professionally and careingly. Starting with the receptionists to the therapists, you could not ask for better treatment. There were several times I had to change my scheduled appointments, but the two receptionists happily made it to accommodate me. I especially want to thank both John and Jessica for all of there help during my daily sessions as they coached me through all of my exercises. They were both compassionate and patient, but yet motivated me to accomplish my goals. I would recommend this rehab facility and it's staff to anyone needing these types of services. It is truly a 5 Star operation that I am truly grateful to that has gotten me back to where I was before my injury. THanks to everyone!
By: Denise K.
Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute
Parkway had some of the best doctors in town. I went there for Dr. Daniel Sullivan and connected with Dr. Leslie Foster and some other excellent people, including superb physician assistant, Pascarello. However PNSI has some of the worst administration that I have ever encountered. They make mistakes about billing and deny appts. They charge for letters relevant to insurance and disability coverage and seem to get confused about what are separate requests (albeit, the insurance companies have been excessive in requiring repetitive info on some claims though at a slightly different state. The result is attrition of the best doctors and fewer competent people available, longer wait times for appts., etc. When I tried to address this with someone adminstrative, they dismissed me. So it, and I, go(es) on.
By: G B.
Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute
My family doctor explained to me I was headed for a wheel chair because of the damage to my lower back, if something wasn't done. He directed me to Parkway and Dr Holmes. It took 3 surgeries and a lot of phys. therapy to fix me, I wanted to give up many times, but the doctors and staff kept me positive. I lead an almost normal life now thanks to the professional and caring people at Parkway.
By: Christina H.
Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute
Tom P has been my provider of choice for over 8 months now, and I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable about my RSD. He provides me with the best of care, offering multiple interventions and strategies to help deal with my chronic pain. I am thankful for the opportunity to interact with such a compassionate, albeit 'no-nonsense,' doctor!
By: J M.
Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute
I have been a patient for about 7 or 8 years. I have had 3 surgerys on back 1 on arm. I have recommended Parkway to 4 friends. All came here and love it like I do. Everyone friendly, PA's listen carefully to what you say. Doctor explains procedure completely. I am very happy with Parkway Neuroscience and Spine.
By: J S.
Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute
Dr Waheed has been a great addition to Parkway. I was reserved at first getting a new Dr but really appreciate Dr Waheed's. Down to earth manner and professionalism he takes a more holistic approach to medicine than Dr's I have seen in the past rather than trying to push meds.
By: Lori K.
Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute
It is always a pleasure coming to Parkway Neuroscience and Spine. Tom Pasquarello is wonderful and has helped keep my condition in check. And checking out is wonderful with Taylor and Michaela. They both go beyond and above to make me feel welcome and taken care of.
By: E B.
Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute
Dr Larkin has helped my back pain more than all other procedures combined. He has worked me in for an injection when I did not have an appointment and the pain was way above a 10. Dr Larkin shows genuine care and compassion for my pain. He is a life saver!
By: S T.
Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute
Was very impressed with Dr Waheed. He reviewed my situation. Listened to what I had to say regarding my problem, then made recommendations that sounded viable and well worth trying. I am looking forward to working with Dr Waheed to resolve my situation.
By: Barbi D.
Parkway Neuroscience & Spine Institute
I have been coming to this facility for many years, and have always been treated with kindness and caring. Tom has always been understanding and efficient. An all around great experience with doctors and staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Tips & Advices
Neurologists must first obtain an undergraduate pre-medical degree, and the next step in their education involves four years at medical school. Upon completing medical school, neurologists typically enter a one-year internship program, and this is followed by a three-year residency program in neurology. After this residency is completed, neurologists may receive advanced training via a fellowship program, and these typically last one to two years.
The cost of a neurological exam will depend on the service that is being provided. If  electromyography (EMG) testing is being performed, the cost could run $150-$500 per test. Other types of diagnostic tests include a nerve biopsy, a spinal tap, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The total cost for having a spinal tap administered can run $3,000-$5,000.
A wide range of options are available for the treatment of neurological disorders. The symptoms of Parkinson's disease may be relieved with Botox injections and deep-brain stimulation. Multiple sclerosis may be addressed with disease-modifying therapies that are offered in injection, intravenous, and oral forms, and emotional, cognitive, and physical therapies are often recommended to support the process. Stroke treatments include blood thinners, blood pressure control, and thrombolytic therapy to break up blood clots.
Strictly speaking, dementia is not the same as Alzheimer's disease. Dementia refers to a set of symptoms, and these include language difficulty, confusion, and memory loss. Alzheimer's disease is one cause of dementia, and it's responsible for 60 percent to 70 percent of all dementia cases. However, other illnesses can trigger dementia, as well, and these include Parkinson's disease and Lewy body disease.
The signs of a concussion may include headache, lack of coordination, memory loss, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, ringing in the ears, confusion, and severe fatigue. A concussion is typically caused by an injury that causes your head and brain to be quickly shaken back and forth. A concussion can be caused by a fall or a car accident, and it may also occur during participation in impact sports.

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