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By: Kayla C.
The Carlot Gulfport
I purchased a vehicle from this used car dealership in September 2015. I also secured a loan to purchase this vehicle. The following year when my tag was due to be renewed I went to the tax commission to renew and they refused because the title still had not been changed into my name. The tax commission then told me to contact the dealer who sold me the vehicle. When I contacted the dealer he apologized and admitted to it being his mistake. He stated he would fix it immediately but it would take about 30 days for everything to come back from the State of Mississippi. I also contacted my loan company and they told me it was the dealers responsibly to have the title changed into my name. One month later I went back to the tax commission to try and renew my tag and was refused again. In the meantime I was pulled over and given a ticket. At my court date I pleaded not guilty because this is out of my control. I received a new court date for this ticket. I have contacted the dealer again who then stated the state lost my title. I then contacted the state and the Title Bureau Director stated they never received anything and she was unable to find my certificate of title but the vehicle was registered in my name. I am now paying a loan and insurance for a vehicle that has another name on the title. My insurance company has also stated i may not be covered since the title is in my name even though i am paying for full coverage. My tag is now 9 months expired. As of May 15, 2017 the title to this vehicle still has not been put into my name. In conclusion, I am paying for a vehicle that technically is not even mine because this dealership has failed to do the proper paperwork for this sale. If you purchase from this dealer be sure to see a title first! This has been a nightmare!
By: Michele L.
Coast Auto Brokers
1 review1.0 star rating 3/11/2017I went to this place because my sister went there with our Father and another mail friend !! (Keep this in mind) She got a great deal and even got a title !!! wow . so I went alone I am 56yrs old and on disability with a lot of medical problems, They totally took advantage of me and sold me a car with a LIEN on on the TITLE meaning that car actually belongs to someone else.. so basically that car was not theirs to sell and they knew it when they sold it to me. They never even applied for the TITLE, so what dose that tell you.. SO PLEASE BEWARE... AND DO NOT TRUST THEM.... And then to make matters worse the car is a total lemon and I have not driven it since three (3) weeks after I bought it .. they did try to fixed the front head lite a total of three (3) times the last time I took it to AUTOZONE to see if it was actually fixed and the sales man who looked at pulled out a ZIP TIE( like the kind you put on a trash bag) and some DUCT TAPE... They refuse to give me back my money! so now Im out a TOTAL of 7,500. for a car that is not mine. In fact the true owner can come get it any time.. SO PLEASE BEWARE THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS!!!! WHO WOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AN ELDERLY WOMAN.... I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED SO BADLY AND I CANT EVEN DRIVE TO MY DOCTOR... UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Add to list Edit
By: Karen L.
Coast Auto Brokers
My husband purchased a car from Ms. Coast ,before purchasing the car he noticed the seat was broken after some time and a few bumps in the road we have a new seat. Thank you Mark for going above and beyond to find the right seat.You are awesome, thanks again for everything.
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By: Jeff W.
David Dearman Autoplex
Awesome Folks! These guys first rented us a vehicle and then we ended up purchasing it. I highly recommend them
By: Don't T.
Value Auto Sales
This is the worst place to buy a car from ever. They almost killed me. Before putting my deposit on the car, I took it to a mechanic to get it checked. My mechanic told me that I had bad breaks. They told me they would fix the problem. TRUSTING THEM (WHICH WAS A BIG MISTAKE), I GAVE THEM THE DEPOSIT. They lied. I brought it up there on two separate occasions for the breaks and they keep saying they fixed it. When I got the car back after the last visit, my brakes completely went out; I crashed into the back of my house. I got them to tow the car and gave them another chance to fix it (I already gave them two chances before), and the owner ,Blann, decided to take the car because he did not "Trust me to take care of the it". They are crooks. He took a $1000 from me and I was only able to drive the car for a week in three week spand I had it, because they were "fixing it". DON'T TRUST THEM. I FEEL RIPPED OFF, BECAUSE I WAS.
By: Nick S.
Coast Auto Brokers
Had a great experience, got a great used vehicle at a great low price, Nick and Rich and Dustand were all super helpful
By: Troy S.
Best Way Auto Sales
We are thrilled with the car! The sales staff was professional and fair. We appreciate the positive purchase experience at your dealership.Thank you,Troy
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By: Taylor L.
Coast Auto Brokers
This place SUCKS! Have had my car for 9 months and have put out over 500 dollars in repairs. We looked at 6 different cars before finding one that did not have an obvious problem. "Smokin" Joe comes off as a cool dude, saying things like "oh, youre pregnant and have a one year old. I wouldnt sell you an unreliable car to drive your children in." DO NOT TRUST HIM. He couldnt even spot out a 9 nails in a tire his guys changed out!! Then if you spot out something wrong with the car before you buy it, they promise to fix it and then dont. These people are con artists. Point blank, DO NOT GO HERE!!!
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By: Whitney R.
Nu-Way Auto
Nu Way auto on hwy 49 is HORRIBLE! Majority or their cars they sale are LEMONS. I bought a Lincoln Navigator last year from them. Shortly after the purchase on the same day literally 20mins later the engine light came on. I called back to the dealership and the gentleman said it was the regular gas that was put in the tank. That was my fault for being so gullible. By June ibstarted hearimg knocking. Took it to the mechanic furthwr up 49 and it was my ball joints. Of course on a portion of it was covered on the GAP, so I got that fixed. Anyways fast forward to Sept. I moved out of state and the truck started giving me major trouble. Stalling, backfiring, wouldn't crank. So I took it to the mechanic and he proceeds to tell me it could be the catalytic converter, or the engine my have jumped time they didn't even know! They wanted me to pay $500 to explore and break down the engine, even still the catalytic converters wasn't covered on that joke of what they call GAP insurance. So I was basically stuck after a new move and no money. When I was ready to purchase a new vehicle and get rid of that piece of crap no dealership would even take it BC it wasn't even worth the money I owed on it, so I was told to just let it go back to the finance co which is exactly what I did. I pushed that junk out of my garage and called them and told them to come and GET IT, to make room for my beautiful Chevy Tahoe LS that has given me ZERO issues since the purchase. This is the worst dealership ever and I would care if they never made another dime there! I learned my lesson from being so desperate for a vehicle at the time!
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By: Asif Q.
Nu-Way Auto
Very Unprofessional of Gigi and one of the male salespersons. They had promised to sell me a trade in they received over the weekend once the deal is funded for the customer who traded it in. Sent my driver license and all my info and they assured me the car is mine. 1 day goes by and I call them to inquire about status, salesperson and Gigi said dont worry Deal is not funded yet and car will be yours. Today i called and they said they had sold the car to someone else and immediately hung up the phone. Definately will not want to do business with them. So unprofessional and rude. worst experience ever!

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