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By: Alwaysontime E.
American Truck Group, LLC
My name is Edward and I am a truck driver. I do have experience, 3 years driving experience and while I was driving on the road, I use to ask a lot of questions about becoming an owner operator and some of them they told me that it is better for you to be an owner operator because you will be your own boss and you will invest in a truck that you will own. But, I didn't know the way how to find trucks for sell. One of my friends told me that I have to pick up the Truck Paper. So I looked in there and I found a little note showing ATS or American Truck Showrooms. So I was attracted to where it says there is no credit check. No credit check, just come and apply and you will be approved. So I was in doubt. I was doubting myself. And then I picked up the phone and I called customer service and they answered me immediately, I did not have no wait. So I had some questions, so they answered the questions that I had. Because I was doubting myself, it took me a long time. I started in November 2013 of last year. So December went, January, then February came, then I decided to come by myself and meet with the customer service team. I could get a feel for the program myself and tell if it is real or not. So at the end one of the representatives and I sat down together, and resolved all of my doubts that day. For example, it says no credit check. I do realize I have bad credit but here, no credit check! I said ok that's good so I did everything, and I got my truck ! I got my truck it is a 2010 Peterbilt. It is very nice. Ever since I had that truck it has never been in the shop. So this is how you can be an owner operator and be your own boss if you have doubts, they have answers. Don't wait. Become like me. It is time to pick up the phone and call ATS. They immediately answer you and you will be on board. You see for me it was very very very easy because the first day I came, you see, the same day I got the truck I wanted. I did get my tags through them it was also very simple. It was my pleasure to retell my story because you treat me like I am part of the family.
By: Rusty S.
American Truck Group, LLC
Last week on my way to California from Saint Louis I noticed very high oil temperatures. As I climbed the mountains west of Denver I hit the oil red line several times. I called your Phoenix location and spoke with Austin in the service department. After explaining the situation to Austin he recommended getting over to see him as soon as possible. After delivery I headed to Phoenix with another load and arrived at ATS Tuesday morning.Austin greeted me in the driveway and immediately began running an ECM diagnostic and checking the engine with a heat gun. Within 10 minutes he knew exactly what the problem was, a blocked radiator! ! After removing the hood and spending an hour power washing the outside of the radiator the problem was solved! Since there was a chance the oil may have been burned with the high temperatures, Austin changed it, added freon to my air conditioner, and changed a leaking air bag on my sleeper. To top it off they even washed the truck because of the dirt that got on it from pressure washing the radiator.This level of service and attention to detail is hard to find, if not impossible.Most dealerships would have probably charged me over $1000 to fix this, and at your Phoenix location it cost me only $325.This location has become my 1st choice for all of my service work.I greatly appreciate Austin's professional service and attention to detail. He got my truck in for service immediately, and back on the road before the end of the day. Knowing I have this level of service available to me at such an affordable price makes budgeting for unforseen mechanical issues less stressful, and being an owner operator much easier. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.Rusty
By: elephantintheroom
American Truck Group, LLC
Making it too easy. Now, isn't that the 8 ton elephant in the room that no one seems to ever want to talk about even though it is obvious it is there? When I was getting my truck from them 3 years ago, I kept thinking about the guy sitting in the lobby next to me. Look, he had no clue about how to run a business. That much is certain. My wife told me that I should have counseled him! I asked her if she had lost her mind? Then she said that maybe they should not do business with him because he just won't make it! Wow, is this really where we want to go? Should a company like ATG not do business with people because they are not prepared for what is out there? Of course not. Think about it like this: What if you went into Target and while you were checking out a manger walks up to you and says that they cannot do business with you for the items you have in your basket because you are not prepared for them and they will overextend you financially? No company should tell a consumer what they can and cannot buy. Chalk it up to learning experiences. But, when many of the unprepared fail, in today's generation y or whatever they are called, guess what they learn? Nothing, they blame the business and many go online since that is about all they can do and they complain. That is why I am more than happy to extend a positive review out to this company, for making it easy on someone who was prepared. H.L. Dixon Logistics, Inc.
By: anthonymba
American Truck Group, LLC
I’ve been driving a truck close to about 3 years right now. I started driving in 2010 with Prime Inc.-that’s where I got trained. I’m a college grad, I went to the University of Maryland. I have my MBA there. After working for my company and I got laid off because of the economy I decided to look for & retrain myself for a job where I don’t have to worry or think about loosing my job again. That’s how I got into the trucking business.The problem before I got here I looked at other truck sales companies. I went through their programs. I found that the program they have here at American Trucks is the best that I could go with, being a business person you want to get, work with a trucking company where you can get for one thing easy payment, low payment, something that you can leave with, and then a place where they would be concerned about your substance, that is- concerned about the appreciation of your truck. making sure your truck is working for you the way that you want it to work for you.Every other place you just go buy a truck and your out of the door, and that’s it. and they care less what you do with it and if you even succeed. They don’t care. but here they want to make sure your working and that you are on the road. As a matter of fact, since I was here someone called about his truck there was something that he didn’t know how to take care of and he called when I was there and he was taken care of.
By: toddandliz
American Truck Group, LLC
Positive experience in Gulfport, MS. One nice thing about the three day wait for the truck was that we stayed at a local casino. Me and the wife changed our mind about the truck we wanted when we got there. The truck we chose had not been through the shop and it was Friday evening so we stayed until Monday afternoon. The mechanic that worked on our Pete was super thorough. Their facility, the shop particularly, is full of modern equipment that you would only see in a large dealership because of the cost. On the walls, they have certificates and awards showing the levels of training or specialties. That helped to set us at ease, plus our mechanic drove up until 7 years ago himself and that counts for a lot with me. Accessibility: all of the mechanics and technicians are people that the company makes available to the customers for any questions or concerns that you may have. Not only our mechanic Danny, but most of the others have CDL's and over the road experience so they are full of good advice because they have been in your shoes. So overall, a very modern facility staffed with helpful mechanics which equaled a great truck for us. Todd & Liz Melton of Melton Transportation, Inc.
By: Phillip D.
American Truck Group, LLC
This is my second time placing a review for this company. I am a man of my word and I said I would definitely give this company a good review. Just leaving here in my 387, ISX purrs like a kitten and even though I've been an Independent for years, I did not own my own truck. This is the first time for me and yes, I understand how the program works, my salesmen-former truck drivers themselves actually-explained every thing very well. As I said before, I don't mind that there is a 1 year preliminary rental period and the price gets readjusted to book value or less when I opt my buyout. This works well for me, I amjust happy the truck I saw in the paper was available and it is EPA compliant, one of my favorite things about it, I can drive wherever I want. ha! I do just love this company because when you are on your own and your resources are maxed out, it is nice that there is such a place to help you get on your feet again. Don't get me wrong, this program ain't for everybody- not crybabies who don't pretrip their truck and then cry when something goes wrong with it- but hey I love this program. Thanks American Trucks
By: Jess P.
American Truck Group, LLC
I recently became a new customer of American Truck Group. My daughter and I were in the Gulfport shop to get a nice 2012 Kenworth T700. They really have a team set up to take care of each truck. To start, they have an excellent sales staff that knows about trucks. You have your own CSR that helps you with any questions or concerns on the daily basis. There is a complete breakdown team that sat down and explained exactly how everything works and how they could help me on the road. My overall experience was excellent. Then I got to test it out. I had a few minor things come up with the truck. Nothing that would keep me from driving. Dawn, the same person that sat down and explained the breakdown team to me, answered the phone and told me to let her know when I would be somewhere I could take take a day to take care of these issues. She said just give her the city and round about time I would be there and she would set everything up for me not to worry that was what she was there for. Just really great personable experience. It really eases my ind that I have a team always ready to help me. Thanks guys.
By: davidbradshaw
American Truck Group, LLC
This review asks the question, "If I told my best friend about this place, I'd say:" To start with, I HAVE told my best friend(s) about American Truck Group and several of them have gotten trucks. I got an email from them a couple days ago asking me to rate my experience in getting a truck. The email DID NOT illicit me to write something positive or promise me anything if I did. Now that is out of the way, I will tell you that getting a truck from them was super easy. In fact, maybe to easy. Let me explain. They take care of everything for you so I believe there are a lot of people out there that have absolutely no business getting a truck but they do and then they fail because what? All they or you have to do is have a down payment, a CDL, and an okay driving history and bam, you have a truck and you are in business! For me, this was a welcome relief but for others who need to know other things to prepare them for the trucking business this is probably a curse. This however, cannot be blamed on thos company. I wonder what other think about the relative ease in getting a truck from them?
By: David M.
American Truck Group, LLC
If you are reading this because you are thinking about buying your own rig I would say work for a company first. The road is not for everybody and rarely do your expectations of driving and actual driving match up. Also, as an owner I can tell you that keeping and maintaining your own truck, authority, and insurance are a full time job in and of itself. Not to mention if you plan on dispatching your own loads like I do as well. Learn the business first and let someone pay for you to learn on the job. I went out and started with my own truck and trailer and have cost myself 10's of thousands of dollars just making learning mistakes. My learning mistakes is what brought me to American Trucks. Now if you have experience and are looking for a low upfront cost for starting your own business, this is the right place to do it. They even offer assistance when you need it for insurance, and authority. I know the ropes in this business and I make my own rules up as well. I have no problems with my trucks or service I get from these kind people and I personally recommend them
By: Clay S.
American Truck Group, LLC
so Im going on my 3rd year renting to own, it was sometime in March 2013 when I started. However I was very happy to begin with, the 2010 Cascadia, had the cleanest most spacious cab, 10 speed eaton, I immediately had to have it. When I first started off, it was different, if you had engine trouble, you got it in check until you could get to the dealership in Mississippi to have the work done and be able to afford it. They didn't have the location in georgia or Mesa then so if you were outside 500 miles of gulfport it was not looking good for your pockets. They added more shops and now they have more options so when I was having trouble in Massachusetts, I was expecting to wait to get to one of their shops to troubleshoot. However I went down before I could get back that way. The system they have now, blew my mind. They put me in a shop close to where I was and split the costs. This only had me down for 2 days as opposed to what has turned into week in the past. Very impressed with what they are doing and believe it is going to be really good for them.

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