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By: aerohostale
Hungry Howie's Pizza
Today was my first time ever eating from Hungry Howie's and I am impressed at the quality of the pizza. I ordered the small 3 cheeser pleaser with half butter cheese crust and half ranch crust with extra cheese. The crust was delicious as the texture of it was fun to eat. Also the crust is very flavorful and buttery. It's not too thick like other pizza places. The cheese tasted great with the three-blend cheeses. The sauce is not too sweet but not too bitter. It's just right. Also when I went inside to pick up my order, the young lady who greeted me was really nice and it was fast service even though I ordered it online. The price for that great pizza even with extra cheese was only $9.78 (tax included). This is the only pizza eatery I could order extra cheese on the whole pizza and not be charged extra for it. I was worried about trying HH's because I read a review from another site that wasn't so great, someone complaining about the lack of flavor. Good thing I listened to my instincts and went for it. Most reviews are on point but some you have to take with a grain of salt especially if the review has only two sentences. I would recommend HH's and this location in particular to anyone looking to try something different. This is no Pizza Hut or Papa John's, the big names but HH is five times better than Little Caesar's.
By: eashleyladner
Specialty Italian Bistro
I decided to try something different than the same o same o Domino's or Pizza Hut. I only ordered a large pizza but it was a refreshing spin on the usual. I would definitely like to try more food from this eatery. Service & delivery was great.

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