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By: D H.
Rip-off orchestrated by manager to bump her numbers. Simply put, I've been noticing for weeks that my combo breakfast orders are getting uncharged $.29 about 90% of the time. From the coffee that comes WITH the combo, to a large. Not what I want, not what I ask for, not what the speaker gal "Mayeesha" discussed with me......it just shows up, money out of my pocket, without asking....equals rip off.To add insult to injury, I asked the speaker gal why she added it again today, and she played dumb, stuttered and said she didn't know what size I wanted, where I replied "you should ASK". Seeing the dirty looks and eye rolls at the pickup window from ugly Mayeesha, I asked for the manager, told her my experience and she had the most demeaning response, "Sir, we have three sizes, small, medium, and large." I happily replied that BEFORE I get charged for something bigger than the combo meal comes with, I do feel I should be asked, don't you?" So beware, is the message I have to offer. It's only $.29 to me, but multiply that by 1000 per day and you've got a nice bump in store numbers. Buyer beware.On the other hand, other folks there seem really sweet and nice. Linda and Nancy come to mind. Super nice actually.

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