By: anonymous634
Century Forest Apartments
The apartment itself is a pretty good price considering the size. Pretty good location, but the apartments are pretty old. At one point our roof was leaking from hard thunderstorms. They just redid all the roofs so that shouldn't happen again, but the complex was nice enough to let the people fixing the roof stay above us. Can anyone guess how obnoxious and loud those people were despite mulitple complaints? You would think the apt would make some sort of concession in the rent, but nope no chance. Just repeated apologies over and over. The reason I give it 2 stars though is the renewal process we just went through. We originally signed for 684 last year. In order to get the lowest rate we had to resign 3 months early. The lowest rate went up to $715 despite the fact they told us at most it would go up by 5%. We talked to them and they said they could drop it to $705. So we go in and start filling out the paperwork and after signing half of the lease..."oh and there has been a fee added for pest removal and increase in utilities". So despite being told $705 originally, in the middle of already filling out the half lease the price goes up from $705 to $717. Still not horrible for a 2 bedroom but the way they decieved us during the whole process was very very frustating.
By: Steven P.
Stoneledge Plantation Apts
I have lived at this property for over a year now and I would recommend it to anyone. Since the new management took over, the property has been well maintained. A new privacy fence has been put up between this complex and Huntington Downs and I believe that was the best decision I have seen. The complex is a little older, but it is getting upgrades all the time. Anytime I have an issue, I am able to get it fixed immediately. The property is one of the safest around and new lighting was recently added throughout the complex. The complex is also pet friendly and is a great place to walk your dog. There is limited traffic noise and there is a little noise from neighbors, but you cant live in any apartment without that issue.
By: mrnibbles
Century Forest Apartments
Been with this place for almost 3 years. I'd recommend it if you're looking for a long-term rental. The area, staff, and apartments are nice, though the apartments are a little dated (built in the 80's I think). But it has gotten more and more expensive every year. I first moved in @620 for my place, and rent has gone up every year, to my latest lease being just over 800, now that they've started billing for garbage and pest control, which used to be included. I'm looking to buy a house, but if I want to do a short-term lease or break a long lease early, the costs become astronomical. 1k to leave early, and you still have to give 60 days notice.
By: T L.
Stoneledge Plantation Apts
They are all hype and no show - not too good at keeping the landscape up. The amenities are not maintained very well either. Brittany needs to find a new line of work - customer service is not her strong suit - in fact she is why I did not renew my lease and I recommended we remove them as an apartment to look at for our new hires at work. The good thing about the place it is rather quite. If you need to leave a message - forget it the call will not be returned.
By: shontai.mulwee
Cedar Grove Apartments-Leasing Office
hey my name is shontai and i'm trying to be move by jan 1 i get a ssi check and i'm trying to find a nice apartment to live in not nothing that is mass up and need to be fix i can pay my bill on time i just get ssi check so cna u please see if u have in opening and call me at 864 233-4455 thank u have a bless day...
By: Elizabeth S.
Plantation Haywood Crossing Residences
Just recientyl moved in the apt community on Livingston Terrace. Love my apartment and the leasing process was super easy. Havnt had any issue with safety and I feel save and love my new apartment!
By: Stephanie P.
Stoneledge Plantation Apts
I have lived here 2years, some upgrades are happening . great staff. speedy maint. great pool. beautiful landscape.
By: Chris W.
Beacon Ridge Greenville
Nice location, loved the patio and the mountain view. Property is very well maintained.
By: plsdpeachez
Stoneledge Plantation Apts
its so quiet and convenient! What more could u ask for. courteous professional staff.
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By: Christine E.
Parkside At Verde
I love these apts. and love to be notified for availability of a one bedroom,asap!

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