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By: mrsbunch
This review is for Automax of Greer. I will state that we have a nice reliable car, however getting it was a nightmare! We went in with no expectations, not knowing what we wanted, and willing to be flexible due to our credit issues. We showed 1 car then told we couldn't afford it. Then we were asked to drive another one, then again told we couldn't afford it. Next we were asked to drive yet another one for the weekend while they obtained financing. When we returned we again were told it was out of our range and they wanted us to buy something else. We refused and asked for our money back. They asked for more time and a co-signer to get us into the car. We got a co-signer and were told he wouldn't work because he'd recently moved. We again asked for our money back and were prepared to just go to another dealership, but they requested more time and finally after over a week they were able to secure financing if we could pay a bigger down payment. We agreed but asked for a few weeks to pay it. Also the car needed the door handles fixed, and they gave us paperwork agreeing to fix it within 30 days. We continued to pay on the down payment and ask about the doors. Each time we were told they were "working on getting us an appointment. After over a month we called and were told "You still owe us money that's why the doors aren't fixed." We had paid the money to an employee who had not told them it was paid, so we went in and demanded an appointment for the door repairs. We were also angry that we'd been given the run around instead of them just admitting they were waiting for payment before fixing the doors. If we'd been told that in the beginning we'd never have bought the car. The customer service was HORRIBLE and the entire experience was something I never want to go through again.
By: Len G.
First Class Halt
We have been going to Mark and the guys for awhile now. We first started going there after my wife (we) got ripped off by a local Honda dealer in Greenville. We have been very pleased, no we have been extremely satisfied with the service that we have received from Mark and the First class H.A.L.T crew.Whenever my wife feels or senses that something is wrong with her van, without hesitation she calls Mark for advice or to set up an appointment for service. I rest assure that she will be treated ferly, with respect, and never get ripped off like she did with..... that Honda dealer in Greenville!About a year ago I bought my son his first car; A 2001 Honda Accord. We took it to Mark after I purchased it. I wish that I had taken it to him first, but after going over the car with a magnifying glass and checking it out, Mark brought us into his office, sat us down, and gave us the very detailed bad news and then he went over step by step of what needed to be fixed first (Most dangerous to our son safety, the car, and others if not fixed soon). Then second, third and so on and so on till he got down to what could be delayed for a later date. He gave us a print out and priced every thing separately.We did not have the money to do it all at once so Mark broke it down into small sections that we could afford.Proud to say today we finished the list and my son's car runs as good and as smooth as it did when it first drove off the assembly line.I will never take our Hondas anywhere else but to Mark and the guys @ First Class H.A.L.T! Love the service, love the atmosphere... love the treatment of being a valued customer and friend, but most of all; I love the fact that my family's cars will be fixed right and correctly the first time.... EVERYTIME!Thank God for such a honest and experience company!
By: Eat P.
Greenville Auto Repair
I am a disabled widow, and like many women in my position we are pretty much targets for disreputable businesses to try and make a quick buck. I myself am very leery of these type people, since there are more of them than decent HONEST PEOPLE. I was in a terrible bind with my vehicle, repairs could not have come at a worst time for me. But due to the kindness and understanding of Connie, as well as Roxanne and the owner they went above and beyond just normal service. They really did me a kindness that took me by surprise. I was treated with the utmost respect as well as made to feel right at home with them. True my repair total was not chump change in anyone's mind, but everything is not about money or at least that is my philosophy. I am in no position to purchase a new vehicle and feel blessed to have the one I have. I also am not a mechanic, and yes at the mercy to a degree of tradesmen, but I was kept up to date with everything involving the repairs, they even allowed me to leave my car at the shop, locked up in their garage at no extra charge ie: storage fee. My car is running great, I am pleased, I just hope it lasts til I CAN manage to replace it. So, if you are a person of modest means for what ever reason I have no other choice than to highly recommend Greenville Auto. I will be returning for maintenance and feel I have made 2 new girl friends to boot !! You cannot buy kindness and trust read the reviews, give them a call, it will not cost a dime. Thanks guys for being there when I was pretty much desperate.
By: Debbie R.
Big O Dodge Chrysler Jeep
My wife and I ended up purchasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Big O... Are salesman Nate is the only reason they are not receiving 1 "Star" Not a good experience at all. Particularly with the Credit department. We have excellent credit and had been told they would match any ones interest rate. We could have gotten .59% from USAA and when we went in to sign the papers we were told that they could only get us 3.99% after we got over our shock and tried to quickly come up with alternative financing (at 9 pm at night) we were very rudely told by the manager Kevin that we had to make a decision (no pressure...ugg) we walked away. The next day I called and renegotiated with them and got a 0% interest. However when we got the car you expected it to be detailed and in pristine condition (after all you just spent a fortune) nope the car was in ok condition but not what you would expect. Nate the salesman was able to take care of a couple problems but still you would have expected a lot more when you spend over $50 k on a car! Oh one more tidbit... I had a coupon from them for an additional $250 off on our trade in... They would not honor it! Really it was from your website and your tool for estimating trade in value... REALLY!!
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By: Alexsey S.
Sitton Buick Pontiac GMC
I bought two vehicles from them already. The salesman, keep forgetting his name but remember him as drummer boy, (maybe Wayne?) anyways the salesman is an awesome guy who will do everything he can to help you and satisfy your purchasing experience. But the service department completed ruined my experience there and I do not plan on coming back to them for anything! After ordering a torque converter for two weeks, told me to bring the car in and it will be done same day or possibly next morning. Five full days after that my vehicle still isn't done and now it's going to me another 3 business days.. my wife and I bought an SUV due to not fitting comfortably in a small sedan with our 4 week old baby. Now we've been struggling with a tiny rental car due to the lack of coordination and responsibility of the service department. I am very very disappointed in sitton gmc service and will not be back to them again. I hope that corporate can look in on this and maybe reach out to gain a customer back but as of now I'm sick of their bs.
By: Will S.
YAZ Motors LLC
As we all know buying a used car can be a terrible experience. My mother's car gave out and she asked me to help her find something new. She is partial to BMWs but can't afford to buy new. We looked around for a few weeks and finally came across Yaz Motors. The guy was very courteous. He even bought my mother and I coffee from the store. We told him what we were looking for and he didn't currently have anything in stock. He said that he'd keep an eye out for us. THE NEXT day he called and had a car that met her criteria... except that the car didn't come in sparkley blue-grayish black... she was ok after I explained to her that this wasn't a real color. Anyway, It's been over a month now, no issues with the car, reasonable price. No Complaints here. In fact, I took my daughter there to check out an Accord and I believe that we will be picking up this car very soon.
By: 05hondacivicex
YAZ Motors LLC
This place is great and this is the second car my wife and i purchased from there. We bought a Volvo in 2011 and have been driving it for over a year and have not had any issues with the car. i am a field rep and drive at least 300 miles a week and bought my second car from there and have never had any issues. The owners were great to deal with and we did not feel any unwelcome pressure at all. They gave us great deals on both vheicles. Both cars had clean Carfax reports and drove great. we took the cars to Breakaway Honda for inspections and the dealer had no problem with that. Honda told us there were no issues at all on either car. We recomment this dealer to anyone who wants to get a good car at a great price. their cars were priced the lowest within 500 miles from Greenville according to Autotrader. Great job guys and good luck in your business.
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By: Melissa K.
Sears Auto Center
Took my vehicle in for brake and tire service. The service guy is very rude and made a smart comment saying my dad who originally did my brakes probably didn't know what he was doing, which is a crock because my dad has been a mechanic for 50 years..but he recently had went out of town and my brake light was coming on so I decided it couldn't wait until he got back, so the way he talked to me was ridiculous and unprofessional. I didn't feel comfortable with the way he was describing tires to me , his tone was like a know it all. He interrupted me every chance he got. I needed my brake work done so I went ahead with it, but decided to get my tires with a family company, browns tire and muffler, because they are patient and honest and have way better prices. Hate I couldn't wait to get brakes done because I would've if I could've.
By: savedtraveler
First Class Halt
Here's my story. I was on my way home from a week's vacation, and my 2001 Toyota Landcruiser broke down in Greenville, SC. Naturally, it was on a Saturday night and no garages were open, and in addition the problem was some where in the drive train. So, I needed a "real" mechanic. I called First Class H.A.L.T. at 8a on Sunday morning and Mark answered the phone and discussed the problem with me. I left my car at his shop on Sunday (filled with my all of my luggage and the items taken on vacation), and he repaired it for me, without ever actually meeting me. In summary, the repair work was "first class" and the price was fair. His shop is extremely clean, and he and his employees are very knowledgeable and professional. He saved this weary traveler. My only regret is that he is not located in Atlanta.
By: anthony.sisk.148
Best Price Auto Sales
My wife and I purchased a car here a couple of months ago,and these guys where great.They worked with us on the down payment and got us into what we wanted.I don't understand the reviews above,the owner of this company speaks perfect english,there is also an american works there.As for our car we have had no problems knock on wood.In saying that I am also aware that this is a used car,if problems do arise I understand that it up to me to take care of it.BPA never told me otherwise.This is the price you pay when you have bad credit as I do.All in all the sales guys at BPA seem like stand up guys to me.Both the men I dealt with are good christian people as far as I can tell.I will say this I will defiantly be going back to get a truck as soon as I pay my wifes explorer off.Thanks BPA for working with us STEVE AND MARYANNE
Tips & Advices
Among the common scams pulled are needless repairs, where a garage charges you for work that isn't necessary. Another popular one is attracting customers through a cheap oil change or tire pressure check. Then, when you your car is being repaired, they give you a long list of other corrections they'd like to make, therefore boosting the total cost of your bill. The best way to combat these types of problems is getting a written estimate before work is done so you can see how much repairs are expected to cost. If the final bill is higher than the estimate projected, ask to specifically see the work. Make sure information is put in writing as well. If a problem remains, you can have proof that work was not done to your satisfaction.
For winter driving, features such as the defroster, heater and exhaust system are paramount. Look in your owner's manual for specific directions on how features should be checked and repaired. Many newer cars have a cabin air filter that can be replaced when needed, allowing warm air to continue to flow in. Also, check tires before winter driving, as they need to be at the proper pressure to perform well on snow and ice.
In the spring and summer, you want to be sure your air conditioner and cooling systems work correctly. Given the high temperatures, overheating is a common problem. Look over the system by ensuring there is enough coolant available. If it needs to be refilled, it is best to open the hood and add more to the car before it gets too warm out. Also, clean out fan ducts and other ventilation sources necessary for summertime driving.
Some fixes to your car can be done without paying a specialist. Issues like replacing oil and air filters are relatively simple, with instructions provided in the owner's manual on how to make these changes. The same goes for replacing broken windshield wipers or burnt-out headlights. Such issues should be repaired quickly to guarantee safety, but don't require a visit to a garage.
Yes. Not every type of auto repair work needs to be done by a certified mechanic. You can fix some of a vehicle's issues just by paying attention to how the automobile is running and having a basic understanding of auto repair. Look over the ways weather may impact your car and what preventative measures you can take to avoid having to take it into the shop.

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