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By: Krystal M.
Carolina Center For Advanced
I have been a patient of Dr. Phillip C. laterette ,who is just one (1) of the AMAZING,I MEAN , AUH-MAY-ZING, doctors at CAROLINA CENTER FOR ADVANCED MANAGEMENT OF PAIN For nearly fifteen (15)YEARS!!! They consult with one another to give YOU the best pain management possible,in order to make your life the best LIFE possible!! They offer different types of management ,from the "Wow,that's so simple, why didn't I think of that," to the "Wow, that's incredible,I didn't even know you could do that"!! They talk with you, not "At" you!! They will listen... really... listen,answer your questions, discuss your concerns,tell you the pros and cons of your treatments in an effort to make sure that you understand what your options are and will mean to you, so you will receive the most effective pain management possible,for each individual pain patient!! I am a pain patient at this location in particular, these doctors at this pain center are not like the ones you've seen on TV,they will not throw pain pills at you and say, see ya next time, NO, these doctors actually care about you and take there jobs seriously. If you are looking to get drugs to get high with or to sell your not going to get it at CAROLINA CENTER FOR ADVANCED MANAGEMENT OF PAIN, roper mountain rd, greenville , SC. ..because you just won't get it. ����������������
By: David S.
Pain Management Associates
This place seems to be more about money than wanting to help someone. They(or at least one DR anyway) never has time to talk to you, always in a hurry and says we are busy and don't have time to talk and says that will have to wait until later...Went in for an injection with one DR and found out it was with the one that is always in a hurry. She comes in with a needle and says ok lets do this injection come on lets do it...no way of seeing where this needle is going. no xray...no nothing...I refused the shot and she stormed out of the room... I have saw her three times and have seen her for a total of 5 minutes in three trips. They are continuing to have me come back more and more with no results. I cant see someone putting a needle in my back with a chance to puncture a lung or heart without them being able to see where they are going with the needle. When you have an attorney and someone is paying 100% of the bills, They don't want to help you but instead keep you coming back.
By: Ruth B.
Piedmont Comprehensive Pain Management Group
Dr. Grier, a pain specialist in this group, is a superb physician. He seems to care deeply about his patients, and conscientiously strives to find the best treatments for individual patients. I have the utmost respect for him as a talented physician. It is rare to find a doctor these days who truly listens and cares, especially in the world of pain management. I highly recommend him as a Pain Management Specialist. [Only downside: take a book and be prepared for a sometimes lengthy wait time. Also, it is not always easy to make and change appointments. This is NOT the fault of any one in particular. It is a very busy practice-- and perhaps that is a very good sign.]
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By: Rebecca W.
Piedmont Comprehensive Pain Management Group
I've dealt with several of the Dr's & only 1 of them I will never deal with again. My regular Dr, Dr Burnette is amazing, sweet, compassionate, caring, understanding & willing to listen & try to help. She is one of the best Drs I have ever had. I have gone to both Anderson & Greenville offices & the Greenville offices are better for me, less busy & haven't had the problems I have had at the Anderson office, granted computer glitches & personnel problems happen but 3 times in less then a yr wasn't fun for me. Overall I would recommend this practice, especially Dr Burnette, she really is amazing & awesome
By: kaybella
Pain Management Associates
I would tell my friend that they are with you every step of the way. I've never had a long wait time but once when I waited an hour and a half. The only bad thing is they they are kind of hard to get a hold of if you need them. All in all they're professional and understanding.

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