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By: Krista W.
Mario E Galvarino MD
I think the world of Dr G. He cares about his pts and asks about them each visit. He has always been willing to listen as well.
By: susan68133
Dr. Louis John Dolinar, MD
My daughter has been a patient of this physician. She had a severe reaction to 2 medications that he had prescribed and was hospitalized for 3 days. She had a follow up visit and asked me to be there. I'm a medical practitioner myself and she wanted my input, support and insight. Dr Dolinar showed absolutely no concern over her severe reaction and hospitalization because of the meds he had prescribed. While I understand that you never know how someone will react to medications-- at least show concern for what she just went through -- which had been horrific. During the visit-- my daughter gave information and asked questions and I contributed with more in depth medical information and questions. It was all very calm and polite. Dr Dolinar wanted her to continue on one of the meds that had contributed to the severe reaction. We expressed concerns and left that appointment. At my daughter's next appointment with her therapist-- she told her that she was uncomfortable with his treatment plan and would be seeking an alternative doctor. Within 3 days, she received a certified letter firing her from the practice. Are you kidding me!!!! You are not allowed to question your doctor or choose to see someone else because you do get trust your doctor anymore. Talk about over reacting-- and this is from mental health professionals. The patient bill of right allows patients to question their doctor. Bottom line-- if as a physician you can't tolerate questions about your treatment plan then maybe there really was a problem and you decided to dump it before it exploded all over you.Don't use this doctor!!!!
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By: L.
Kemmerlin, Richard W, MD
Dr. Kemmerlin has been my family doctor since 1995. I am a retired RN and I have had much experience with physicians. Dr. Kemmerlin is an excellent and experienced physcian. What makes him special is that he sincerely cares about his patients, he is a practicing Christian who will be happy to pray and counsel you. He has treated my daughter for ten years and when she is sick he will call our home to check on her before he leaves his office. I can truly say what an Internist missed with two hospitalizations, Dr. K. found and saved my life! Dr. Kemmerlin is one of those rare physicians that one doesn't usually find and is so blessed when they do. His partner is an excellent physician who is caring and a Christian. Their office staff is of a rare and caring, Christian group.
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By: Donna W.
Larry S Davidson MD
Dr Davidson done my back surgery in Sept 2016 rods an screws the works dismissed me by middle of December said i should be well Truth is now i can barely walk more than i ever felt in my life i have 2 herniated discs an severe pinched nerve an called his office this office after seeing pain management drs ER drs you name it They say sorry have to go back to family Dr an get him to refer you back Don't think so please get 2nd opinion
By: Debbie M.
Premier Family Medicine
we have been going there for 14 yrs. Always saw Kathy Benson. she was amazing & cheerful. now we see Dr. Hudson. each yr the company my hubby works for PAYS for a physical for us. its not a complete one, just enough to make sure all is ok. when I went on 3/6/17, because Dr. Hudson gave me a prescription, I was charged for a visit. so my husbands company paid them & I got a bill to pay. Know one said i'd have to pay for an additional visit. the staff is rude, his nurse was rude, kept asking me to get all these tests done. the whole attitude is about money in there. they all get a piece of the pie to send you for tests. I am so done with them & will NEVER return. they just lost 3 patients. I will never recommend them either. so done with that office. searching for a new MD..... :(
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By: Jerri wright T.
New Horizon Family Health Services
I have been going there for about 2 years now and I can't get the Treatment I need to. I am disabled and I need medical and Mental support. My Health is very important to me.
By: Brit S.
North Hills Medical Center
I was going there and I was seeing a great psychologist. However the other other day I was having a panic attack and I called to see my doctor. Unfortunately he was not in and I had to see Dennis. He is aweful. I went to my family doctor to get referred to someone else. I have never seen anything like this. Dennis told me there was nothing he could do for me and he confirmed that I was indeed having a panic attack while at the visit and let me leave. Smdh.
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By: Kelly J.
Premier Family Medicine
Elizabeth King, NP is the worst provider I have ever seen. I came in to get my thyroid labs checked, and I happened to be sick at the time. She told me that she did not prescribe the medicine I took, that I had fallen for a unproven treatment hook, line, and sinker- even tho I kept trying to explain that I felt better than I had in years on other meds. I am a nurse and she basically said that I should know better. On a side note, this is a pretty common med!She told me that it was a waste of time to check my labs because I didn't want to take what she prescribed.... but it's because I had already tried that route.Then she basically got up to let me know the visit was over. She didn't even discuss the fact that I had a serious cough, low blood pressure and low oxygen. - except to say.... "vital signs look good." Well, no they don't!Horrible experience!!!
By: David S.
Mc Henry, Timothy P, Md - Steadman Hawkins Clinic
I was referred by the VA to a surgeon at this practice. It seemed that he had already made up his mind about not helping me before he even talked with me. Seemed he was not interested in helping me. His diagnosis was wrong and said he would refer me to pain management which he never did. I guess the VA didn't pay him enough that he wasn't interested in helping me.Later I tried calling this practice to get an appointment (I now had other insurance) but they never returned my call. About a year later I was in an accident and ended up being referred to this practice for physical therapy. The NP who saw me lined me up for physical therapy but they never called me for an appointment. Somehow I slipped through the cracks. So I never got any help.Very disappointed and I still have problems.
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By: Melissa E.
Piedmont Psychiatric Services
I was discriminated against bc I am a stay at home mother with no car while my husband works and has the car. We had an emergency situation where we needed to go out state for a family health related situation. I had no way of coming in for a quick visit therefor dr S would not write me a prescription for what I needed to get through this emergency. I have a long history of depression anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I needed a certain medication so I was able to support my family. Instead The staff was rude and personally maybe thought I was lying. My husband sees the same Dr. And also called for the same type of medicine to help deal with s possible death of his father from cancer. With no questions asked no appointment needed the doctor right away called in the medicine to the pharmacy. He does NOT have a history of anxiety, where I have over a decade history of anxiety depression and sucidal thoughts. And he was treated with the upmost respect and immediately got his treatment. I was told in the same situation NO. Not only was I discriminated against I was also treated as if I didn't matter at all. I never got to talk directly to the doctor only his team members that were very rude and had no empathy what's so ever for me in the same situation my husband is in. I must of called a dozen times leaving messages and returning missed calls. I was completely humiliated and discriminated against. I've been seeing the same dr S for over 2 years where my husband has seen him 2 months total. I was definitely discriminated against and was basically told in other words that I was not as important as my husband wS when it comes to our health problems. Because of those inconsiderate bias medical staff I have been crying nonstop for 24 hours now while trying to pack a family for an emergency trip and take care of what needs to be taken care before we leave. How can one person get help with no documented history of a condition so easily while I got questioned belittled and basically discriminated against in the same situation as my husband. As I know I will end up in the ER because of their lack of empathy and their use of discrimination against a woman.I do not recommend this office to anyone unless you are a man. Do not expect to be treated with respect or dignity in any emergency type situations. before this happened I would have gave a little bit better of a review but not much. Maybe I just have the dr that has no empathy and lacks the ability to make a patient feel comfortable instead of uncomfortable. If I could rate this dr and his medical team a big fat zero I would. I never have been discriminated before in my life and to think that the doctor/staff that I trusted to take care of my many mental conditions including low self esteem and sucidal thoughts and bipolar disorder to severe depression did discriminate me in such a horrific way in such a horrible medical family emergency. My opinion of this place has changed from a small positive to a great negative. I will not stand here and be discriminated against while my husband in the same situation same dr same medical staff gets treated with the upmost respect and dignity. Shame on all 3 of the medical team members that shoved my feelings under the rug and completely 110% helped my husband in the same situation. This is discrimination and I will be reporting this to someone who is in a higher position of this medical practice to protest about how I as a woman was discriminated against. I have a witness to this discrimination l, my husband who sees the same dr and staff in the same building as I go.i deserve an apology from the medical team and from the doctor for making me feel like I was a piece of trash that didn't deserve the same treatment as my husband received. I am a strong woman and I will not be discriminated against ever again from these awful so called medical professionals Do not get treated by these unprofessionals. Go somewhere where respect is not optional.
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OB/GYNs learn to treat infertility as part of their standard education. OBGYNs who further their training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility are known as fertility specialists.
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment where medication is used to replace hormones a woman's body does not create naturally. Women are prescribed either estrogen alone or a mix of estrogen and progesterone. The former is given to women who've had hysterectomies, while the latter is for postmenopausal women. HRT used to be a common treatment, but doctors have prescribed it less often in recent years, as concerns of negative side effects increased.
Endometriosis is a chronic condition where uterine tissue (endometrium) grows in areas outside the uterus. This can cause extreme pain, especially around menstruation and during sex. Other symptoms include infertility, chronic fatigue, and painful urination or bowel movements during menstruation. In addition, many women with endometriosis also have allergies, frequent yeast infections, or sensitivity to certain chemicals.
Morning sickness is a common pregnancy symptom that includes nausea and occasional vomiting. Despite its name, morning sickness can occur at any time of day. The exact reason for this condition isn't clear, although most believe it results from hormone changes affecting muscle contraction and relaxation in the stomach and intestines. Another theory suggests morning sickness is caused by an abundance of intestinal bacteria in pregnant woman.
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  • Vaginal rings
  • Cervical caps
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  • Hysterectomies
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