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By: Antigone B.
Cypress Cove Apts
Ran by poor management who is never on site and a careless maintenance man who tells lies.Its also a very Bad community to raisechildren in due to the gang activity.
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By: Gregg A.
Exigent Wade Hampton
Nothing but good things to say about these folks. We needed to see a doctor immediately for my wife's back pain, and could not wait on an appointment with our family physician, and we were able to see Dr. Maskell within a half hour of arriving. Everyone was helpful and courteous and, after my wife was seen, the staff worked with me over the course of more than another week to help arrange a referral to a specialist and assist in managing my wife's pain meds. A special shout out to Dr. Maskell's nurse, Jan, who must have gotten tired of my phone calls, but who never let on if she did. I highly recommend this practice. G.A. Simpsonville
By: Josh G.
Houses & Then Some
The Biggest Scam, the biggest let down and Disappointment. After being told to go look at the neighborhood before we can even schedule a viewing and living 30 minuets away was a hassle enough. After seeing the neighborhood and scheduling a viewing we arrive early, and the agent is not there, then multiple people arrive to view the house at the same time how unprofessional, so we wait 40 more minuets for our turn. We view the house very poor condition, but sadly we need a house asap. We decide we can make it work and we would like to rent it. we ask the agent a few questions, and tell him we would like to rent it how can we get the process started so forth, he said you apply online because he was tired of handing out the papers and no one bringing them back. and I quote " If they found the house they must be online so they have internet" OK well luckily I do have internet Id feel bad if i didn't. He informs us there will be a 45$ app fee per applicant. We told him we don't want to waste our money and we want to know if we are going to be able to move in by march first. We told him we had cash in hand and we are just waiting we have to be moved out by march 1st our lease is up He Told us they dont do business over the weekend but they could get us moved in by Monday ( the 2nd), but only if we applied right now. We even asked if other people had applied he said yes two and still we would get the house. . Ok perfect so we stop the search prepare to move into our new home. paid the 90$ and waited for the keys. Then we get a call letting us know that we did not get the house because it is a first come first serve basis. And that somebody had applied before us and had already gotten the house because she had cash to move in. Ouch!?!?!? now we are stuck have one day to move no where to go. we are out 90$ wasted multiple trips time off work. All Because the Lies and deception of this Gods send of a property management company oh and them some... I Highly discourage anyone doing any sort of business with this company or the people involved. Very unprofessional and frankly I Feel Scammed and taken advantage of. STAY AWAY! DO NOT GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF AND LOOSE YOUR MONEY TO APPLICATION SCAMS BE AWARE!
By: denisejj
Hunters Park Apartments
These apartments are bedbug and cockroach infested. The management does their best to remedy the problem, but simple heat treatments and pesticides are not enough. The pests just travel from one unit to another. No matter how clean or uncluttered you keep your unit, the problems still exist. Many tenants are used to living with these pests and do not report it as they should. It is obvious that the tenants do not care where they reside because trash is always in the parking lot and surrounds the dumpsters. Parents send their children to carry out heavy trash bags that never make it in the dumpster so the neighborhood strays and wildlife get into the bags stringing trash every where. During the summer, the pool is closed constantly due to residents swimming in their clothing (I mean completely dressed down to socks) which alter the chemicals/pH balance in the pool. One slide on the playground is made of sheet metal which is extremely hot during the summer, but the management did install a newer playground closer to the pool area. The management does strive to do their best to repair issues, but are lacking on maintenance staff. Because of the age of these apartments the windows and door frames are a source of energy loss all season. If you happen to opt for a "renovated" unit, you will receive new lighting/faucet fixtures, door knocker, new carpet, tile (not new) flooring in dinning area, hallways, and bathrooms. The appliances will be outdated. Units with "laundry rooms" are tight so if you own a newer washer/dryer I suggest you check dimensions first. Within the "laundry room" the furnace is housed also and the condensation from the ac just leaks into a hole in the floor which smells awful during the winter. I had to pour pure bleach down into the hole to stop the smell 1-2 times a week. The management installed water saving shower heads and faucet fixtures that spray water everywhere if turned up too much. Taking a shower means using the hot water more because it is like a mist of cold needles, in turn, raising the power bill. Hopefully the new investor/management will get wise and just tent each building and gas it to rid them of pest at one time.
By: Michelle C.
Creative Housing
I found Creative Housing to be an excellent rental company and would use them again. Any problems I had were addressed very quickly and my deposit was returned in full.
By: Paulette M.
Creative Housing
Renter Beware!!!This company initially appears to be professional, until it is time to deal with promises and commitments made by the staff. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ensure that you receive an initial walk-through, and make them write down and sign all issues in the house. We were not offered this upon move in (big mistake on our part!). When it is time to move out, they will not offer a walk through. DO IT, and when you do it, make them fill something out stating what they saw. We are currently battling issues over our deposit from the previous house, and being accused of leaving the house "filthy and it stank to high heaven", both things which were never mentioned during the walk through. When we approached them about getting an itemized list, they, of course, were not able to provide it at the time. Promises have been made in the new house of theirs we moved into (definitely would not have if we had known they would turn into witches!) that have not been kept, and no certain answer has been given. Barbie's suggestion to us when asking for a time line of getting issues resolved was to move out. VERY unprofessional. Take your time and money somewhere else!!!!
By: Trevor B.
C Dan Joyner Property Management, Inc
I rented from them for 1 year, they took 9 months to fix a microwave that was broken when I moved in. I tried to notify them of several repairs that the house needed but they simply didn't care. When it came time to move out, they managed to rack up a ridiculous sum in repairs, many of which were pre-existing. They do not reply to emails with any detail and are very difficult to work with on disputes. Highly recommend you rent or have your property managed elsewhere.
By: very_alarmed
Creative Housing
Do NOT get involved with these people at all!BARBIE is beyond rude. I wish this place would g out of business, but with Greenville growing they will continue to prey on the unsuspecting innocent. Just wait till you move out.. do not fall for the sweet old lady is a LIE... Barbie and Peyton are terrible rude people. Once your lease is up and you want to move expect them to show their true colors.Look around the web... you will find out for yourself... Do your homework... There are PLENTY of better places to rent from.
By: yld5679
Cypress Cove Apts
Houses are in ruin, drugs, used needles in the street, horrible management, no maintenance man BC they can't keep and treat one right, 4 or 5 in 3 months! Sarah Glaviano is the manager and she is HORRIBLE at everything, people skills, organization, office is a wreck, stays out of the office most the time.
By: Aj C.
C Dan Joyner Property Management, Inc
I was leased an apartment that had mouse feces and roach traps in it. I specifically asked the leasing agent if there were pest problems in the unit and was told no. This was a lie, as soon as I walked into the unit it was clear that place was not properly cared for. The leasing agent told me she walked through the unit and didn't see the issues I brought up. She told me all of that was "fixable", however the problem was I discovered all this on the first day of my lease. All of these issues should have been corrected prior to me moving in. I didn't move any of my stuff in that dump. I'm glad I took pictures of the unit. In addition to the unsanitary conditions, the air conditioning was not working, there was paint peeling from the wall in the bedroom and many other issues. AND they kept my security deposit...
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