By: aldimom
Dominican Style Salon
I'm originally from Bronx, NY and have been in Greenboro for 12 years. I'm Dominican and Puerto Rican with a lot of long hair(used to be relaxed but now natural)and have struggled to find the right place for me to get my hair done in Greensboro, NC. Well the struggle & search is over!!! I went to Dominican Style on Randleman Rd and have finally found a salon home! Carmen quoted me $50 the day before for a wash/set/layered cut/round brush blow out/ flat iron and conditioner treatment included. Just to give you an idea of what I've been quoted before by others: $40 for roller set *only*-no blow out, nothing-just wash and set. :-/ Yeah-didn't get my hair done at that place. One time I was quoted $60 for wash/set cut and charged $70. Anyway, Carmen worked with delight on my hair! She's so sweet and her salon is an environment that I would feel comfortable bringing my girls to get their hair done-cannot say that about many places, unfortunately. Back to my experience-she worked so hard and joyfully on straightening and styling my hair and also gave me something to help a hair issue that * no one* has ever addressed after I've asked. At the end she asked me how much she quoted me the day before and I told her $50-no surprise at the register, no "well you had more hair and it took more work than expected..." That has happen to me more than once and even without explanation. :( Not fun! This salon far exceeded my expectations! So, if you're looking for a hair salon that's interested in keeping your hair healthy without being surprised at the register, in a family friendly environment-Dominican Style on Randleman Road is the place YOU need to go!! I would encourage you to at least give them a try. I don't think you'll regret it & in fact you might not only leave looking & feeling like a new person but you might leave with new friends! :)
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By: Moe D.
Rum-Z Salon & Spa
I had just moved here and found the website. .which is very very nice. I was given an appointment with Erica and I was the only client that day..as she was working on a day when the salon is usually closed. She was wonderful and I let her do what she recommended. ...cut color highlights. Excellent job...as was the next few appointments. I had always used a certain hairspray for 15 years from LA looks...that was discontinued. So I had been trying all different types to replace it and used Aussie spray recently. ..before my next appointment. I went in and had my hair washed and colored.....when Erica began to cut my hair she stopped and asked.him me if I had recently had an itchy scalp. I said no....she went to the computer and was there for quite awhile. She called her boss over and came back with her boss ..I guess and they began to talk about lice in my hair. The salon was full and in front of everyone. ....they asked.him other stylists to come look at my hair. It became a big scene with them talking loudly and going back and forth between the computer to Google lice pictures. It became really uncomfortable and embarrassing. I kept trying to tell them it was probably stuck on Aussie spray but they all began to treat me like I had Tb. I was asked.him to leave and not return without a doctor note.I felt kind of shocked but paid for the color and left. I still needed a cut and immediately went to another salon not far near the Target store. They. Took me in..I explained the situation. ...one look and the stylist said that's crazy....its dry hairspray and she showed me by scraping it off . Rum z was very nice until this appointment. ..maybe a bit snooty....but really good. I do feel that professionals should know the difference between lice and cheap caked on hairspray. ...and the way it was handled was not professional.
By: Roni J.
First Nails
Frustrated that my nail lady moved to another state, I found myself in search of a new location for nail service. After several calls to different shops in the area to see if they did the nail technique that she did; I found FIRST NAIL! I spoke with one of the owners and they advised me they did not do the technique that she performed BUT they had one similar called dip in powder. I explained my frustration and he advised for me to come over and he can show me the process. Upon my arrival I was greeted at the door with a smile and a welcome to first nail. I explained that I just called and who I spoke with. He came right over and showed me the process. TO MY SURPRISE it was very close to what I had. Therefore I went ahead and let him do my nails. As I was there the conversation was great, he asked if I wanted something to drink, and educated me along the way. As long as I have been getting my nails done this is the first time I had someone give me tips on my nails to ensure healthy growth. I was VERY PLEASED with the outcome and will be going back for a long time to come. Oh and by the way they also give you a good bag full of all the items they use on you to bring back to all your appointments #sanitation...LOVE IT!! I hope this long post helps you decide if this is the place for you. Have a blessed day and thanks for reading.
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By: Demetris S.
Jade & Co Salon
While Adaomma is an excellent stylist and did a great job on my daughter's hair, the young lady that does the sew ins is horrible. I paid $125 for a sew in that the wefts were hardly sewn in and you could see my tracks and thread. The closure on top was also horrible. She also did not have braiding hair to braid my cornrows down so I had to get my hair blow dried and then had to go to the hair supply store and buy some. It also took her over 4 and a half hours to do the installation when the website states it takes 3 hours. If you have natural hair and need a hairdresser the owner of the salon is excellent, I endorse her 100% but go elsewhere for a sew in.
By: Sherry B.
Belles & Beaux Nail Spa
I've had my nails done here. Many selections of regular and gel colors Door. I took my dad for Father's Day pedicure. The staff was extremely respectful to my father, which is very unusual in his experiences locally at several nail salons. My father is of large stature and does not get a pedicure often due to ridicule at salons and less expensive than podiatrist co-pay. I first saw mention of the place on NextDoor and pleased the location is near my house and so far no waiting like the place I've been going to for years. I think once the new Starbucks opens closeby will increase business.
By: Becky H.
Hairport 77
I am so impressed with this Salon! It is always so neat and clean, and you don't often find that in shops these days! My current favorite hairdresser is Rose. Or, as I like to call her, Rose Bud. The name just seems to fit! If you are looking for a short hairdo, this is the lady for you! She does an outstanding job and in a short amount of time. She is so much fun to talk to, as well! I love Rose Bud! Give her a try sometime, but don't take all of her time, because I just might be trying to get an appointment myself! LOL! God bless everyone who works there! They are all great stylists!
By: marlenehsoto
Milas Dominican Beauty Salon
It's a clean place, friendly and professional employees. My hair is medium long and natural. I like how a deep conditioner is part of their service, especially since I tend to abuse my hair with irons and certain products. Recommendations are made but you don't "feel" like you're forced to go with their decisions, like some stylists tend to do. The stylist did inform me of things to do at home with my hair as well as recommendations to maintain healthy hair. I also like that they offer beverages while you wait. They really make you feel comfortable and welcome.
By: Donna R.
Nails Art
Busy place, be prepared to wait a little bit. I've been coming to Nails Art since '09 and I have never had a problem with their services. Wonderful nail technicians! They are so kind and welcoming. They deal with alot I mean alot of rude, ignorant people ! Ladies and Gents be patient and calm w them, and they'll take care of you!! " Treat people how you want to be treated." I recommend getting acrylics here, they last for a while and do not lift. To the other yelp user girl they dont even do eyelashes. I personally prefer the mama or the daughter!
By: cpeakcosmo
Artistry By Chandra Hair Salon
I am not the prettiest person, but once you sit in Chandra's chair, she makes you feel that way. There's just something about the way she carries herself and treats her clients. I have been a faithful client of hers for 3 years. I am so glad that she has found an atmosphere where she can flourish and share her talent with everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her. Once you have the chance to have her do your hair or your makeup, you will wonder where she has been all of your life. I know I have that's why I highly reccomend her and her skills.
By: Knknox ..
The Beauty Lounge
Was hesitant to let Song Bird do my hair. Two years back, she did a sew in and I hated it- took it out the same day. This time I got crochet braids for 1st time, which are cute. good price, nice people, and quick service.. HOWEVER upon returning home to wash my virgin hair, I had MASSIVE globs of hair in the trash can from her cutting my wefts while taking down my sew in. I've had an up-down experience and don't know if I'll be returning to her specifically. ���� hopefully I can reuse the hair and have a wig made.

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