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By: barkingshark
American Sign Shop
Many years ago, I was doing business with another sign company and needed some graphics applied to a client's van. Old logos needed to be stripped off before the new graphics could be applied. This other sign company assured me they could have it all done in a few days. A week later they still hadn't gotten the old vinyl stripped and had resorted to spraying some industrial oven cleaner to try to remove it. They managed to get a few little chunks of vinyl here and there removed, along with a considerable amount of paint, and left me with an enormous mess on my now overdue client's van. The owner of the sign company then sheepishly suggested I call American Sign Shop because he was pretty sure they could fix it. So I called them, and they fixed his mess and got the job done quickly and my client never knew how close to disaster we were. The other company went out of business not too long after that, and I've been using American Sign Shop ever since for hundreds of jobs in dozens of different applications, and the one constant has always been quality. And in case you're wondering, I've never seen them even once break out a can of oven cleaner.

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