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By: thebestuwillsee
Kustom Car Toys
Kustom Car Toys is the ONLY place to go for your cars needs. They are very customer service oriented and have the best quality rims, stereos, lights, technology that you can have for your vehicle and they go above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied with their work! Their shop is the cleanest business I have ever seen and I recommend them to everyone. If you don't believe me, call me at 336-312-3240 and I will tell you how wonderful they are!Thank you Kustom Car Toys for all that you do!Jeff KernstineOwnerPrestige Limousine Service, Inc.336-312-3240
By: Ray T.
Kustom Car Toys
Best place I have been to. Highly recommended for any jeep accessories. Best prices along with a detailed description of what is being sold and or installed. Thank you ray for taking the time out and hooking me up!
Tips & Advices
Wheel caster is the angle created by the steering pivot points, from the front to the back of the vehicle. It is positive if the line angles forward, and negative if it angles back. A positive caster typically makes the car or truck more stable at higher speeds.
The camber angle of a wheel is the measured angle in degrees, between a wheels vertical alignment, perpendicular to the road. Wheels perfectly perpendicular to the road are at 0 degrees. This is considered ideal to prevent uneven wear on the surface of the tire and also to maximize standard performance. This is part of the alignment of the vehicle and can be adjusted for performance purposes.
Wheels can absolutely affect gas mileage. Larger, heavier wheels and tires create added weight to the car, generally decreasing mileage; lighter-weight wheels are prone to enhancing gas mileage.
As long as the wheels are made by an accredited manufacturer or machine shop, they are safe to use within the boundaries set forth by the manufacturer. There can be exceptions with random wheel failures, but, generally, they are completely safe as long as they are installed correctly and driven within the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.
Changing wheels can affect the performance of the car. Size, width, and weight are among the factors that affect performance. Some wheels emphasize straight-ahead performance, usually associated with drag racing, while others are associated with performance and handling, while still others are purely ornamental in nature. Tires have much more impact on performance than wheels, however.

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