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    285 Harvey St

    Winston Salem,NC

    28.47 mi$

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By: aenjel
Church's Chicken
On Martin Luther King Street in Greensboro, NC - I witnesses the cleaning crew - cleaning the bottoms of the tables..not a quick swish job, but a through get down with it scrubbing. I am talking about the part where you would put your feet on at the bottom of the tables!! Then i happened to look up and there was another person cleaning the ceiling light covers-- and anywhere you choose to look the place was nit-pickey- clean!! CLEAN I TELL YOU!! The food looked good (and is good), the service was excellent and you got what you wanted, each worker seemed genuinely happy and pleasant. No trash or anything in the entire parking lot - everything was just beautiful!! If you are hungry and want a good nice clean place to eat out or eat in...go to CHURCHES CHICKEN ON MLK street in Greensboro, NC!! NICE!! These are some diligent and hard working people there to serve you and to see that you are happy!! I love my experience with them!! EXCELLENT WORK PEOPLE!!!
By: justmyopinionusee
Love the food at cook-out however when purchasing the BBQ sandwich at the Summit Ave. location, they are wrapped in foil once put together. When you open it up, the Bun has became wet and like it's been soaked in water and falls apart. A different Bun should be used for the sandwiches or another way found to keep the bun from being soggy and falling apart before you get to eat it, perhaps putting the slaw in a continer on the side. Also the staff's professionalism could be better as also the way some are dressed. There have been times, I have noticed male employee's with pants with a belt, however the belt was like midways of the buttocks. Not attractive. Seems there's always a lot of laughing and talking and cutting up going on inside as well. Customers do take notice of things like this, even at the drive-thru window.
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By: Sandra A.
Dairy Queen
We are the best dq in Greensboro and we won the pride award for being one of the cleanest stores around and we never have less than %99 on the inspection you can come and see , about siani c review you know why you're saying that because you were sent home for being a thief and you filed a claim and lost it and you know you're lying about what you said because we are clean but you're NOT.
By: keepmovin4real
This is the best McDonald's in Greensboro NC! This is the only one me and my family eat at!
By: ivesettheheavensonfire
Panda Express
Cute place, good food, could use a few more selections.
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By: Matthew G.
Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits
Always great a experience.

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