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By: alrosenc
Guilford County Animal Shelter
It is hard to say anything bad about animal shelters, because they do a good service for our community. They give animals a second chance and even took care of my dog after he bit someone and quarantined him for the required 10 days. The thing they could work on is their customer service. The staff has been nothing but rude to my wife and I through this whole ordeal, and have refused to give us any information about our dog. Even when they called us letting us know we could pick up our dog, they treated us like criminals and were very rude. They even flat out hung up on our vet when she requested information about the dog.I love that we have this service here, but I really wish they would treat the community better. I think we will find another organization to donate to from now on.**UPDATE** We finally were able to pick up our dog after his 10-day quarantine, and what we saw was appalling. Our dog was covered from head to toe in his own urine and feces. The staff also had no idea what paperwork needed to be filled out in order for us to take our dog back, and the whole process took an hour and a half. Incompetent doesn't begin to describe the staff here. If you need to have your pet quarantined for a rabies observation, do yourself the favor and spend an extra $10 and take him/her to your vet. We were mortified and will never deal with this shelter again.
By: Nikki J.
Guilford County Animal Shelter
It saddens me that the animals will have to pay the price for all the negative comments left on these reviews. I currently adopted a Cat from this shelter and have nothing but good things to say about it. The cat came with a lot of aids and coupons to help me start out with caring for my animal. The foster parent has been nothing but awesome, answering any questions I have in regards to the Cat. My daughter's life and my life has been changed in a positive way since we adopted our new pet family member and I have received nothing but Great advice with every question I have asked since I have adopted this 4 1/2 year cat...from a person with Guilford County Animal shelter. I notice these reviews are EXTREMELY back dated so please look at new reviews regarding this Shelter as I hate to think the animals are the ones that are going to suffer.
By: Janice O.
Guilford County Animal Shelter
I find it sad how some people criticize others who give a negative review. If that was their experience, then it's good they share to help others make decisions. Clearly not everyone has a pleasant experience. Marsha Williams, the former director, was fired so something went on at two shelters. From what I've read there have been no complaints at this shelter since being under new management.
By: Karen A.
Guilford County Animal Shelter
We adopted a year ago and everyone was wonderful to deal with. Our dog was healthy, and still is. We highly recommend adopting from the shelter. Maybe the people that posted negative reviews below need to work there for a week. The employees and volunteers go through a lot and do a great job to find homes for the shelter animals.
Tips & Advices
Most city and county shelters offer affordable spay/neuter services. SPCA and Humane Society shelters also are known for their low-cost spay/neuter programs.
Shelters typically offer spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchipping and some essential medical treatment (deworming, mange treatment) to animals being adopted from the shelter. For other veterinary services, you will need to find a vet.
No-kill and low-kill shelters will state it in their online profile and other official materials. They will usually explain what their process/policy is for looking after the animals in their care. These are also known as “limited admission” shelters because they are usually at full capacity most or all of the time. Also, they often work with rescue organizations or county Animal Services authorities to accommodate animals living in inhumane conditions, abandoned or injured animals.
Anyone can bring a lost animal to a county or municipal shelter. However, private shelters affiliated with rescues often will not accept animals, whether lost or surrendered by owners. Shelters with low-kill policies often have a limited admission capability.
Adopting an adult dog from a county or city shelter usually costs $75-$100. Young adult purebreds and puppies often have a higher adoption fee.  The fee to adopt a cat is usually about $50– sometimes with discounts if one new owner adopts two cats. The adoption fee usually covers the cost of spay/neuter surgery and essential vaccinations.

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