Bamboo Garden Chinese in Greensboro, North Carolina with Reviews -
By: starzzz92
P.F. Chang's
PF Chang's is a wonderful restaurant with great food, values, service and a welcoming spirit. Let me start off with the food. It is wonderful and what I'd recommend to you is the orange peel shrimp, lettuce wraps and EVERYTHING!! It is so tasty and I miss that Pad Thai that was out for a limited time. Please bring it back!!Finally, applying for a job. They get a lot of applicants at this restaurant and when you apply they make you feel welcome and sometimes the manager that interviewed you, remembers you and eventually you have a friend. There is a manager i want to give attention to and his name is Reeves. He is a good manager who cares about his staff and customers. You are lucky if you get hired and he is your manager. Same goes to the rest of the management team.Service here is very good. Servers are pretty good at checking up on you as you eat and are very accommodating. 5 stars to PF Chang's! One of my favorite!
By: batgolda
China Buffet
We don't have a China Town here so there's really no authentic chinese food around and that brown sauce/white sauce garbage on all the dishes is strictly for the clueless crowd. China Buffet is the freshest and most varied selection of dishes. I personally like the choose your own meat and veggies and they grill it.
By: batgolda
P.F. Chang's
If you're on a sugar-restricted diet (read diabetic) bypass this restaurant. I've been several times and always gasp at the high sugar content of all the sauces. Be prepared to dine "hold the sauce" style, dissapointed because all the flavor is IN the sauce, sugar and all!
By: aprillesing
China House
We saw all of the stars on the website . The place is filthy. Dirty tables and Windows. Bathroom dirty.. the woman who waited on us looked at us strange when we told her we were eating there. Everyone else got take out. The food was pretty good but I won't go back.
By: shugewuge
Chang's Express Chinese Restaurant
I have eaten from here for more than 25 years.....the food is wonderful. The atmosphere, not so much, but it is really a take out more than anything else. If you want good food at a reasonable price then this is it. Sharon
By: Lisa M.
China Town Express-Greensboro
Egg rolls taste like they have been frozen. Sesame chicken DROWNED in sauce. egg foo yung a 3 on 1-10 scale. Tables are sticky and sanitation grade is 93.5. Wish I seen the grade before we ate:( not coming back!!
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By: Sherry S.
Taste Good Wonton
I use to eat there a few times a week; now it's been at least 10 months since I've been there. They need a new cook!!! Thanks for sharing because I was thinking about going there tonight
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By: Yy L.
Gourmet China
All the dishes I ordered were tasted fantastic. The lumps and photos are special. Workers in this restaurant are easy going like a family. Surly we would go often.( •̀∀•́ )
By: disabledwookie
Great Wall
I go here 2-3 times a week and absolutely LOVE it! The food is always hot and fresh, and the staff are fantastic!! I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone.
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By: Robert W.
Asian Wok
Best Chinese food in Greensboro. Friendly staff and prompt service. Been coming for years and have never had a single bad experience

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