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By: Alonzo D.
Lattyak Bruce V MD
After years of major stress in my life. I realize that it was all reflected in my face, sunken cheeks and droopy jowls with new wrinkles that none of the miracle creams created miracles on. Each time I looked in the mirror I saw more and more of my mother and I had disappeared somewhere along the way. Deciding to finally do something for myself I called Elan Clinic part of Dr. Lattyek's practice. I had heard about Juvederm and decided to give it a try. After a very informative consul with Jenna Wordell. Their Aesthetic Nurse Specialist that we choose the areas that would benefit me most and off we went. After a few minutes not really uncomfortable at all she handed me a mirror. I was astonished I felt joy rise up in me for the first time in a long while and I really did laugh out loud. I was back this was me and I still had the softness age brings but I looked refreshed, years younger. I am so happy with this procedure and I intend to continue it as long as I am able.
By: Jaren N.
Lattyak Bruce V MD
We were referred to him for a diagnosis of tonsil cancer (my husband). He did a biopsy and I explained to him that we were very stressed out not knowing if there was cancer or not. He sat me down in the hospital before the biopsy and said that he was certain it was cancer (because of his experience). It was a great relief at least to know SUNDAY morning to confirm the results. Since my husband's successful treatment in our Cancer Center, Dr. Lattyak has been following him every other month and has also removed a very difficult skin cancer on the shin with great results. He and his office staff are the greatest and we couldn't ask for better treatment! (The skin cancer scar has really healed in only a couple months!)
By: Ruby W.
Lattyak Bruce V MD
The surgery was an outpatient procedure and I was home a few hours after surgery. About halfway through, at 1AM, my throat required medical attention. Dr. Lattyak was kind enough to provide me with any and all of his contact info, in case a situation should arise. I called and he graciously told me to head to the E.R. and he would meet me. When I got there, the charge nurse was expecting me and took me directly back to a room, no waiting. Dr. Lattyak showed up a few minutes after me and got straight to work. I ended up needing to go back under for stitches, but the way Dr. Lattyak handled my stress and situation was incredible and comes highly recommended from this "worry wart". ;)
By: Igo B.
Lattyak Bruce V MD
Doctor Lattyak and his staff have provided me with excellent care over the years. They are friendly, efficient and most importantly experts in their field. I have been a patient for a number of years and most recently needed surgical removal of skin cancer. I was worried and upset but Amy and Dr. Lattyak did not hesitate to put my fears to rest and provided me with the most expeditious, professional, and expert assistance anyone could ask for. I am eternally grateful to them, the entire staff and also to Jenna's wonderful skills with the various services I have obtained there. Thank you once again for ALL that you do and have done for me!
By: Aly L.
Lattyak Bruce V MD
I could not recommend more! Friendly and professional staff. Amy the receptionist is an absolute delight, even when I've needed to reschedule appointments last minute. I've been a patient for few a years and have received several treatments from Jenna Wordell, the aesthetic nurse specialist--I've had laser hair removal, botox, fillers and IPL. I had gotten botox and fillers done at other places, but Jenna has given me the best results so now I only see her. She's thorough and attentive, and ever so sweet! She also got me onto IPL and a new skincare line. My skin has never looked so great!
By: Bran M.
Lattyak Bruce V MD
For me, the most difficult concern about cosmetic procedures is the doubt that comes with choosing a plastic surgeon. You schedule a consultation, you have an assessment, and you see before and after pictures. But still there’s that doubt — will the results be what I am hoping for; have I communicated clearly enough; does the doctor have the skill and talent necessary?Rest assured that not only does Dr. Lattyak have the skill and talent, but also the confidence to relate and connect with his patients. I am so glad he chose Grass Valley for his medical practice
By: Angie G.
Lattyak Bruce V MD
I have been going here for 7 years. First for a breast augmentation with Dr Lattyak and then for botox, and lip/cheek fillers. Jeana has done all my injections for 6 years and she always is professional, sweet and makes sure I never go over board. She makes sure I always leave happy. She is the only one I trust to inject anything into my face because she is so careful and honest. Amy is the receptionist and she is the sweetest! Every time I call she is so patient with me and helps me with anything I need. I adore that whole office and highly recommend them.
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By: Frank P.
Nelson Maldonado MD Inc
I have been lucky enough to have Dr.Maldonado for two surgical procedures & he was brilliant in both cases. The first time was a accidental emergency surgery that could have been fatal. Not only did he save my life, I recovery in record time. The second was a routine procedure that couldn't have been any smoother from start to finish. Nobody is looking forward to surgery but if you are completely confident that the person doing the operation is skilled, qualified & as concerned with the results of his work as the patient, then what more is there?
By: Lurl B.
Lattyak Bruce V MD
I was referred to Dr. Lattyak for an atypical mole that needed to be removed. I'm not a fan of getting cut on but Dr. Lattyak made it as pleasant as possible. You know a doc is good when the anasthesia shots don't hurt. I've had moles removed before that left gaping scars. Dr. Lattyak did both an inner and outer row of stitches to keep the incision from splitting and he gave me a bandage that stays on the entire time with the stitches so that I don't have to worry about wound care or infections.Very pleased with his work.
By: Chris D.
Lattyak Bruce V MD
The Elan Clinic Plastic Surgery and Medspa in Grass Valley is a very pleasant experience. Whether you are there for a medical reason or a spa reason, you will have a wonderful experience. The staff is professional and Dr Lattyak creates a fantastic doctor/patient relationship. One of the best office visits I ever experienced and this is coming from a nurse.
Tips & Advices
Radiological exams can be either diagnostic or interventional. Diagnostic exams are intended to detect the presence of a certain condition, like a bone fracture or a tumor inside the body. Interventional radiology uses imaging techniques to assist in treating a condition, usually through surgery, but the procedure itself is not intended to have a direct impact on the outcome of the disease.
The exact process of an exam will vary depending on the specific type of imaging procedure and the goal of the test. Patients will usually be situated near a machine that will direct the appropriate form of energy to the part of the body being examined. Technicians help patients perform the necessary steps to complete the process.
Most imaging exams do not have any immediate side effects. The most important side effect of many forms of radiology is the exposure to small doses of radiation. In almost all cases, a single exam will deliver a radiation dose that is too low to have any effect, but over repeated exposure, the risk of developing cancer from this radiation increases. Radiologists take several precautions to limit exposure on behalf of patients as well as themselves and their staff.
Results from an imaging procedure may be available almost instantly (as with X-rays and ultrasound), or might take a few minutes to develop. However, in some cases it will take a radiologist additional time to analyze and report on the images collected, so results may be delayed by a few hours or days.
Radiologists can perform a variety of imaging procedures depending on their specialty. Common examples include:
  • X-rays.
  • Computed tomography (CT scans).
  • Ultrasound.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Positron emission tomography (PET).
  • Interventional radiology: Using specialized imaging techniques to assist with surgery, either immediately before or in the process of a surgical procedure.

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