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By: amber156
Scooters Pals
I adopted my chihuahua Louie from Scooters Pals over 2 years ago. I submitted my application online via their webpage, and it had excellent questions that anyone looking to adopt a dog should be asked. A volunteer contacted me promptly after it was submitted - she was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable about the dogs their volunteers were fostering and the organization, as was another woman I later met (Lori) who at that time handled the small dog home-checks. I also received correspondence from Susan Wallace, SP founder, in regards to my interest in adopting.They wanted to make sure Louie was a good fit for me and my family (a Shepherd/chow mix and a cat), so Lori took all the time I needed to get to know Louie before bringing him home, then let me bring my other dog on a walk with her and Louie so the two dogs could get to know each other on neutral ground. The dogs got on just fine,and but even then, I was allowed a two-week "trial period" (the "trial" lasted two days, because at that point I was in love). Lori and Susan also offered to dog-sit Louie if I ever needed it, an offer I did take them up on once and Louie was thrilled to be reunited with his Auntie Susan and Auntie Lori, if only briefly.I stayed in touch with both Susan and Lori, and was so pleased with my experience with Scooters Pals and what they were doing that I became a SP volunteer myself after that, and helped out at several adoptathons until I had to move out of the area.Bottom line: Scooter's Pals does what it does FOR THE DOGS, and does it very well. They may not make every human they come into contact with happy (can any of us promise that??), but those dogs they save are as lucky as can be to have been found by such angels. I couldn't be happier with my experience with them, both as an adopter of one of their animals and a former volunteer.
By: dogveganart
Scooters Pals
They wanted to make sure all their dogs have the best home possible and not end up back at the shelter. So, if it didn’t work out then that’s WHY. The volunteers are amazing people that are true advocates for each dog that is rescued by Scooter's Pals. When a dog is "rescued" the group pays for the dog to be pulled from the shelter even if it was going to be killed. Then the dog is transported, which is not free. All the dogs’ medical needs taken care of like spayed/neutered, shots, medication if sick (they usually have worms, kennel caught or giardia), microchip, or any other medical condition that needs treatment. Also they don’t have a vet on staff so if you have ever had a dog or cat you know how expensive it is to take them to the vet. They receive training, food, and anything else you need to care for an animal, like a bed, flea and heartworm medication, bowls, dog shampoo and towel, leash, collar, tag, toys and most of all a lot of time and love. This is all done by volunteers that know they are saving lives. So the cost of adopting one of their dogs is very low when you consider this is all provided before you adopt. They never cut corners to get a dog adopted because they want what’s best for each dog that is rescued! Please keep in mind: This is hard work at times. Scooter’s Pals receives multiple lists each day of hundreds of dogs from shelters that are being killed daily and we network our hardest to find foster homes (which are all volunteers) if your dog does not work out for you and you must return it, that’s another dog we must network and another dog not being saved from the shelter.
By: prissypoo81
Scooters Pals
I am very surprised to see that anyone had an issue with Scooter pals, I have had nothing but great experiences! Im a foster parent for shelter dogs, I foster for a ton of different rescues, I prefer Scooter pals. Susan (the owner) is ALL ABOUT THE DOGS. Money aside! I just picked up 2 foster dogs from the vet to foster, both were on deaths door step, both were spayed and treated for shelter illnesses..easily cost hundreds of dollars to treat them both. Adoption fee remains the same. Susan never passes up a needy dog on the euthanasia list (even if they are medically expensive) Susan is a great rescuer. Word to the wise..if they decline to allow you a dog, chances are you are not good enough to have one. You only need to be a good pet owner, not a saint. If the reason they didnt adopt you an animal is becuase you arent home enough hours in a day, thats because you arent. They probably found a better match for the dog..so clearly YOU Maam arent in it for the dogs best interest, but rather a, "give me what I want right now!" sort of child like mentality. Hope you find the right dog for your family!
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By: Mary C.
Scooters Pals
I love the fact dogs don't go to the first come first serve basis. Each application is screened carefully to ensure the best adoption. It may upset so.we applicants, but the dogs come first. The founder is very protective of the dogs, their happiness and we'll being always comes first. They provide full disclosure on all dogs. Very prompt response to inquiries. Scooter's Pals Rescue loves and rehabs dogs that other rescues reject.
Tips & Advices
Pets that do not get along with other animals may incur an additional fee. Some facilities have special solitary sleeping and play animals for these types of pets.
A checklist for what to bring to a pet kennel includes:
  • Vaccination records
  • A favorite toy or blanket
  • Food and feeding instructions (if the pet has dietary restrictions or is a picky eater)
  • Medication (if necessary, in its original bottle and with written instructions)
Some pet kennels have veterinarians as part of their daily staff, while others only have vets part time or on call.
Most kennels can provide basic care such as administering medications, but owners of pets with serious medical issues should choose a facility with a veterinarian on call.
Bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough, is highly contagious, and most dogs catch it at least once in their lifetimes. As such, all dogs should be vaccinated at least 7 days before boarding.

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