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By: tonyacobb
Merl's Towing Service
Tangled mess of enclosed dual axle trailer and a Ford F250. Only 1 wheel of 8 was on the ground when Merl'sTowing Service team of "Post Accident Engineers" (others humbly call them "tow truck drivers") arrived on the seen. Our enclosed Gutter machine trailer was flipped upside down and the truck was on its edge about the tumble down the embankment. The occupants were safe and now it was to up to the experts to pull apart the 2 without causing any more damage. To our amazement they did it using 3 tow trucks and 4 experts. At risk of being damaged was nearly $30,000 of uninsured equipment, actual additional damage during the process less than $500 bucks! Thanks for being there when we needed your team Mark Fredette, Todd and the rest of the team and dispatchers. Sincerely, Tony Cobb owner All Gutter Systems Grandville, MI
By: Brian W.
Jay's Garage
Jay's garage did great work on my 2003 Yamaha V-Max last fall. I had been referred to him from some friends at AutoZone as a very competent mechanic at reasonable rates. He went well above what I ever expected and made sure things were right.I had Jay do a lot of maintenance that I had been putting off for quite some time. He did a valve adjustment on my bike's V-4, took care of some leaking carbs, did some front end work to resolve some pesky wobble issues, replaced tires & more.All I can say is my experience with Jay was great. I haven't checked out his new location yet, but I soon will as I need him to look over a 2010 FJR1300 I recently picked up.Brian W.
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By: Linda N.
Complete Automotive Repair Inc
My died when I stopped in Coopersville for gas. Tried to Jump it and nothing. Called AAA and they sent out A two truck. Checked the battery and was good but the connection was bad. He got it started and said I should not drive to Bath, Mi. Said he would follow me to the Alpine Exit and replace the connections. Took about 15 minutes and only charged me for the parts and I was good to go. So grateful for what he did for me. Very nice. I like auto repair shops like this. Would go back if I needed anything if I didn't live so far. Might just go anyway. thank you Complete Automotive Repair.
By: vicki.fletcher.94
McPherson Auto Center
I have dealt with the owner of this auto center for many year,s. i live in holland and i will drive the distance for many reason,s. he has alway,s gave us a better rate than anyone else, just go get quote,s from other,s and you will see what i,m talking about. i have dealt with them on at least 6 automobile,s that we have owned. we have alway,s been treated fair, and he alway,s backed his work for us. i have many friend,s who also go there even tho it is a distance to drive, we expect good service and he give,s it. thank-you MCPHERSON AUTO.
By: phil.crum.75
Veenstra's Garage
Tiffany, I guess the best way to explain my reaction to this is WHAT???. When you got back to me you stated you got a cheaper estimate from a muffler shop on 28th St. and that is all you could afford. I matched the price and quality of the other shop quote, but recommended that you not to go this way unless you absolutely had to. I also provided a free oil change to keep everything affordable. Some businesses compete on price some compete on quality. I am sorry that we could not satisfy your needs. -Phil
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By: Jared P.
Veenstra's Garage
I own a 2004 Chevy Malibu Maxx, and have had some ignition and steering issues. My vehicle was recalled, and the local GM dealerships were not only bogged down, but still charging full price (thousands) to replace parts and fix issues related to the recall, with vague promises of "reimbursement." After two months of waiting I went ahead and took the initiative to get my car repaired myself. Veenstras was understanding and fixed the dangerous issues the same week for a fraction of the cost. This was back in the Spring
By: ralphandlynn
Complete Automotive Repair Inc
with my son in college and his car needing some repair i called around for new struts front and rear and a set of tires after talking to a few auto shops and complete auto repair belle tire and discount tire didn't come close to the price complete auto gave me on the work i saved about 250.00 i dropped my car off in the am and was finished by lunchthey even put a sticker in my window when to come back for a tire rotation in short great service great prices and money left over for college for my son
By: christine.reindersma
All Auto Care
I have finally found a repair shop that I can trust, As a single female I feel like I can take my car there and know that I will receive honest advice and quality work. They stand behind all the work they do and complete the work in a timely manner. I was very impressed with the amount of hours that staff spend on certifications and keeping their training up to date. I also felt like everyone genuinely liked working there and had a good working relationship. I won't take my car anywhere else.
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By: Patti F.
Kingsley Auto Repair
We have been going to Mike Kingsley for our auto repairs and service for many years. He is honest and really takes excellent care of all of our cars. When our children started driving I always knew that with him taking care of our cars they were well maintained and safe to drive. He always lets us know what needs to be done right away and what can wait but should be done in the future My husband and I highly recommend him; try him if you want your car honestly and impeccably serviced.
By: riches3sons
Prestige Imports West Michigan
I just wanted to take a moment to share that I have visited Prestige on several occasions. Each time I experienced professionalism, a clean working environment and left knowing that the best compliment I could give is that I would recommend Prestige to family and friends. So give them an opportunity and you will find the same reassurance to utilized their services and possibly buy a vehicle from a trusted business who does what they say and do the extra to exceed your expectation.
Tips & Advices
Among the common scams pulled are needless repairs, where a garage charges you for work that isn't necessary. Another popular one is attracting customers through a cheap oil change or tire pressure check. Then, when you your car is being repaired, they give you a long list of other corrections they'd like to make, therefore boosting the total cost of your bill. The best way to combat these types of problems is getting a written estimate before work is done so you can see how much repairs are expected to cost. If the final bill is higher than the estimate projected, ask to specifically see the work. Make sure information is put in writing as well. If a problem remains, you can have proof that work was not done to your satisfaction.
For winter driving, features such as the defroster, heater and exhaust system are paramount. Look in your owner's manual for specific directions on how features should be checked and repaired. Many newer cars have a cabin air filter that can be replaced when needed, allowing warm air to continue to flow in. Also, check tires before winter driving, as they need to be at the proper pressure to perform well on snow and ice.
In the spring and summer, you want to be sure your air conditioner and cooling systems work correctly. Given the high temperatures, overheating is a common problem. Look over the system by ensuring there is enough coolant available. If it needs to be refilled, it is best to open the hood and add more to the car before it gets too warm out. Also, clean out fan ducts and other ventilation sources necessary for summertime driving.
Some fixes to your car can be done without paying a specialist. Issues like replacing oil and air filters are relatively simple, with instructions provided in the owner's manual on how to make these changes. The same goes for replacing broken windshield wipers or burnt-out headlights. Such issues should be repaired quickly to guarantee safety, but don't require a visit to a garage.
Yes. Not every type of auto repair work needs to be done by a certified mechanic. You can fix some of a vehicle's issues just by paying attention to how the automobile is running and having a basic understanding of auto repair. Look over the ways weather may impact your car and what preventative measures you can take to avoid having to take it into the shop.

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