By: Cari G.
Strategic Financial Solutions, Inc.
I work here and want to alert anyone reading this that it has recently been brought to our attention that someone is engaging in fraudulent activities under our business name, STRATEGIC FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS, using our business address and unassociated contact names, phone numbers and emails. We have been notified by several people who have been targeted by this scam, some of whom have unfortunately fallen victim to it by sending thousands of dollars via money order, meant to serve as a “Processing Fee” for the sale of their timeshare. Please note that we DO NOT engage in any activities concerning timeshares or the sale or purchase of properties. We have notified the police, the Better Business Bureau, the Michigan Attorney General, and are currently working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to put an end to this fraudulent activity. Please note that this is NOT limited to the Grand Rapids, MI, area and has now reached across Michigan borders. I have included an example of the fraudulent “contract” that has been used in this scam; all names and addresses of people targeted by this scam have been removed to maintain their privacy - Please copy and paste the link below to see an example: http://freepdfhosting.com/d6cdf1b51f.pdf *Please note that the above link will expire in 30 days; if you are unable to see the example provided, please feel free to contact our office at (616) 949-0068 and I would be happy to provide you with that example by email or fax.
By: jerry.snyder.7106
Troutman, Jeff
Faith is no more then belief in the unknown.We have all been disappointed when we have given this trust to another and they have shaken that faith. Skip is one person that will listen and not disappoint you.Ask the right questions,listen,and then say to Skip,this is where I want to go,this is what I would like to give to others,make a plan with Skip and he will "HAWK" it for you.
By: Jason D.
Design Underwriting Inc
Great customer service. Always timely in calling back and follow up. Changed the culture and agents. Would recommend to a friend.

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