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By: prudentparent
Kensington Preserve Apartments
I really wanted Kensington to be a nice living experience. After reading some of the reviews of the complex (because in one of their monthly newsletters they encouraged people to leave positive feedback of the apartment complex on an apartment review website, such as this one), I was nervous as to what my experience would be once we left. We never had any issues during our time there. We paid rent on time, didn’t constantly need them in our apartment for repairs, and were quiet, easy-going tenants. Unfortunately, our experience has ended with a sour note.Pros:-Awesome maintenance guys-Nice appliances-Garages/AC/Laundry Cons:-They don’t mind lying to their tenants. My lease term ended on September 1st. I got no less than 3 phone calls asking me if I could turn in my keys earlier than the 1st. I told them I was doing what I could, but I have a toddler and needed to wait until I had a babysitter available to watch him so I could clean the apartment. I was told by the lady who was working in the office that they would not be in the office on the Friday before Labor Day and I needed to turn in my keys that Thursday, preferably as soon as possible. On the Thursday I went in to turn in my keys, on the door was the Holiday Office Schedule and they definitely had office hours on Friday. -Avoid the office if the owner is there for the day. When my husband and I went in to fill out our intent to vacate, the owner was working in the office. We filled out all the paper work, but on the day we had the U-Haul, we got a note on our door that said “Just a Reminder to come into the office to sign YouR leas Renewal” (no, that’s not a typo, that’s how it was written). This lead me to believe that the office had no idea we were moving, saw that we were moving, and felt the need to leave a message on our door to renew our lease, which we wouldn’t be renewing since we were moving. They didn’t forget to cash the check for rent that I brought in that same day, though!-If you live on the first floor in one of the corner apartments, be ready for water leaks during the summer. I would even suggest getting renters insurance, as it damaged 2 dresses of mine. This happened to us both summers we lived there. I was told, by the owner, that he had problems with the leaking in the first floor corner apartments, and then proceeded to tell me the next day that it happened because I put grease down the drain. So apparently everyone in those apartments puts grease down their drains. Interesting.-No amenities. They do offer a $0 initiation fee coupon for Walker Ice and Fitness, but that offer is available pretty much every other month already through the fitness center.-The owner is not fond of people asking for details upon move out when he claims there is damage and provides no detail. I sent a letter with a picture to the complex stating that I would like a more detailed explanation of the damage and why it was considered “excessive or unusual tear” (terms used in the lease). All it said was “kitchen vinyl damage” and took $100 off my deposit. The vinyl wasn’t brand spanking new when I moved in, and it never dawned on me to list every knick in the vinyl. I figured since it’s the kitchen floor, and it’s vinyl it would be considered “ordinary use and wear” (again, terms used in the lease) since I used the kitchen ordinarily. I guess not. So if you choose to live here, count all the knicks in the vinyl. I would like to know if he even replaced it. I’m thinking not. I suppose I could fight it more, but it gives me too much anxiety to have to deal with the owner anymore.-If you question the damages, the owner will try to tack on more damages that he “slipped up” on adding; even though it’s after the 30 days he has to itemize the damages (which is stated in the lease).
By: Becky N.
Woodland Creek Apartments
Love this Community!I cannot begin to explain how great my experience at Woodland Creek has been. At move in the leasing staff could not have done a better job. They really made my move in easy. My apartment is beautiful. I was a little worried that I would have to put some of my stuff in storage. Not the case, I chose an Ash and the bonus room is HUGE! I managed to get a spot in the community garden and my tomato plants did really well. I love seeing my neighbors out walking and even taking advantage of the new dog parks. The outdoor pool was great. Now the clubhouse is open and I have loved using the hot tub. They keep the grounds looking pristine. I see deer and turkey out in my back yard almost on a daily basis. Living so close to the city has been nice. My apartment is walking distance to almost everything. Definitely check it out! You won't be disappointed.
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By: Steven R.
The Orchards at Four Mile
I have been here for 12 years, just signed my 13th lease recently. Over the years, this place went through two other holding companies, now on their 3rd. Each turnover has improved on the last. I love this place, I have a great third floor view, I like my neighbors, at least the ones I did not have to complain about, (some getting evicted for stupidity), but I am staying here. Staff is wonderful, grounds look great, and it is for the most part quiet as can be expected in a community environment. There is no "official" neighborhood watch here, but I know my great neighbors as well as myself are watching out for trouble and the security patrol has also done a great job of helping out at times.
By: anonymous123458
Landing Place
Overall, the complex is not too bad. Pros: washer/dryer, garage (if you pay extra), Cons: Walls are paper thinI definitely think the worst thing by far about this complex is how paper thin the walls are. You can hear every little footstep from the neighbors above (obviously if you're the top apartment, then you are okay). It's tough coming home after a long day at work to hear constant noises that sound like a bowling ball dropping. I go to bed hearing my neighbors and wake up to them in the morning... Not a good wakeup call.. They don't even have loud music or anything on, it's just that noisy!!If you don't mind not having peace and quiet, then this apartment would not be bad overall.
By: Shannon B.
Apple Ridge Apartments
These people need to get it together. I was sent a letter about having a blanket hanging in my window when it was my neighbor. And when I accidentally wrote my rent check out for a dollar less, they made my rent count as delinquent and left a note on my door to tell me. Not to mention the entry way to the APS in my building is always dirty and the windows are never cleaned. They need to worry more about the upkeep their so called cleaners are doing.
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By: Mckenzie C.
Greenfield Apartments
HAD A GREAT EXPERIENCE LIVING HERE!- Joel, and Melissa were always a pleasure to talk to, and work with.- GREAT central location, yet is still able to feel quiet and secluded because it is tucked back in off of Ball.- would recommend to anyone interested in an affordable, enjoyable, place to call home!
By: Melody D.
GoPromo Apartments Services
We usually do not write recommendations for a company or person, but we just moved into our new apartment and love it. We used the GPA website and found a larger apartment in a better area for less money. Very pleased.
By: Angela B.
GoPromo Apartments Services
We moved from Ohio to Michigan and we used their website and relocation services. Gina was our relocation agent and she was wonderful. I would use their website and services again.
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By: Sarah S.
Lincoln Lawns Motel Apartments
Motel was clean, staff was friendly, accomodating, and made a positive experience a priority. This, at very affordable cost. Would recommend to others. for sort and long term Stay
By: Gina W.
Richmond Hills Apartments
I love living here, the neighbors are great, it's clean, quiet, and needed repairs are responded to quickly. Management has always been friendly and easy to work with.

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