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By: tastingtattler
Six One Six
As a frequent traveler with a predilection for quality food I always seek the best dining experiences a city has to offer. On this particular weekend 11-2-12, I traveled to the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan with my husband who sits on the Board of Directors for one of the largest Credit Unions in the State. Since we have visited this area several times before we were quite familiar with many of the wonderful Hotels and restaurants around the downtown area. Shortly after the JW Marriott opened its doors in 2007 the breakfast buffet at the popular Six One Six restaurant had become one of our favorites. They offer a delightful selection of breakfast items and the chef is very gracious and detailed in explaining the wide variety of specialties. However, this morning was a very unpleasant experience from a service stand point. From the hostess to the waitresses none of the high standards that we have come to expect from a JW Marriott hotel were met. The breakfast buffet opened at 7:00 am and we arrived shortly thereafter. There were many open tables in the front with a view of the water however; our hostess never asked if we had a seating preference she just proceeded to seat us in the back of the restaurant. I immediately requested we be seated up front and soon after one of the waitresses asked what type of beverage we wanted before we proceeded to the buffet. My husband enjoys the smoked salmon that the chef had accompanied with red onions, capers and chopped boiled egg. On one side of the smoked salmon was a variety of cold cuts while on the other was an assortment of cheeses. We only noticed one utensil to handle the individual selections and asked the hostess for some assistance. She advised that she felt one tong was there to handle the meat, fish and cheese. Since we are vegetarians I did not think this was appropriate to touch the meat, smoked salmon and cheese with the same utensil. She reluctantly went to the back to retrieve only one more tong. After the chef made a wonderful omelet with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions and local goat cheese from the Dancing Goat farm in Byron, Michigan we proceeded back to our table. This is where our service fell short, our plates were stacking up on the limited space we had at the small table for two. Our waitress had passed our table several times without asking if we needed anything or inquire how our meal tasted. I finally had to call her over to remove the noticeably empty plates that were stacked. We were so disturbed by the lack of service I asked my husband to take a photo of this appalling display. Although I highly recommend the food at this establishment I would also recommend customer service training and/or replacement for some of the hotel's staff. Not to mention I requested one white and one red wine glass as we checked in we did not receive until we left the hotel for dinner and came back and asked again. If I wanted a three buck dining experience we could have stopped at one of many fast food restaurants. Fortunately, my gourmet cooking skills do not warrant anything less than a palatable savoring meal. Yours Truly, The Tasting Tattler
By: angelicalprincess23
Elizabeth's Kitchen
This place deserves only a 2 star because of its location which is a convenience to those of us living in motels like Grand Rapids Inn or America's Best Inn. As for cleanliness and decent morality, it deserves no stars. I am being polite folks. My husband and I tried this place because when it was the Friends Restaurant it was actually a lot better than what it is now. It's a shame they left. First off, no one seated us and it took about ten minutes for them to even realize we were there. There was crusty food sticking to the dishes, no sugar or basic condiments were even at our table. They don't even have all the food listed on the actual menu. Then to top it off, we left in a hurry because our taxi was there because they had taken so long to get our order to us, We only paid for the drinks and it came to $3.46. I gave the waitress a $3 tip which was very polite considering she really only had to get us our drinks. She decided to be deceitful and took a $5 tip for herself. Luckily we were able to get the bank to reverse the charges. But if I were you, I would go to Denny's or Ihops for morning breakfast. These people should be closed down!
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By: Steven R.
Bagger Dave's
Four star for the overall average of the place. Food was outstanding. I thought is was a very good place to eat. Overall not bad at all. Everything is custom or craft made, which does make it way over priced. Two people, cost $50. I am on a fixed budget, my girlfriend suggested going there on a recommendation of another friend. You also get stuck with parking fees of $7.50 per hour. That shocked me the most. I did not even get a receipt for the debit card purchase of the parking. They pre punch your parking receipt for one hour, then have the waitresses keep coming at you to see if you want more food, taking their time, and getting the parking to go for more than the validated first hour. Hopefully, the card will not get hacked, this is a scam if I ever saw one. For what they charge on food, the parking gate should be removed. $50 for the food and $15 for parking, I better get laid for that price.
By: Paula B.
Rumors Night Club
The most recent review on YellowPages is from 2010... please take mine into consideration!!!I went to Rumors last night and it was FANTASTIC. Everyone is super friendly, very nice service, and I felt very safe: lots of security, no fights broke out, etc. It was very controlled. I went on a Saturday when it was a suds night (Foam Party) and it was so much fun. Yes, there will be people who dress down, but there will be others who dress up and keep it classy. if you don't enjoy, don't look or simply leave. Everyone is welcome, straight or otherwise. My biggest sore spot is the $10 cover charge for people under drinking age (21). $10 seems like a lot IMHO, but that's my only complaint. :) Love it here, would go back in a heartbeat. Great variety of music, too!
By: theelcarl
Teazer's Bar & Grill
Before I started eating and drinking @ Teazers I was a lonely geek, I went from spending weekends absorbed into online dating and self-help seminars to actually enjoying my weekends. Wether it is a supremely radical band playing a set, enjoying a totally awesome game of pool, or tearing into one of the many deliciously gnarly menu items, I know when I am at Teazers I am the ruler of my galaxy and there isn't anything that can stop me. The food is always good, the staff is top notch, and the atmosphere is what other bars in town try to manufacture but can't. When I want a break from jumping my motorcycle over fire and/or pools full of sharks, I go to to Teazers.... the best place in Grand Rapids. BOOM!!!
By: shambala
SpeakEZ Lounge
GR has been missing a place like this!It is comfortable, the food is amazing, and the drinks are wonderful.We really like the fact that they have live music once or twice a week. There is such a large talent pool in West Michigan, that it's nice to see "our own" represented. The ambiance is undefined, so if you're looking for a 'Speakeasy', this isn't it. Don't get me wrong, I really love the decor. As I said, it's comfortable. It's a nice blend of rich deep color, dark woods, and classy touches. There are a lot of bars out there, and this really is a step up - a lounge. We appreciate that they are a bit more up-scale (bathroom door signs) and the details show it.
By: brihtwulf
TGI Fridays
Even at 3PM, the service was slow. The fries were definitely not cooked to order, and were on the bottom of the bin because they were over-seasoned and not hot. The portions were also a bit pathetic on the burgers/fries, considering the $10 price tag. Also, one of the wait staff was standing at the back of the booths below a TV, snacking in the seating area. Employees were gathered in the parking lot, smoking and eating near their cars. Seems like the management is lacking and just doesn't care. I wouldn't recommend going here at all.
By: Cokosofly M.
Real Food Cafe
Ordered the tuesday morning. The menu says 5.25, I ordered two. When I got to the cafe to pick up, I was quoted 18 bucks and breakfast shoulda been anymore than eleven dollars. I was told the menu price was not real, given another menu then told that price was not real when the prices were the same. Next I was told the police was going to be called when I refused to pay more than,menu price. So sad. And the good is really great! The establishment is racist. I've always known that, but for the first time I felt it hard.
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By: Megs shea S.
Anna's House
AMAZING food. The menu is very unique and creative. You will never find some of their menu items anywhere else. I had the caprese salad omelette that was to die for. My grandma is obsessed with crepes and she loved their crepes. She prides herself at being a crepe conisour and she said they were the best she has ever had. Don't pass up the opportunity to try this place.
By: wendy.l.hammond
Wolfgang's Restaurant
Look no further for a hearty breakfast. My husband likes to say that just stepping in the door gives him the "meat sweats." Their egg and skillet dishes are very creative and tasty—very well seasoned and very filling. The service is friendly, and it's a nice clean restaurant. While there, be sure to check out the Hall of Famers.

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