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By: Shell L.
Apple Store
About 3 weeks ago my husband went into the Apple store at Woodland Mall on 28th Street in Grand Rapids. He was bringing in my son iPad. We have a severely autistic 11 year old son. He is unable to speak and we are in the process of having him use the Proloquo2Go app for speaking. This app is a complete blessing to use as it offers our son Michael a way to communicate. Unfortunately though, he has broken several iPads. We have saved and used up our warranties on each one. Feeling completely frustrated, my husband brought the iPad into the store to see how much it would cost to have it repaired. Since our son is older now we thought we could give it another shot. We are working with his teachers in an effort to help him use this app for communicating and he has come a long way! We were unsure if the iPad could even be fixed or if we would just have to save up for another one.My husband went in and made an appointment to be seen. He came back out and looked at me stating he felt it was going to be a waste of our time. We had low expectations and had excepted that Michael would have to wait until we could put together enough money for a new one. To help put clarity on this situation I cannot even express in words how desperate we are to have this work for him. I have a child that we literally cannot wait to meet. We have no idea what he thinks about, what he is sad about, and what he dislikes. He can never tell us about his day. Nothing, because he has no way to communicate. This app has opened a new world for our family. The quality of his life will dramatically change with the use of this app. Michael chews the case off and cracks the screen every time. We have no idea why he does this. He loves using it, but, for reasons we do not understand, he shoves the iPad under doors to watch half of the screen and despises the case!My husband went in for his appointment without any expectations. He was greeted by a very friendly woman. Unfortunately, my husband is bad with names and I waited in the car with our son. We don't know her name. I really wish we did because we cannot express how impressed and thankful we are that she is who my husband met that day. He sat down and started to explain why the iPad was in such terrible condition. As soon as he told her we have an autistic son she perked up and told him she understand because their was a child in her family with a disability. She told my husband that our son breaks the screens and tears off the cases because he is touch sensitive. She also said let me go talk to my boss really quick. She returned a few minutes later with a new iPad. Unbelievable is all we can say! She has no idea what she did for my son and for our family. She also recommended a case that we should buy that was tough. We purchased the new case and my husband was on his way. When he came out to the car with the new iPad I was stunned. He told me that as soon as he told her about Michael, and she said their was a disabled child in her family, he felt an instant sense of relief that someone understood.My husband said she was so nice and went completely out of her way to help him. We want to tell her thank you. She really has no idea what she did for us that day. Good customer service is a rarity these days. She was great and so is Apple. Thank you so very much to the person in charge at the Apple store that gave her permission to give us a new one. A special thank you goes to her for the understanding, kindness, friendliness, compassion and her amazing attitude towards helping. You are a wonderful person.Thank you for amazing customer service,Jim & Michelle Mocini
By: katiesmith0011
Genius Phone Repair
Awesome service! They fixed my broken screen quickly and showed me features on my phone I didnt even know I had. It was also a fraction of the price that Verizon quoted me and I didnt have to wait to be helped. Genuis is a lifesaver!!!
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By: plumbings
Genius Phone Repair
Did a great job fixing my screen and told me about other deals they had. I would go there again great job

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