By: angelicalprincess23
Elizabeth's Kitchen
This place deserves only a 2 star because of its location which is a convenience to those of us living in motels like Grand Rapids Inn or America's Best Inn. As for cleanliness and decent morality, it deserves no stars. I am being polite folks. My husband and I tried this place because when it was the Friends Restaurant it was actually a lot better than what it is now. It's a shame they left. First off, no one seated us and it took about ten minutes for them to even realize we were there. There was crusty food sticking to the dishes, no sugar or basic condiments were even at our table. They don't even have all the food listed on the actual menu. Then to top it off, we left in a hurry because our taxi was there because they had taken so long to get our order to us, We only paid for the drinks and it came to $3.46. I gave the waitress a $3 tip which was very polite considering she really only had to get us our drinks. She decided to be deceitful and took a $5 tip for herself. Luckily we were able to get the bank to reverse the charges. But if I were you, I would go to Denny's or Ihops for morning breakfast. These people should be closed down!
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By: Steven R.
El Burrito Loco
I think I hit the jackpot when a girlfriend from work told me of this place on Alpine across from Walmart and Sams Club. The decoration is upbeat and colorful, the bar selection is remarkable. The food is so tasty, and the menu takes a while to get through it due to the incredible amount of choices. I love the Acapulco with chicken, but the taco salad and burritos are out of this world great. The service is so quick, the ladies who work there are so polite and a great asset to the business. It is the same company as Cinco De Mayo just south on Alpine, same menu. Just a more upbeat interior.
By: parfore2
Cinco De Mayo
while in Grand Rapids for business I had a taste for Mexican Cuisine and looked on yellow pages internet and came across Cinco De Mayo and decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise the experience was amazing. The service was excellent, timely and attentive. The food was over the top and everything was extremely fresh and full of flavor. As connoisseur of great foods from around the world I highly recommend this restaurant
By: Ed G.
Elizabeth's Kitchen
This place actually has excellent food and many different options. The service is fast and friendly considering there was only one waitress working the whole place. Its a shame that the owners dont realize if they updated the place and the decor they could probley double their business.
By: etw1978
El Barrio
Try the carnitas! We have used El Barrio for business lunches both in their private room and in our firm and the food is hot, fresh and fantastic! They are great at working with our various dietary needs (celiac and vegetarian restrictions)!
By: rose.ann.3781
Jose's Restaurante
I am very picky about my mexican food but I love this restaurant. The wet burritos are awesome and so is the tostadas. My brother always gets one of everything lol. My whole family loves this restaurant young and old.
By: A K.
El Haragan
Best tasting Mexican food around!!! Fast and friendly service. Fair prices for the quality and amount of food ordered. ALWAYS our go-to place when craving Mexican. Full bar. Easy parking. We love it!
By: iamct01
Taqueria El Rincon Mexicano
Authentic, reminds me of vacation in Playa. I eat here about three times a week because I work near by. I did have a bad visit on a Friday but overall it's good bang for the buck.
By: christina.ross.9081
Jose's Restaurante
I love it! I always get the tostadas and loaded chip and cheese this restaurant is my new favorite! I used to like Beltline bar but their prices went up and food went down!
By: jordkaniewskiwifey84
El Arriero
The BEST place if you want REAL MEXICAN FOOD!!!!!! when you take that first bite, you know your at the right place!!! the waiter's always make sure you have what you need!

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