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By: Courtney K.
Appletree Learning Center
As a researcher and professor of communication sciences and disorders who specializes in child language development, finding a childcare setting that would facilitate my children’s cognitive, linguistic, and social development was a high priority for me. My husband and I chose Appletree for a number of reasons. First, the facility is beautiful- clean, bright, organized, and full of fun, developmentally appropriate toys and books. Second, the staff members are friendly, intelligent, and clearly spend time interacting with the children, rather than simply sitting there watching. The director, Lindsay, is so organized and is knowledgeable about everything that happens in the center. She is very approachable and does an excellent job.Third, the webcam made me feel as though I’d never be unable to see what my children were doing. The webcam allowed me ask more informed questions about what they’d done during their day, as I had seen some of the activities and could inquire about them specifically, instead of just asking, “How was your day? What did you do?” We have enjoyed all of the family events at Appletree, especially hearing the children sing at the harvest festival and winter festival. My two older children are now in elementary school, and are excelling. I believe that Appletree deserves much of the credit for their academic success, as they “graduated” from Appletree knowing all of their letters and numbers, reading and writing a few words, and completing simple addition and subtraction problems. Additionally, the experience in the classroom helped them to learn about following rules and interacting with classmates and teachers. Appletree provides just the right balance of structured and unstructured time. The children learn a great deal, but also have time to play and use their imaginations.This year was the first year my youngest daughter was at Appletree without her siblings, and she was nervous about starting the school year after we took a summer break. However, on her first day, as soon as she walked in the door, all of her friends from last year and her teacher surrounded her and expressed their happiness to see her, and she realized that she was thrilled to be back! The teachers help the children to form wonderful relationships with each other. My daughter loves her friends from school. She also loves her teachers so much, as we leave each day she goes into her classroom from last year to hug the teachers in that room after hugging her own teachers. She is often disappointed that it is time to go home, because she has so much fun at school!Our family has been so pleased with our experiences at Appletree. I would highly recommend Appletree to any family looking for high quality education and care for their children.-Courtney Karasinski, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
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By: Barry C.
Klumpps Luggage & Leather Repair
Pro: seemingly adequate work. Cons: seemingly less than honest in conduct of business.In early November, I inquired about repairing a $250 leather jacket, which needed to have the right-side cloth pocket replaced. (It was worn and ripped.) The person running the place stated it would cost about $30 and would take about 3 weeks to have ready. I brought it over and said I thought $30 was a bit pricey and he told me that's what it would cost, but he does good work. Reluctantly I dropped it off, and he reaffirmed it would be about 3 weeks.Three weeks came and gone, and no call. I waited another full week and called, and was told it was ready to pick up. Got no answer as to why I didn't get a call saying it was done, but part of it may have to do with the price - not $30, but $38! Really? For a pocket?! Then I get told I need to come quickly because he's going to close at 1:00 (even though the website says 2:00 close on Saturday). So now my lunch hour is screwed up too. I get there and ask him, how can his "estimate" be approaching 30% off in terms of cost and time to finish, why not honor the estimate? Why wasn't I called?All he had to say, with an annoyed look on his face and an arrogant tone of voice, was: "Don't know what to tell you" to which I immediately said back "how about 'I'm sorry'?! Wouldn't that be a proper thing to do?" He not only sold me a ridiculously overpriced repair job, he liquidated all his good will.I took a look at the jacket at home. The repair job seems OK, although... it's not the same material as the jacket originally had. Not a huge deal, but I would have preferred cotton rather than polyester (or whatever this stuff is), like the rest of the jacket has. So even there, I'm not satisfied.Bottom line for me: He did fix my jacket. But in my view he was misleading about price, misleading about time needed to repair, did not call me when it was done, does not keep business hours as advertised and was not very cordial (and borderline disrespectful) toward this customer.I do NOT recommend anyone do business with Klumpps.
By: A B.
All For Kids Child Development Center
Absolutely love All For Kids!! Our daughter has been going here for almost a year and I have no compliants. Mitch and his staff care for my own as their own. We pull up every morning and my sweetheart says bye bye mama. She knows where she is going and is absolutely in love with her teachers, the center, and all of friends. This isn't a facility where your child sits in a room alone. You don't need a high end, extremely over priced center with cameras...honestly, why should you need a camera, do you NOT trust your daycare provider? To be blunt, you will see your child cry and throw a fit...it is what children do. Can you honestly tell me you never had your little one have a breakdown?! Please...do not fool yourself...if you think your child won't breakdown, well, you don't spend enough time with them! As another said, one bad apple can ruin the bunch. Do not let that happen and check out the center for yourself...we took a tour and we were there for over one hour. Again, check it out for youself...you will not be disappointed, you will know this is the right place for your child/children. They all truly care and this is a true learning center. Reviews are great and the center came to us as a referral...we STILL checked out the center for ourselves. Do the same, you'll fall in love just as we did. Thank you, Mitch and all of the staff, keep it up, much love from the three of us! ❤
By: kiwi1234
Everyday Wonders
WOW! First of all, I'd like to say how disheartened I am to read such negative reviews on our daycare center! Our kids have been going to this center since birth and I appreciate all they have done (and continue to do) for our kids and family. As much as I would love to be a stay-at-home mom, it just isn't an option for us. As many working parents can agree, deciding on who will spend more time with your children than you do; is understandably one of the most difficult choices we have to make. We want to ensure our children feel loved, while having fun and learning through play/discovery. The staff at EDWE treat our children like their own family =0)The environment at Every Day Wonders is very loving and comfortable. As a parent I can appreciate the daily routines and structure that is provided to ensure stability, while not feeling to regimented. Whether you need childcare for traditional or non-traditional hours, EDWE is more than flexible and accommodating regarding availability (even open on the weekends and until 11:30pm!) They even offer special “Slumber Parties” or Date Nights for the parents; especially around holidays-ie: Black Friday/New Year’s Eve etc. I hope you find this review helpful because I know exactly how hard of a choice this is to make. I will continue to recommend EDWE to friends, family, co-workers or anyone looking for a daycare center!
By: Eliza S.
Everyday Wonders
I am very happy with the daycare services that EDWE has provided for my children for the past 2+ years. I was immediately comforted with their open engaging atmosphere - lots of colors, activities, and happy kid sounds. I was even more impressed with the learning curriculum that they have incorporated into their classrooms. My son will be leaving for kindergarten soon and is completely ready for the academics! I truly hated not being able to stay at home with them, and it was important for me to find a place where they were not just another kid or number. I have been so grateful that their teachers invest so much of their time, effort, and love into helping my children grow up well rounded and loved. Miss Donna and Miss Kelly - You guys are AWESOME! While most of my experience has been positive, there have been a few bumps along the way. Anytime you have a brand new daycare starting out - there are bound to be a few hiccups with new software and new policy. I was actually very impressed with how well the owner, Cara, and director, Julie, handled all the changes and policies. Anytime I had trouble, I just talked to them. They actively listened to the concerns and then addressed them quickly. Overall, a great daycare and definitely worth checking out.
By: Donna L.
All For Kids Child Development Center
They are all wonderful here. Be careful what you read as one person on here was asked to leave the center because she ALWAYS brought her kids sick and got all our kids sick. Her kid DID have hand foot mouth AND ring worm--as well as other illnesses. She is the one who has problems telling the truth. Her own sister can't stand her. In the end you will have to make up your own mind but this place is amazing and ONE bad apple tried to spoil the whole batch. Read all the others they are correct. She is just bitter. Martha said we should all just trust that God will handle this person and we should just ignore her post,that if people choose to believe Courtney then that is fine. I don't like people that tell lies to get revenge on others who did the right thing in asking them to leave. SO therefore I did this post. To tell the true side of this whole story
By: Cara W.
Everyday Wonders
This is a response to snowraven2101/10/2013. She stated that our fees went up without notice and the current fee of $205 went to $208. This information is incorrect. We sent out notices of our rate increases 6-weeks before they were instituted explaining exactly what the fee was for. This information is also found in our contract for services.. The regular fee was $198 for her age group. Then we instituted an arts & science fee of $3, bringing her weekly total to $201 not $205 +$3. This fee stays right in the child's classroom. We have used this fee to bring in a magician, a puppeteer, and a story teller. We use this money to take field trips to the zoo and Children's Museum, the pumpkin patch, and other trips that get our young child out into the world to explore.
By: Maggie J.
All For Kids Child Development Center
My son has been here since he was 7 weeks old. Since the day we started we were treated like family. The way they love the kids is amazing. My son is now three and all I hear all weekend long is "When can I go back to school with Mr. Mitch." Mitch and Martha are so wonderful they truly devote themselves to the families at the center. Never have I (or anyone else) ever asked them for anything that they didn't bend over backwards to help out. The program there is all about empowering the children so they are confident and comfortable and not in a situation where they get no voice. I LOVE THAT. They are the place to go if you want your child to KNOW how very special they are. The rest of their staff is hand picked and are fantastic as well. This is truly a hidden gem.
By: screenplay
Carlo's Pizza Connection
If you like Carlo's Pizza Connection, well they now have another restaurant that they recently opened up in Wyoming at 1560 44th. St. SW. They have a large delivery area that includes Grandville and Kentwood as well as Wyoming.The dinners are authentic and good. The pizza we ordered, their deluxe was maybe average in taste and quality of toppings. The prices for their foods are higher than other restaurants offering the same fare of food of equal or better quality.They also have some mexican foods, fried foods, wings, salads, ribs, and subs.Their delivery was quick averaging around a half hour from time of order, and the food was hot.If you like Carlo's and you live out of the orginal Carlo's restaurant you'll like and appreciate their new restaurant.
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By: Steven R.
Pizza Hut
I ordered a very great meal on Saturday the 8th of this month, January, during the worst blizzard we have had in the area for a while. I had the double cheese, ham and pepperoni 8 inch pizza, and my girlfriend left no survivors with the 16 piece bone in chicken wings. She has ordered several times, but I have not ordered here for quite a few years, just was not a thought. I WILL be back, I forgot how great the flavors were, and just finished the cold leftovers for breakfast. The young lady who delivered to us was very polite and apologetic of the long wait, It was NOT a long wait, what with the lousy driving conditions. So we gave her a nice tip, and off she went. All in all, a great dinner experience,

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