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By: A B.
All For Kids Child Development Center
Absolutely love All For Kids!! Our daughter has been going here for almost a year and I have no compliants. Mitch and his staff care for my own as their own. We pull up every morning and my sweetheart says bye bye mama. She knows where she is going and is absolutely in love with her teachers, the center, and all of friends. This isn't a facility where your child sits in a room alone. You don't need a high end, extremely over priced center with cameras...honestly, why should you need a camera, do you NOT trust your daycare provider? To be blunt, you will see your child cry and throw a fit...it is what children do. Can you honestly tell me you never had your little one have a breakdown?! Please...do not fool yourself...if you think your child won't breakdown, well, you don't spend enough time with them! As another said, one bad apple can ruin the bunch. Do not let that happen and check out the center for yourself...we took a tour and we were there for over one hour. Again, check it out for youself...you will not be disappointed, you will know this is the right place for your child/children. They all truly care and this is a true learning center. Reviews are great and the center came to us as a referral...we STILL checked out the center for ourselves. Do the same, you'll fall in love just as we did. Thank you, Mitch and all of the staff, keep it up, much love from the three of us! ❤
By: dguevara
First Wok Chinese Restaurant
My title pretty much says it all. If you go to First Wok and eat there, you usually get pretty good service and food(most of the time) I wanted to get some take out one time(I live pretty far from their convenient locations) and ordered chicken fried rice, an egg roll, and egg drop soup. I went all the way back home and discovered not only was the egg roll burnt badly on the ends but the soup was not the normal yellow color it always it but it was a lot darker. If you usually get the egg drop soup from First Wok then you know what I'm talking about. So the soup was a lot darker and it was awful. Then the chicken fried rice was burnt too! There were huge clumps if rice and chicken stuck together and it was hard. GROSS. I didn’t take it back, I just called and spoke to the cashier(?) and told her. I wish I could say this was the only time this happened when I got take out but it wasn’t. The second time it happened it was only the chicken fried rice that was awful in the same exact way. Then I drove all the way back because I spoke with the cashier on the phone and when I got there she smelled it and said "it doesn’t smell burnt, let me have the cook look at it." It did not matter what the cook said because I got my money back and haven’t gone there since. This was the First Wok on 44th street.
By: Donna L.
All For Kids Child Development Center
They are all wonderful here. Be careful what you read as one person on here was asked to leave the center because she ALWAYS brought her kids sick and got all our kids sick. Her kid DID have hand foot mouth AND ring worm--as well as other illnesses. She is the one who has problems telling the truth. Her own sister can't stand her. In the end you will have to make up your own mind but this place is amazing and ONE bad apple tried to spoil the whole batch. Read all the others they are correct. She is just bitter. Martha said we should all just trust that God will handle this person and we should just ignore her post,that if people choose to believe Courtney then that is fine. I don't like people that tell lies to get revenge on others who did the right thing in asking them to leave. SO therefore I did this post. To tell the true side of this whole story
By: shay5223
Red Sun Buffet
I've been there numerous times. My extended family also enjoys meeting there to visit while enjoying a meal. There is a good selection of dishes and more diversity than one might expect. Like any restaurant, some dishes don't seem as good as at other restaurants. However it's been my experience that Red Sun strives to improve even dishes I thought were good - & it shows. The only problems have been fruit not totally ripe (a common problem in restaurants in the winter, it seems) & the pastries get stale. Perhaps setting fewer pastries out at a time or finding a better way to cover them would help. On the whole, I always recommend Red Sun. I've even taken people there who claim not to care for Asian cuisine & they were surprised at how tasty the food is.
By: Maggie J.
All For Kids Child Development Center
My son has been here since he was 7 weeks old. Since the day we started we were treated like family. The way they love the kids is amazing. My son is now three and all I hear all weekend long is "When can I go back to school with Mr. Mitch." Mitch and Martha are so wonderful they truly devote themselves to the families at the center. Never have I (or anyone else) ever asked them for anything that they didn't bend over backwards to help out. The program there is all about empowering the children so they are confident and comfortable and not in a situation where they get no voice. I LOVE THAT. They are the place to go if you want your child to KNOW how very special they are. The rest of their staff is hand picked and are fantastic as well. This is truly a hidden gem.
By: milynium
All For Kids Child Development Center
This the best place ever. My kids love it here and so do I. It is a very fun environment that offers a lot of different things for the kids to do. They also have a great preschool program. One of my children is a toddler, one in preschool, the other is school age and all three are very happy here. I can see (and hear) all sorts of fun things everyday. The center is very relaxed in the way the kids can choose different activities, but there is also organized things the children do. If you are looking for a great place to take your kids, check them out. I promise you will not be disappointed.
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By: Megs shea S.
P.F. Chang's
I went with my mom a few months ago and the food runner brought us our food and set our plates. It was only after my mom took a bite did she realize he brought us the wrong food. Before he could walk away she mentioned that it wasn't our food. He apologized and picked up the plates and we watched as he took the food to the correct table. Eww! My mom had taken a bite amd rather than going to get this couple new meals he fed them food that someone had already eaten part of. We didn't know if we should tell them or not but we did mention it to the manager who didn't really seem to care.
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By: Matthuvius T.
Rice Wok Chinese Restaurant
I ordered the Kung Fu chicken, and it was fantastic. The chicken was lightly breaded and fried CRISPY. The texture was out of this world. It is served in a brown, spicy sauce with green pepper, onion, and some Chinese vegetables. Absolutely delicious. I gave the place a shot because of the 5-star reviews, and am now compelled to share this place with others. The lunch special is $5.50 (as of Dec 2015) and comes with a good sized portion of the meal and fried rice, with a crab cheese wonton and a can of pop. Great value.
By: tony.ethridge.9
Kim Nhung Superstore
I want to the store after I went to several other Asian stores trying to find what I was looking for and they wound up having everything I needed. The owner of the store Miss Kim treated me very special very kind lady was very nice manners and a genuine personality. I truly believe that she passes that character and virtue on to everyone that works in the store because this is a very nice place to go to if you want to spend your money and be treated nicely and be treated nice. high-quality Asian goods and service
By: Liz R.
All For Kids Child Development Center
I have had the pleasure of taking my son here since he has been 10 weeks old. I can't say enough wonderful things about everyone who works here and the program. The sincere compassion, love and respect that they show my child makes having to leave him to go to work each day much easier and less stressful knowing he's at a place he loves. It's a rare thing to find people who can love your child like your own and my family couldn't be happier that we found the most amazing daycare out there!

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