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By: Terry W.
National Car Rental
I recently had a 3 day rental out of GRR. I returned the vehicle, as agreed, at 10pm on Sunday, November 20. On Monday morning I received an email from Evangelia at GRR National reminding me that my rental was due back the night before and asking me to contact them to let them know when I planned to return it. So, I had to take the time from my workday to tell them what she could have easily verified had she checked her inventory prior to emailing. I received an email that the car had indeed been inventoried. Shortly later I received an email that my credit card had been declined and asking me to call and arrange payment. I know the card should not have been declined because it's linked to my checking account and there were ample funds in there. I had also just used it to get gas. I checked the balance of my checking account, no issue there, then I called Evangelia and asked her to try running it again. She told me it failed again so I gave her another card. While she was running that card she said, "oh, that card did go through". So, presumably she didn't bill my other card (still watching account) and payment was made against my checking account. However, I found I've now been billed twice to that card. It seems it also went through on the first time she ran it. I sent Evangelia an email asking her to investigate and provide a credit. It's been a day and I have heard nothing from Evangelia. I'm an executive member and I rent a lot of cars throughout the year. It is usually so seamless but this experience with GRR has been an absolute annoyance.
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By: Robin D.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
This was the first time I've rented a car to take on a trip. Ashley, the young lady who helped me, was very friendly. The process from start to finish was quick and easy, which was great. We had a Hyundai Elantra and it was perfect for our trip. Very comfortable. Only thing I'm not happy about is I was told I could prepay for gas at 2.25/gal to refill the car when I brought it back in thus saving about 20 cents a gal, but I wasn't told it didn't matter how much was in the tank when I brought it back, I would still be paying for a full tank. She did say bring it back as empty as I could but that was it. We filled the tank once (10 gal at 2.49/gal) and it cost us 25.01. I brought it back with a little more in the tank than what was in it when we filled it, and was charged 31.50 for Enterprise to refill it. I called Tuesday morning to question the cost and was told then how it worked. I suggested to the young lady who answered the phone (don't remember her name) that Enterprise might want to take the time to explain how it works when you prepay before the customer leaves the lot, not afterwards. She said ok. I don't remember hearing an apology, and she was never rude but she did seem to me to be in a hurry to get me off the phone. I had set up to rent another car for a future weekend at the same time we scheduled the previous rental. I can guarantee you I won't be prepaying.
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By: Bob R.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Car was great (Nissan Altima) with plenty of room and I'm a big guy (6-6, 300). What I didn't like is the hours of the office. They close at midnight at the Grand Rapids Airport (our plane arrived at 12:20 a.m.) and when we tried to return the car after a week, we found their main office had closed at 1 p.m. We clearly stated that we would return the car at 3 p.m., yet nobody told us that their office would be closed. We left the car, dropped the keys in the drop box and kept our fingers crossed. Was counting on them to help us get a taxi to the airport, so instead had to go to the muffler shop next door and they provided a taxi phone number. We stood in the heat outside the car rental office for 20 minutes, waiting for the taxi.
By: Tammy A.
National Car Rental
Despite having another member of management "Sonja" hang up on me...Your Branch Manager "Dennis" was AWESOME. He was able to turn a bad situation into a better one. Thanks to Dennis I will continue to rent weekly with your company.
By: Timothy B.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
The constant turnover of personnel at this location makes it very difficult to develop a rapport or continuity between customer and Enterprise. Very frustrating but I guess the Enterprise Way.....
By: Cheryl S.
National Car Rental
Car was clean & ready to go. Was given an up-grade @ no charge as the car I had requested was not available. Nice surprise. No problems, friendly clerks.
By: Allen C.
National Car Rental
I - personally - have always had a good to great experience with National Car Rental. I will rent again with them
By: Carla G.
Alamo Rent A Car
It was an easy check in to get my care rental as well as checkout. Car was nice and easy driving
By: Erin P.
U-Haul Truck Sales
Staff was helpful, prices where fair. Clean, nice truck.
By: jeffwend
Clock Accessible Van Rentals
nice people with a great inventory
Tips & Advices
Although special insurance isn’t always legally required for a moving truck, all auto insurance providers and moving specialists suggest you buy the special policy from the moving truck company. This is because most auto insurance policies have exclusions for covering vans and trucks over a certain size, and also because auto insurance will not cover the personal property inside a moving truck.
In order to drive a rented moving truck, a person must be on the rental agreement. Just as with rental cars, getting another driver put on your rental truck agreement may carry an additional fee per day.
Moving truck rental cost does not include the fuel cost. Make sure to find out from the rental company if there is anything to know about the type of gas the truck requires, as well as the location of the gas tank.
The rules about moving trucks and weigh stations vary somewhat by state. Some states do not require trucks to stop if the occupants are doing a personal move, not commercial moves. Others require all commercial trucks to stop, regardless of what they’re calling. When in doubt, stop.
Yes, pets are allowed in some moving trucks. However, all moving companies clearly state that renters should not put pets in the cargo area, and that pets should be in a transport carrier or properly harnessed for everyone’s safety. Moving truck rental companies all have clearly posted pet transport safety tips that you should review before moving day.

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