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By: Courtney K.
Appletree Learning Center
As a researcher and professor of communication sciences and disorders who specializes in child language development, finding a childcare setting that would facilitate my children’s cognitive, linguistic, and social development was a high priority for me. My husband and I chose Appletree for a number of reasons. First, the facility is beautiful- clean, bright, organized, and full of fun, developmentally appropriate toys and books. Second, the staff members are friendly, intelligent, and clearly spend time interacting with the children, rather than simply sitting there watching. The director, Lindsay, is so organized and is knowledgeable about everything that happens in the center. She is very approachable and does an excellent job.Third, the webcam made me feel as though I’d never be unable to see what my children were doing. The webcam allowed me ask more informed questions about what they’d done during their day, as I had seen some of the activities and could inquire about them specifically, instead of just asking, “How was your day? What did you do?” We have enjoyed all of the family events at Appletree, especially hearing the children sing at the harvest festival and winter festival. My two older children are now in elementary school, and are excelling. I believe that Appletree deserves much of the credit for their academic success, as they “graduated” from Appletree knowing all of their letters and numbers, reading and writing a few words, and completing simple addition and subtraction problems. Additionally, the experience in the classroom helped them to learn about following rules and interacting with classmates and teachers. Appletree provides just the right balance of structured and unstructured time. The children learn a great deal, but also have time to play and use their imaginations.This year was the first year my youngest daughter was at Appletree without her siblings, and she was nervous about starting the school year after we took a summer break. However, on her first day, as soon as she walked in the door, all of her friends from last year and her teacher surrounded her and expressed their happiness to see her, and she realized that she was thrilled to be back! The teachers help the children to form wonderful relationships with each other. My daughter loves her friends from school. She also loves her teachers so much, as we leave each day she goes into her classroom from last year to hug the teachers in that room after hugging her own teachers. She is often disappointed that it is time to go home, because she has so much fun at school!Our family has been so pleased with our experiences at Appletree. I would highly recommend Appletree to any family looking for high quality education and care for their children.-Courtney Karasinski, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
By: daycareuser2013
Walker Child Care
My child has been at Walker child care for almost 2 1/2 years. What a wonderful experience. When I first visited the place I was little worried about how old the building looked on the outside, but don't be fooled. Walker Child Care is a wonderful place. The inside and the playground in the back are nicer. The director of the daycare does a wonderful hiring people who care about kids and will show your kids love. They are also much flexible in handling the individual needs for your child. They are no slouch at education either. My child was learning phonics before age 4.I highly recommend this daycare for your child.
By: Tara F.
Appletree Early Care and Preschool
Appletree Eary Care and Preschool has written its own definition on Childcare and education. Appletree provides advanced technology that strategically enhances child development, well-being along with long-term life enrichment. What a wonderful place for children to grow, experience and have fun, while gaining all the necessary components to succeed. I just love how loving and professional Appletree is to my children.
By: Tara F.
Appletree Christian Learning Center
Appletree has written its own definition on Childcare, Early Learning and Preschool. Appletree provides advanced technology that strategically enhances child development and life enrichment. What a wonderful place for children to gain early education and training. I just love how loving and professional Appletree is to my children.
By: rider5
Milestones Child Development Center
Milestones is BY FAR the best center for early childhood education in West Michigan. My children have been in two of their locations because of work relocation and we have loved both of them. Their centers are clean, safe and teachers are wonderful.

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