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By: Andrea S.
iChiro Clinics North
I had had debilitating menstral cramps since I was 16. At first I was only missing church, so nothing was done, but when I started missing school, we knew it was time to do something. My mom decided to take me to her chiropractor, but as he only had me coming in when I was hurting, it didn't seem to help. I went to see my OB-GYN and she tried me on birth-control 1st, but when that didn't help, we did surgery. It was found that I had endometriosis and the surgery was meant to help, which it did...for 2 years. I had a 2nd surgery and this time, little was found. My OB-GYN told me that I was probably just going to have to deal with the pain, and maybe see a pain therapist to talk about my pain. When I started at Peak, my cramps were not even at the top of my mind. I was dealing with headaches and low back pain too. I had been getting adjusted at Peak for ONLY 1 WEEK when I started my next menstrual cycle, and I had NO PAIN!!! I have had NO PAIN for 4 and a half years!!!! My low back pain has lessened, I get fewer headaches, I haven't been getting sick and I HAVE NO CRAMPS!!! This place is great and I recommend it to everyone I meet!!
By: Mandi R.
iChiro Clinics North
iChiro Clinics is truly a life changing office! They have helped me tremendously. I suffered from headaches and migraines for the last 10 years. They were so bad, that most days I did not even want to wake up. I tried every medication and even had different injections. NOTHING worked. Someone introduced me to iChiro Clinics and I thought to myself, "Hey what do I have to lose?" I had a lot of anxiety going for my first appointment, but the moment I walked into the door all that anxiety disappeared. I was welcomed by the sweetest front desk girls with the biggest smiles! I then met with one of the doctors who made me feel like I was the most important person in the world. When my appointment was over, I left with so much hope for my future! After about 3 months of care I am headache/migraine FREE!! You know how good it feels to say that. I have a completely different outlook on life now all thanks to iChiro Clinics! I will be forever grateful!
By: jerry.snyder.7106
Schafer Chiropractic & Healing Spa
I nicknamed my back as the 'Warped Two-By-Four" after living with this discomfort for years.I heard about "Doc Schafer" from others and decided to see him because I was having muscle spasms in my sleep.After 8 visits to "Doc',the spasms were eliminated,I am sleeping through the night and recently cut and hand split wood from a fallen tree."Doc" named me one of his "top five" and he does not prolong the treatments.He was so intense in aligning my back that after the third treatment on my back,he broke out in a sweat.That is when I knew that I had the right person to make me whole and restore my sleep.I intend to visit "Doc" on a regular basis when I need help because I am 63 years young and know that I will need future "maintenance".
By: jessvanoosterhout
Boer Adrian Den J DC Nd
I am always well pleased with the staff and especially the Dr's at DBC. They work hard at finding the root of the problem, not just masking them. They get to know the patient and they listen to all of your concerns and sicknesses. I also bring all three of my small children here for their pediatric care. Outstanding patient care. I love how all the medical healing approaches are holistic. AND IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!! Dr DenBoer is a brillant man who truly LOVES what he does and it shows in his work. I have been a patient of his for 20yrs and I will continue to be a patient of his forever. Great place to recieve your healht care needs!!!!! Chiropractic care is a must need for healthy living.
By: Charlene U.
Great Lakes Family Chiropractic
I can only say wonderful things about Dr Mckenzie and his staff. They are kind, caring and personable. His adjustments are perfectly administered according to my needs. I give him credit for keeping my back from regressing and keeping my back in much better alignment I would highly recommend Dr. Mckenzie to anyone.
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By: Timothy M.
iChiro Clinics North
Very client focused and appts usually on time which is important for me as I am usually towards end of the day. Have to get used to working with various doctors and their different level of touches but otherwise treatment is good. Improved my pain considerably in the first 8 weeks.
By: rhonda.swaagmanbrown
Chiropractic First
After working for a insurance company for 17 years I thought chiropractic care was a hoax....but after P.T. and my back problems returning I went to this office last Friday and I am a complete believer in the benefits of chiropractic care!!!!!!!
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By: Natalie G.
iChiro Clinics North
The staff at IChiro is amazing and the results I'm getting are fantastic! I can't believe how much better I feel and how much my function has increased. Always look forward to my next appointment.!
By: Dianne H.
Great Lakes Family Chiropractic
Great Chiropractor! I have been going for 8 years to him. He has really helped my back....could not live without him! Very personable and professional. Office staff is nice too.
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By: Michael K.
iChiro Clinics North
The team at ichiro is awesome! They will take good care of you, and provide options for you to choose the best care for your situation.

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