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By: kiwi1234
Everyday Wonders
WOW! First of all, I'd like to say how disheartened I am to read such negative reviews on our daycare center! Our kids have been going to this center since birth and I appreciate all they have done (and continue to do) for our kids and family. As much as I would love to be a stay-at-home mom, it just isn't an option for us. As many working parents can agree, deciding on who will spend more time with your children than you do; is understandably one of the most difficult choices we have to make. We want to ensure our children feel loved, while having fun and learning through play/discovery. The staff at EDWE treat our children like their own family =0)The environment at Every Day Wonders is very loving and comfortable. As a parent I can appreciate the daily routines and structure that is provided to ensure stability, while not feeling to regimented. Whether you need childcare for traditional or non-traditional hours, EDWE is more than flexible and accommodating regarding availability (even open on the weekends and until 11:30pm!) They even offer special “Slumber Parties” or Date Nights for the parents; especially around holidays-ie: Black Friday/New Year’s Eve etc. I hope you find this review helpful because I know exactly how hard of a choice this is to make. I will continue to recommend EDWE to friends, family, co-workers or anyone looking for a daycare center!
By: Eliza S.
Everyday Wonders
I am very happy with the daycare services that EDWE has provided for my children for the past 2+ years. I was immediately comforted with their open engaging atmosphere - lots of colors, activities, and happy kid sounds. I was even more impressed with the learning curriculum that they have incorporated into their classrooms. My son will be leaving for kindergarten soon and is completely ready for the academics! I truly hated not being able to stay at home with them, and it was important for me to find a place where they were not just another kid or number. I have been so grateful that their teachers invest so much of their time, effort, and love into helping my children grow up well rounded and loved. Miss Donna and Miss Kelly - You guys are AWESOME! While most of my experience has been positive, there have been a few bumps along the way. Anytime you have a brand new daycare starting out - there are bound to be a few hiccups with new software and new policy. I was actually very impressed with how well the owner, Cara, and director, Julie, handled all the changes and policies. Anytime I had trouble, I just talked to them. They actively listened to the concerns and then addressed them quickly. Overall, a great daycare and definitely worth checking out.
By: Cara W.
Everyday Wonders
This is a response to snowraven2101/10/2013. She stated that our fees went up without notice and the current fee of $205 went to $208. This information is incorrect. We sent out notices of our rate increases 6-weeks before they were instituted explaining exactly what the fee was for. This information is also found in our contract for services.. The regular fee was $198 for her age group. Then we instituted an arts & science fee of $3, bringing her weekly total to $201 not $205 +$3. This fee stays right in the child's classroom. We have used this fee to bring in a magician, a puppeteer, and a story teller. We use this money to take field trips to the zoo and Children's Museum, the pumpkin patch, and other trips that get our young child out into the world to explore.
By: lovewins
Childrens Garden Child Care & Learning Center
Wow -- place always feels, clean, cozy and like home. I can't say enough about it! I had two children in attendance for over 10 years. Not only did all of the staff show their love to my children, I also knew they cared about our family! The few concerns I had were taken care of very quickly! It really scares me how many parents are "so perfect" . I even tried another chain center because of convenience but quickly transferred back to Children's Garden. As we all know, there's always two sides to any situation so go meet the staff and check out the facility. They work together as a team a family! My children are who they are because of all the staff at Children's Garden.
By: daycareuser2013
Childrens Garden Child Care & Learning Center
Okay, I will start with positives. The facilities are nice and clean and in a nice location very close to Meijer's HQ.The problem is the lady that runs the place. You will be on a weekly basis signing papers and being lectured about her rules. It just isn't a loving environment for your child. Do not even think about going here if your child has any special diet or minor special needs. They are a lazy group, and save extra vacation day's because they will have you come get your child for the most minor things.I switched to Walker Child care and the experience has been wonderful.
By: Brian S.
Everyday Wonders
Awesome. I've had my 3 and 6-year old boys there for a year now. So far, never a problem. Many days when I arrive to pick up, they are having so much fun they don't want to leave! They are always doing new and different activities. A great, safe environment.(this comes from an overly-protective parent FYI). Please check them out. With owners on site, you know you're in good hands.William
By: bella.jones.16144
Everyday Wonders
Everyday Wonders is a great place!!! My experience was awesome and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking childcare services. It was urgent that I needed a center for my child and Everyday Wonders came through in a pinch. The staff was great and welcoming and the center was clean and orderly. My daughter was eager to go everyday.

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