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By: jrb423
Luv Manicure and Pedicures
I had heard lots of ads on the radio about LUV, so I thought I'd give it a try.The decor is great, I was very impressed with the layout and the amount of chairs, ect. It was very I was getting my pedi done, there was a gal cleaning things, sweeping the floor, washing down the chairs and tubs.The receptionist (Heidi, I think?) was SUPER friendly. She was awesome and was totally accommodating.My situation was a bit of a fluke I think - I came in and was told they were very busy and that there would be an hour wait. I was okay with that because I had other things I could do. When I came back I was told there would be another hour wait, only because a group who had booked the same time brought an extra person. I was disappointed. However, I really wanted a pedi and didn't want to drive across town, so I ran around for a bit and came back. Heidi was so friendly and we chatted for a bit before someone was available.As soon as I was seated for my pedi I had to wait about 10 minutes for someone to introduce them self to me. Heidi asked if anyone had come out to see me yet, and I said no. She must have found/talked to someone because the girl came out to see me soon after. As I was getting my pedi done, the technician was bad mouthing prior clients, one of whom was waiting for her to finish a top coat on her nails. Apparently this technician forgot to finish her nails before mine. That women left and the technician called her a not so friendly word, which was totally uncalled for. Especially in front of me.After my pedi was done, I moved over to the dryers but my toe got bumped in the process. I let the technitian know and she disappeared. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat and let my nails dry. She eventually came back and told me about a conversation she just had on the phone. Again, using colorful language. She fixed the nail and said she'd be back in a second to put the top coat on. 10 more minutes passed and she still didn't surface, so I decided one nail without a top coat wouldn't be the end of the world.I was on my way to pay and Heidi told me I was all set. As in didn't have to pay. That was really great of her to do. She said that since I had to wait so long, and that I did come back she would give me my pedi for free.It's only been a few hours, so I'm not sure how it will hold up. I'm also not sure If I would return. If I had a different technician, it would be a possibility.
By: cstanciel
Cheshire Nail & Spa
I just moved to a new house and have still been driving to my old nail salon across town. I got a groupon for this nail saloon and it is right around the corner so I thought I'd give them a try. I am going to continue to drive across town to my old saloon. Yes everything was clean but if it wasn't I would have walked out. I could have done a better job on my pedi at home! Misshaped nails, only part of the nail painted, and had my cuticles and skin painted. I took that shady paint job off the same nite and fixed them the best I could. I noticed this bad pedi in the nail saloon while drying, I stopped the lady that did my pedi and showed her the bad paint job and she went and got the NAIL FILE, not the nail POLISH! I had to stop her and tell her no, never mind that is not how you fix missing nail polish! Maybe it was because I had a Groupon, but if that is the case why did you sell them? To get new clients, well cheap or not I am not sure if I'll be back!
By: Georgia P.
Dream Nails
This was my first time visiting this salon. It's located in the little strip mall by the Twisted Rooster restaurant. Easy access to the business, in and out. The salon is very nice, well decorated, very spa like, and very relaxing. My nails are GORGEOUS. They listened to everything I said as far as how I wanted my nails done right down to the length I wanted them to be. They are so natural looking as they have several pink colors of acrylic to choose from (I wear a French, always and I'm very particular). I can not say enough nice things about this salon. Clean, reasonably priced, great atmosphere. I'm looking forward to going back for a pedicure and this is going to be my "go to" salon from now on.
By: victoryah
The J Salon
I have to agree with the only other review of this place...they do add additional optional services to your bill. I asked for exfoliate and hydrate on face which they listed on their site as $25. I mentioned it again to the girl as what I needed at beginning of appointment. She did a good job but charged me $100 before tip. I went home and looked up their website again to figure it out and nothing added up to that. They said I should have had better communication with the girl, but never having been there before, I did not expect to have to mention what I wanted more than twice. So if you go, please speak up for yourself before paying the bill.
By: dawnne
Crystal Nail
I don't know what the previous review is all about. I have been a customer here for nearly 15 years and this is the best nail salon in GR. They do clean their equipment, the previous reviewer didnt see them turn it on because it is always on, not to mention they have multiple sets of utensils. You can ask for your own utensils to be used and they mark them and put them in a box so they are only used for you. This place is great, very friendly, give great discounts. Tammy and Lee are the best and they treat their customers with great respect and gratitude. I will never go anywhere else. This place is simply the BEST!!!!!!
By: shambala
Luv Manicure and Pedicures
I liked the fact they seemed like a mani/pedi place you'd find in a spa. Upscale and very restful.Staff was very nice, and everything went smoothly. The pedicure was nice, but for the "top" one, I really expected to have a wow factor. The hot oil was nice, but I really really expected a massage. I got a few rubs, but sat for 20 minutes with my legs in a couple of hot towels.The manicure was great!I'll go back. I have had pedicures all over the world, and all over here in GR; I really hope they work out the bugs with the massage, which should be a large part of the experience.
By: girlyprofessional
Luv Manicure and Pedicures
Very nice Salon.My nail tech was real professional,she knew what she was doing explaining the procedure to me while she did it.I never had anyone explain the proper way of doing nails and pedicures like she did.My nails look great,and best of all none of them broke,now i am ready for my fill,2 weeks later.I am definately going back and ask for "Jenn".My friend told me about her and she was right i am glad i went to her.I learned at the same time.Ohh! yea and lots of compliments at my job about my nails.I'm telling all my friends about her.
By: Leah S.
Studio Nail
Overall had an okay experience. Because I workout every day and am always in tennis shoes, calluses build up on my feet pretty quickly. He did a great job on my nails but I was hoping to get the bottoms of my feet taken care of. They do have a GV student discount, but only if you bring cash. And you can only cash. Being greeted at the door with a "what do you want" may have started me off with a negative vibe. Might try one of the other salons in this area next time.
By: nancy.tenelshofcrumback
Posh Nail Studio
I bought the shellac manicure on Groupon. I was so happy that my polish lasted THREE WEEKS!! I made a return appointment for a mani/pedi and was very satisfied. Tiana even added a little nail art for a little extra "bling"!! There are 2 side by side pedicure chairs so you can get pampered with a friend. Prices are reasonable and competitive. I'd recommend Booking an appointment for your Holiday Nails!! (Walk-ins are welcome, too.)
By: kelley40
Cheshire Nail & Spa
Cheshire Nail and Spa is the best place to get a pedicure /shellac manicure in Grand Rapids. Jackson the owner is incredibly friendly and accommodating. I have seen him stay open extra hours for an emergency shellac manicure!!!! Girl was going on a surprise vacation the next day....he stayed open to help her feel beautiful. They do great work...extremely clean,and always treated with respect. Great place ...great fungi!!!!!

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